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As the scandal surrounding the Ashley Madison website rolls on, there have been two unconfirmed reports of people committing suicide after their names were linked to the cheating website. The reports come from Canadian police, following the recent large-scale hack and release of customer information.

The site was hacked and the email addresses and sometimes more detailed information of more than 30 million customers was published online. The hack also spawned a whole range of online scams and extortion attempts, with numerous customers’ receiving blackmail threats.

 Ashley Madison, is owned by a Canadian company Avid Life Media and is widely believed to be where married people look for affairs. It was the target of a hack by in July and last week, the hackers released swathes of customer information online.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that the Toronto Police department is leading a criminal investigation into the massive breach. At a press conference an officer revealed  “As of this morning, we have two unconfirmed reports of suicides.”

Addressing the hackers, known as The Impact Team, acting staff superintendent Bryce Evans of the Toronto police said: “I want to make it very clear to you your actions are illegal and we will not be tolerating them. This is your wake-up call.”

Police are looking for information from members of the wider hacker community that might help them in their investigation.

Mr Evans confirmed that credit card data was included in the original data dump released by The Impact Team.

He said that investigators believed this was limited to the last four digits of the main card number.

Consequently, police are advising victims of the hack to review their accounts. But it now looks like the risk of credit card fraud may only be the start of the misery this leak has unleashed.

Surely it is better to forgive infidelity than run the risk of losing someone you love? With your experience of life what advice would you give? 

Help is available from Lifeline: 13 11 14


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  1. So I learn that my husband/wife/partner has cheated at the same time that I learn they have taken their own life.
    Tough to be the survivor.

  2. Seriously?…the person cheating never cared how much it would hurt their partner…they haven’t been honest and obviously had no intention to be so…spineless, dishonest….I feel sorry for the masses of partners and families of the cheaters…

  3. Do those who are unfaithful ‘really’ love the one they have hurt? Does the faithful partner consider they are still loved if the other, has been sexually or intellectually or emotionally unfaithful? Such a quandary.

  4. It has been reported they people in Toronto Canada have taken their own lives over this. I am quite astounded at this because they were cheating and the risk of being caught, even if the hacking didn’t happen were quite high. I feel for third partners, not only for their cheating but to then take their lives is the selfish way out.

  5. .you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all this time. No sympathy at all the victims are the ones suffering and devastated.

  6. No advice here. I had a hubby who played away, I confronted him, let him know how obvious it was, a lot of the time the woman just had to let me know! I just hung in there because I wanted to stay married.

  7. its called SEX Kaye men have a different option about love they can love their partner but still have sex with someone else and not really feel guilty thts the modern world for you

    2 REPLY
    • What is “love”? I think it is a collection of things, including “RESPECT”. Being unfaithful is a “choice” & a profound display of disrespect for your partner.

  8. The people that exposed all this is responsible for so much more thsn just outing people for cheating , stupidity at its best . Broken families , suicides ect . People need to mind their own business .

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