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As the budget looms, Australia is facing the fact that we’ve got diddly squat to go around – we’re so hard done right now that even our gift to the new Royal baby is what one would call fairly budget. It was revealed that we’re sending the beautiful new Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana a gift and it came with the mighty price tag of $99.00.

$99.00 on behalf of the whole population? That’s a group present that doesn’t even cost the average person a coinable percentage of our tax dollars! The Commonwealth raise us one future Monarch and we raise them one thrifty shopping spree with our Prime Minister and Treasurer.

We must say, all budget joked aside the gift is a very lovely merino wool blanket made at our oldest weaving mill, Waverly Woollen Mills. Mr Abbott said about this generous gift, “On behalf of the Government and the people of Australia, a gift will be dispatched to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to mark the birth of the new princess,”

“The blanket will be embroidered with the Australian floral emblem – the wattle – by members of the ACT Embroiderers’ Guild”.

It’s quite a beautiful gift and at the end of the day, it’s significant to Australia. However as it is coming from our entire country on behalf of our entire population, would you expect us to gift a little more?

Mr Abbot also announced that a $10,000 donation to a sanctuary for endangered mountain pygmy possums in Victoria would be given to celebrate the birth but we aren’t so sure how that fits in with a gift for the royal baby.

So tell us, is this an acceptable gift for Princess Charlotte? Do you think it’s enough to be sending on behalf of our country? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. I think that is fine cost of gift does not matter if the gift is something you can use is better.

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    • I think it’s quite appropriate – for the first time ever, I agree with Tony Abbott. Princess Charlotte will have lots of presents, and I think our gift will definitely be used (provided she’s not allergic to wool.

  2. for teh first time ever, I agree with something Tony Abbott has done…they dont need expensive gifts…..and this is Australian…

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    • I also think that the donation to the pygmy possums is good. There might still be some around when the Princess comes of age in an age when many wildlife creatures are endangered. I think it is very significant and very Australian. Well done PM.

    • Exactly, it is pure Australian with emblems etc., I think very appropriate. Why does everything have to be judged by COST. This baby will not want for anything so cost shouldn’t come into this.

  3. Brilliant. Imagine the comments if the gift had been $10,000


  5. Perfect gift, Australian & useful!

  6. Appropriate, delightful gift. Also, the donation, on Princess Charlotte’s behalf, to the survival of the pigmy possums, is a fine gesture.

  7. I think the gift for Princess Charlotte is a lovely idea and most appropriate. The little Princess will never want for anything so something useful is ideal. Money to help endangered species is more useful than some bauble that the Princess will never use.

  8. Forget the cost, I am sure like many others we were given dearer gifts for our babies and some are unused and still in the cupboard, egg holders, mugs etc. I think it is a lovely gift and it probably will be used. Isn’t that the purpose?

  9. Of course it is an acceptable gift. My mum taught me to appreciate any gift, because it is the thought that counts, not the price. The most “valuable” gifts I ever received from my kids were hand made and cost them nothing but their time and effort, and that is to be valued above all else. Stop being so damned materialistic.

  10. The blanket may cost $99 but the embroidery is priceless. It is handdone, and therefore the hours of each of the embroiderers should be taken into accoutn – I think you’d then find this to be a very fine gift indeed. One of a kind, never to be replicated. Perfect. And since I’m a Tassie, even better.

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