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In exciting news, it has just been announced that cricket legend Glenn McGrath and his wife Sara have just welcomed a little baby girl.

She was born today and is called Madison Mary Harper McGrath  The news, which is just leaking out, has the country celebrating after McGrath’s tragic past and his wife Sara’s challenges in conceiving.

The baby was born early in Sydney, but the family have told The Weekly that mother and daughter are both doing well.

According to Womens’ Weekly in June, Sara fell pregnant after two rounds of IVF and Glenn underwent a procedure to bypass his vasectomy.

“We’re adding to our family and we couldn’t be more delighted,” said Glenn in the print edition of the magazine.

“Sara and I are very happy together and the kids are two really happy, normal children and I think, at the end of the day, that’s really the true measure of what Sara and I have built together these last five years of marriage.”

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  1. Luv the way men just move on 🙁

    18 REPLY
    • How long do you think would be appropriate? Jane passed away June 2008. Glenn will never forget!

    • That seems a bit harsh! I am sure that Jane would be happy for the whole family ! Where there is love – what else is needed? The children will never forget their mum but they now have a sibling extra to love !

    • So true Colleen James I understand what you mean without accusing you of being bitter. I would hate to have a killer of a wild innocent animal as my father.

    • Congratulations to Glen and Sarah and big sister and big brother I wish you all th r love and best wishes for a happy life to you all

    • CherylHolt as I said before – I would hate to have a killer of a wild innocent animal as my father. It is he Glenn McGrath who is rude, cruel, uncaring and lacking in compassion – not me! “You” can just naff off!

    • Jan Beveridge Forrest what have you got to do with me? Pfft really pathetic! I know what I’m talking about and that’s all that matters to me. The fact you don’t “get it” is your problem because I wasn’t speaking to you! Who rattled your chain?

    • Graeme Condely go back to the University of Hard Knocks and learn some English before you reply. Your comment makes absolutely no bloody sense! At your sorry age you still haven’t grown up enough to make any sense. And what harm do humans do? Just look at the earth it’s dying because of “man”!

    • I am entitled to my own opinion which I stick by and it’s just “tough” if you don’t agree. Mind your own bloody business if it wasn’t YOU I was agreeing with! Geez Louise!

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