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Over the weekend Tony Abbott released a statement saying that Australia’s terror prevention and management system would be closely scrutinised over the next while with changes being sought out.

He is expected to make a statement in Parliament today about national security after saying that in the wake of the Lindt Cafe Siege, there was proof that “the system failed”.

A report was released by the Federal Government in conjuction with the New South Wales government that allegedly showed changes to personal freedoms were needed. The New Daily reports that more stringent visa processes, citizenship and bail controls would all be necessary to improve the national response.

What happened with Monis at the Lindt Cafe was an example of how our system was not strong enough. Allegedly 18 phone calls had been made to the national security hotline about his statements on Facebook in the week prior to the siege. He was on bail for involvement in murder. He was also well known to government security agencies. Yet our system let him walk free.

It’s quite clear that the changes to be announced are much needed. But how much will they compromise the freedom of the every day person? It’s something that I find myself worrying about because although we want safety and security, too much could be a heavy influence in changing the culture of Australia.

So today tell us… What do you think should be done to combat terrorism in Australia? What could be done to make you feel safer? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


Please note that while this post is open for discussion anyone making inappropriate remarks surrounding racism, bigotry or any name calling will be banned. 

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  1. Abbott is a bloody scare monger,his job is in serious trouble so he brings out the terror and race card.
    I felt so sorry for our Muslim citizens that I joined,non Muslims supporting Muslims page.
    Don’t listen to Abbott’s BS.We need another leader who can unite us not divide us.

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  2. What a stupid thing to say, you obviously don’t like our Prime Minister, but that doesn’t mean what he is saying is scare mongering. Have you been living in a cave, you only have to read the newspapers to see how many of these Muslims are living back here after fighting with ISIS. These are people who are not interested in our culture, they have their own agenda, and that is to do harm to us.

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    • Another one with his head in the sand. When will people wake up to what is happening in the world. So glad Abbott is finally taking a tough stand against these people, hope it’s a strong stand too and hope he doesn’t let anyone stand over him and try and stop him.

    • ‘Our Culture’ (as we know-it), will eventually cease to exist with the dilution of standards and beliefs.

    • “Our Culture” is a dilution of standards and beliefs from other countries and other times. Culture is never static.

    • Well said Jane Fisher, and agree with you 100%. The aim of Islam is to eventually create a worldwide Caliphate- i.e. world domination. They are achieving that very nicely- one only has to speak with friends/ family living in countries such as the United Kingdom or France, Their birthrate far outstrips other groups, which equates to slow invasion by stealth. Of course, there will always be those who say they know Muslim people who are lovely- but if these “nice” Muslims are confronted with a choice between non-Muslim kafirs & dominant radical Muslims, threatening these moderates- at the end of the day, which side will they choose, if only out of fear.

    • Bollocks. Little Johnny Howard started the fight by sucking Bushy balls. Abbott is the most dangerous man in Australia today.

    • You are correct Pamela, and they will legally take over by their eventual majority if we continue to allow them into the country. The government should also put in unchangeable legal blocks to prevent it happening.

    • I don’t believe every thing the newspapers report particularly when they are Murdoch papers. If you rely only on them for your news you are getting a very sensationalist view of the world. We have always had war criminals hiding among us, Nazis probably first but since then from all sorts of conflicts. The security service has to be vigilant and if they are dual citizens don’t let them back. International law doesn’t allow for nations to make someone stateless by taking citizenship away if they are only citizens of one country. However this current government seems to have little regard for international laws. Tony Abbott would have much mor credibility if he didn’t keep bringing out something on security every time his popularity takes a dive. As a nation of course we have to be vigilant and adapt our laws to combat terrorism, but this is not the only threat we face. So sick of this being continually talked up by the politicians just shut up and quietly get on with it and stop beating your chests.

    • Well said you, Pamela Hall. Just returned from Sydney and can tell you after sitting in the Westmead Hospital entry for an hour, I was shocked at how endangered Australians really are….what worries me more is the lack of assimilation….

    • Here in Brisbane they have no intention of assimilation . They have their agenda and GOD help any of us who try to stop them. I have seen MUSLIMS SPIT at SENIORS AS THEY WALK PAST

    • They wouldn’t want to spit on me or any member of my family or friends or they may find their sex life cut off very sharply.

    • Not all Muslims are involved in the current unrest & they do not support the actions of a few. Conversely there are some members of our Australian community show little or no respect for either religious, political or the social beliefs of other citizens – regardless of their age.

    • Kay McMahon Vella it is obvious you have lived a sheltered life. Please OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS to what the MUSLIMS are UP TO. They smirk at you and say how stupid AUSTRALIANS are. WHY don’t they dress like us . They live in their encloves demanding we change our ways to suit them. OH by the way. If you have a blonde family member SHE is their target.

  3. So true Jane Fisher. Philip waters look around you!!!! Look at Lakemba, Bendigo and places around Brisbane. .

  4. I agree with Philip! Abbott should keep his trap shut look at the damage he has done to the Indonesian situation!!

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    • Wake up… Abbot didn’t do nothing
      . he just told everyone what the government gave or donated to the people of the tsunami storm. I’ve listened to the speech several times and there is nothing more in it… It the scare tactics of stupid people and media hype that have destroyed relationships over there. You idiots need to stop this backstabbing hype ,you obviously haven’t a clue the shit you are stirring up. God help us if you don’t.

    • Don’t blame Tony for the Indonesian situation, those guys new what they were doing and Indonesia is NOT going to change their mind whatever is said. They will be shot regardless of what anyone says or does, they cannot be seen to back down.

    • I agree Carole. We expect immigrants and tourists to abide by our laws. The drug runners did damage to Australian reputations plus the damage the drugs would have done. Abbott did not commit the crime. Place the responsibility where it should be. Terrorists make a choice, drug runners make a choice. Well behaved Australians make a choice. WE DON’T WANT THEM.

  5. Totally agree with Mr Walters.
    A fearful community is a controllable community. And we know very well that Mr Abbott is a controlling 2bob pom.

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    • If a child goes near a fire, the mother would grab the baby away. Is the mother being controlling? If the country is in danger of terrorism should the leader sit by and do nothing? If a rubber goes house breaking, should the owner open the door and allow the household be killed or things be taken away? You will agree and say yes if you are cajoling, barboring, supporting or yourself is a rubber or a terrorist or a jihadist in this country.

    • Very insulting…asked what we think and then you go for the man….same question whoever CONTROLS us….your words not mine

    • Sharyn !! What an idiot you are ! Hope you are the next one in trouble , let’s see how you get out of it ! Please don’t ask us for help, we don’t want to control anything .

    • Oh please what a stupid person you are Sharyn hassard you really want shortass running Australia? He loves Muslims and the traitor Hicks you really are an idiot , the PM is doing a great job and he’s Australian.

    • It’s a £10 Pom if you must. But remember he is protecting our borders so Australia doesn’t become like his, and my, Homeland.

  6. Firstly, if people come here looking for asylum, if they have destroyed any identification papers, they should be turned back. Are they hiding something? Secondly, anyone coming here should be on approval for two years before citizenship is granted; this is a privilege and not a right. Let’s not keep pulling down the government for everything it does. I would hate to be a pollie these days.

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    • And how do you tell if they destroyed their papers, lost them or never had them in the first place? Escaping an existential threat is not the same as planning a 6 month cruise

    • Would somebody here please explain to the commentators there have been Muslims in Australia since the 1850s and probably earlier. I read a story over the weekend written by a female Muslim who is fifth generation and has lived in Bendigo her whole life. Maybe seeing English speaking people have been invading Middle East countries and killing Muslims since the Crusades it could be good to stop killing them.

    • No one should be given citizenship for ten years….that way if they have offended or showing signs of being anti Australian/government they can be deported.

    • Oh Paul, please tell me you are not one of the idiots that believes what the MOSLEMS said a few weeks ago, that moslems were here before Captain Cook AND the Dutch before that, and that the world is flat!!!!!!! There were moslems among the Chinese population, just a few, and at that time were not radical. There are enclaves of MOSLEMS worldwide but now they are radical dangerous evil people. They are turning in o n their own in the Middle East and are determined, and have said so, that their aim is to make the world MOSLEM.

    • I guess there will always be people who look at the world thru rose coloured glasses n live in denial of reality…so sad for them…just a pity that will ultimately be proved wrong the next time we have a terror attack in Australia. In reality these sort of people are a danger to the freedom of our country. If they believe so strongly in the Muslim way of life, let them go to a Muslim country to live

    • I just wonder how the law abiding muslims who never hurt anyone and who are contributing to Australia are feeling right now? Or do you folks believe they are ALL bad?

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