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As Greek MPs met to vote on whether they would accept tough economic laws in order to secure the bailout offered by its fellow Eurozone nations, people took to the streets of Athens to show they are not happy with the deal.

The parliamentary debate began at 10pm Athens time and protesters began gathering in Athens’ Syntagma Square outside. There have been many protests and gatherings in recent months as the economic crisis rolled out, however these have been largely peaceful.

It didn’t take long for the gathering to become violent, with some protestors throwing rocks at police and setting fire to cars.


The situation escalated with small groups throwing what appear to be molotov cocktails; and police responding with tear gas.


Around 11pm, Athens time (6am in Australia), Greece’s parliament passed the reform package. Prior to the vote, Prime Minister Alex Tsipras urged parliament to back the bailout saying: “We don’t believe in it but we are forced to adopt it.”

Some of the reforms include cutting the pension, privatising Greece’s national electricity network, and more taxes.

Mr Tsipras has faced a major backlash from his socialist party, which came to power promising to end austerity measures in Greece. According to the ABC, Mr Tspiras acknowledged that split in his party could put his position as prime minister under pressure.

For most of the people of Greece, the bailout deal represents the exact opposite of what they wanted – and what they told the government in the referendum just weeks ago.

Do you think the Greece’s government has let its people down? Or should the people trust the government to get their country back on track? 

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  1. The Greek politicians have proven they are no different from any politician anywhere. They tell the population one thing and once elected go back on their word. Sounds just like our politicians. Lies and more lies. No wonder the general population and taxpayers have no faith or belief in our politicians or our political system. Most of our politicians are just self serving spongers concerned only about being re elected and living off the taxpayer. Look at Bromwyn Bishop.How out of touch is she. Like all of them. Look at Abbotts front bench… What a joke. Career politicians on both sides with their noses firmly stuffed in the public purse. They all make me I’ll.

  2. Ultimately, I think the Greek people may have let themselves down. What other alternative is there that hasn’t already been tried?

  3. About time. Good onya Merkel. Greece has to line up with everyone else, work out their problems with some responsibility, increase retirement/pension age from the ridiculous age of 51, work more, complain less n start paying taxes instead of looking for ways to evade it. Then their beautiful country will hv a chance to start moving towards economic recovery.

  4. If their government are doing the right thing, it will be the first time in a long time. Bunch of self serving mongrels.

  5. The Greeks against austerity, but they did not vote for anything. They failed to realise that no Greek Government left or right was in a position to tell the voters in the referendum what debt deal the Euro Zone would accept. The Greek people now have the choice of accepting the deal offered by the Euro Zone or leave the Euro Zone and go back to their own currency. Comments comparing the current Greek politicians to either Tony Abbott or Bill Shorten are just simply ill informed comments by people who have no understanding of Monetary Policy, Central Banks and the benefits and disadvantages of belonging to a Common currancy

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    • Agree Kevin. The Greek population needs to understand, that loans need to be repaid. The Euro countries have tried to work with them. They have extended credit on great terms for years, but unless the population goes back to work, pay their fair share of taxes ( the educated seem to be the worse,Drs , Dentists, Lawyers all have two sets of accounts, along with the tradespeople, one for cash & one for the books, ) increase the retirement age, reduce the welfare, they will never get anywhere. A bit like Australia if the welfare mentality continues here. ( But don’t expect some of the recipients to agree, it’s been a good life on welfare)At least we have a reasonably robust tax .system & a generally accountable group of politicians.

  6. Well they,ve done the right thing, after lying to their people of course. Telling them they can have their cake and eat it too! Greek people (the majority according to the recent referendum) are also complicit. Unbelievable mess.

  7. They directly opposed the will of the people, and so deserve everything they get. They’re bloody lucky it’s only rioting – so far. Expect similar unrest here if this execrable LNP mob get a second term.

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    • So Max .If the people vote this government back in,then under our system ,does that not mean,it’s what most people want.As far as I can see ,rioting does nothing ,except destroy property.Seems a bit useless ,don’t you think

    • Max, we will be in an accelerated WORSE position and become a second Greece if labor/greens are voted in.
      Don’t understand what you are on about.
      But I do agree the the Greek government made a huge mistake by opposing the will of the people.

    • We have NEVER been as worse-off as under this LNP mob, and certainly never under Labor. Labor built this country, not the neo-con LNP.

    • Nothing more needs to be said
      Marie …while our country is full of Max’s we are in real trouble

  8. Corruption amongst the government and Public service is rife in Greece. The rich are the only ones that evade tax – the average Greek pays. However they are never going to pay back their debt – so really need more capital invested to enable them to create inovative businesses. But that is not going to happen. If they hadn’t accepted the bailout and stood alone they would end up being a 3rd world country. What a mess!

  9. Greeks, It is time to get out of the EEC. Go your own way. Retirement at fifty five and sending your time at the Kafenion is not on for anybody. The only Greeks that I have known were the workers. No one owes you anything accept that you have a job to work at.

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