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We can’t tell if this is creepy or not… According to reports this morning, young Australians – namely the gen known as Millennials – have a new pet name for our newish PM. One that he might be reasonably proud of.

Perhaps it’s a sign of his immense popularity. Maybe it’s tongue-in-cheek, but either way, it’s not something we’ve ever heard a Prime Minister (or any other politician) called.

According to BuzzFeed, which has observed the trend on Twitter, Millennials like to refer to Malcolm Turnbull as… “Daddy”.

BuzzFeed reached out to some of the Twitter users to ask why they thought of Turnbull as “Daddy”.

“Turnbull is a daddy because he’s a silver fox with good teeth who’d take care of you,” said one user with the handle @jocelynseip.

Another told the website: “He’s got an iPad and an apple watch so clearly he’s got money to spare and could buy you things (when I say you I mean me… I want him to buy me things). My friends and I always say he would totally have coffee or a beer on the gentrified Melbourne streets so he’s a relatable daddy.”

Twitter user @snaxolotl described the use of the term this way: “I think it’s his quiet good looks, combined with the air of ‘I know you only wanted to borrow $20, but here’s an extra $50 just in case.’

“I feel like he’d take care of you as long as you treated him right, and move on to the next girl/potential Liberal leader the minute you started to take him for granted.”

Mr Turnbull was first referred to as “Daddy” in 2011 when he appeared on Q&A wearing a leather jacket. Since then, the moniker has been a slow burner – but it’s stuck.

And maybe it’s not just those silly young people:

Barak Obama has also been described as “daddy” in an adjectival way, while Mr Turnbull has also earned the nickname “sweet bun” in China, which you can read about here.

What do you think? Creepy or cool? Is it appropriate for our PM to be referred to as “Daddy”?

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  1. He has all the qualifications to be regarded as a sugar daddy , wealth and power and presentable looks and like one young person said, he has good teeth 🙂 but he is not my daddy and I won’t be voting for him

    1 REPLY
    • leanna, totally agree with you! He can’t count on my vote. I already know he will
      take from the poor and give to the rich, and he will also smile as he announces it.
      The bad news is we don’t have a lot of choices do we? The Labor Party are still
      weak and need a more powerful leader. So what do we do, waste a vote on an independant??

  2. For hea ens please give him time to do something, then you can complain

    5 REPLY
  3. why does this dog back stabbing cxxt have a secret email address? it has been discovered that he has one and he didint declare it to parliment nor the security services, mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    4 REPLY
    • He may have a bird on the side or a boy friend , who would know or care? oh well Tony Abbott might

    • Don’t most people have different work and personal email addresses? I certainly did and my personal one was not known to work colleagues. Damn it I still have two different email addresses that I use for different purposes.

    • as Prime Minister and as a minister in government he has to declare all email addresses. as he is now vunerable to hacking from outside spy agentcies

  4. I prefer to call him Turdball, Turncoat or Turnstyle.

    6 REPLY
  5. Aileen as far as I can see he has already done something. It was sharp and entered Tony Abbotts back, right between the shoulde blades.
    Answer to the question is” Creepy”

    2 REPLY
    • But he gave him the post of communications minister T.A has been put in the back seats.

  6. I call him “Tuna-balls”, it’s a double play on his surname re everything that he says is “fishy”, hard to believe, or a lie & “balls” being a derogatory reference to testicles as in I see nothing valuable or attractive about him or his politics 🙂

    5 REPLY
  7. Yes it would be good to see his email. Check out Tony’s! It’s full of admiration, and mostly positive comments.

    2 REPLY
    • I’m on there, when I’m bored and l like to stir the pot! It’s like a mob of school kids ranting over a pop star from the fifties!!!

  8. If they are thinking of the term “sugar daddy”. Woul.d put a totally different spin on it

  9. Ofcourse no one has stabbed anyone else intheback I am sorry to say thzt is our politics they allshould get in and run our country

  10. I won’t be calling him daddy, I could think of more appropriate names. And lucky him for having good teeth, mine would look like that if you could actually afford to go to the dentist.

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