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For a long time, Qantas has been the only domestic airline in Australia to offer full-service to its customers, but now, they have a competitor.

Yesterday, Virgin Australia announced that it will offer domestic passengers complimentary food, baggage and entertainment on every flight. There’ll also be complimentary wine, beer and soft drink served between 5pm and 7pm weekdays.

According to Virgin Australia chief customer officer Mark Hassell, the new changes were an important part of the airline’s ability to deliver a consistent, premium service.

“Today’s announcement, coupled with our exceptional service and leadership in on-time performance, puts us in a strong position to continue to grow our loyal customer base,” Mr Hassell said.

Australian Aviation also reports the airline will serving free food to all domestic passengers, whether in business or economy, so now they are no longer considered a budget travel option and can compete with Qantas for premium service.


Virgin will also continue to offer free tea, coffee, juice and water on all flights, as well as alternative food and beverage options through an on-board retail menu.


Do you fly with Virgin? Or if you don’t, will you now? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. I wonder when this starts and how much the prices will increase to cover the free things. Nothing in life is ever free, as good as it may sound.

  2. I have booked a flight in mid-May, it will be interesting to see if any changes have been effected by then

  3. About time. I flew with Virgin from Perth to Townsville about three years ago and wasn’t even offered a drink of water in the five hour flight. I had to pay for a cup of lukewarm tea between Brisbane and Townsville. Flew back with Qantas for the same price and had food, entertainment and a pillow.

  4. Have been travelling Virgen Airlines for tears so this years will be an added bonus to the wonderful service I have experienced with this airline. Coujld have started it last week though!!

  5. I will see what my sister-in-law says today – she is flying at 11am and the flight lasts 2hours so maybe she will get lunch?? 🙂

  6. My 15 yr old granddaughter flew to Sydney by Emirites from Auckland, she flew back by Quantas as couldn’t get a seat with Air New Zealand, she was disgusted at the meals they served up and the whole scenario, she told us that Emirites were fantastic, lovely cabin crew and the meal was really good.

  7. I have had free tea and coffee for a little while on Virgin Flights. I wonder if the prices go up with the offer of food. I don’t know about always being on time. I have had lots of late flights. My friends flight last week was delayed about 4 hrs which made it difficult as she had a train to catch then someone to pick her up after the train. Her flight was about 2:50 she arrived home from Bundaberg to the Gold Coast about midnight.

  8. Well it only took 16 years for Virgin to become Ansett!! A bit longer than I thought but knew it would happen

  9. Alice springs only has the QANTAS option for most flights interstate.
    I’d love an alternative.

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