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Yesterday, Joe Hockey announced that the 2014/15 budget deficit would hit $40.4 billion, $10 billion deeper than previously thought in May this year. He also revealed that a surplus is unlikely until 2019/20.

The Treasurer announced this when he delivered the Mid Year Economic Fiscal Outlook. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Mr. Hockey said the government had been forced to make dramatic adjustments to its first budget after huge falls in commodity prices led to the biggest drop in trade since records began in 1959.

The deteriorating economic position and failure to pass the budget measures in the upper house have meant that several pieces of legislation holding massive budget savings have either failed to pass or are still waiting to be discussed.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported Mr. Hockey as saying, “This has been faster and deeper than anyone expected.” But he did stand strong saying that although the situation seems dire, we are working towards a positive balance.

But the big question is, how do we dig ourselves out of this mess? We currently are in $244 billion debt and the road to recovery from there is uncertain, especially if the senate continues to block the proposed measures designed to recover the budget.

There’s no point in throwing around the blame game – was it the Labor party who left us in this mess? Have the Liberal government created it for themselves? The fact of the matter is right now – that doesn’t matter.

But the future does, and that is the very concerning thing.

In one article written by an economist, he presented two different options for fixing the situation. The first option was to ramp up the taxes – increase existing taxes and begin taxing everything that is currently free of GST including healthcare, food and childcare. Or his alternative was to cut spending – stop pensions and welfare payments and make people rely on themselves.

If Mr Hockey believes that if the Liberal budget measures are passed we can return to a surplus and begin balancing the economy again – providing welfare, healthcare, education, foreign aid and industry sectors without tipping the scales, then is it worth sucking up the hard yards for a few more years for a brighter future in another five?

Because if the senate continues to fight and reject these measures, our living conditions won’t change – they wont improve or decline, they will just remain. Right now on the site every day, several people share their stories of hardship in the current economic climate under the current government.

So are you willing to sacrifice the next five years to hope for a brighter future for not just us but Australia, too? Or do you feel like you’re entitled to an easy life now, even if it is at the cost of your grandchildren’s lifestyle, too?

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  1. Joe how are all your cattle stations up in QLD going making big $ Tonys wife’s child care centres making good $ all you pricks have no idea gefsco

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    • If you got a job and worked hard, you wouldn’t need a hand out.

      1 REPLY
      • Joe,you are a diehard LNP supporter and don’t live in the real world.Open your eyes and get a life.

    • Another uninformed and arrogant comment by a Liberal puppet. How can you possibly know what Geoff’s employment situation is by what he has said here?

    • Again the hatred of those who have made something of themselves. This hatred and envy of people with money is quite sickening.

      And so what Graeme? What difference does it made where his wife works? She’s working shows she’s got more class than any of the whinging, whining Laborites/Greens. I almost wish that labor win the next election so that you will know exactly what it’s like to live in a third world.

    • Hi some readers missed what I was trying to say first to the f whit who told me to get a job I self employed have been for 30 years build bikes for the Australian cycling team one off the only ones left in Australia that still makes a product hear now what I Was saying joe and tony have no idea will get their big payouts have their own in comes gefsco

  2. My husband is a Vietnam Vet and he doesn’t get a bloody tenth of what Joe and other politicians get….they can all go and get ‘******’ as far as I am concerned. It’s their job to fix it, so just bloody well fix it and stop blaming everyone else.

  3. I’d be happier with a different Treasurer. Not A man who lives in his wife’s house in Canberra and pays her rent. Then claims it back from the Govt. I call it double dipping!.

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    • bad news meg daly more than a dozen labour pollies have homes in canberra and claim OOPS MEG COUGH COUGHcant be true .is it ok now ????????

  4. Hey. Where are all the LNP supporters who called us liars when we said that Abbott and Hockey had more than doubled a seven year deficit in less than one year.
    Seems the proof is in the pudding. But, I’m guessing you’ll still find a way to blame labor.
    Libs don’t know how to take responsibility for their own actions.

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  5. I would be happier with a different Government. One that expects those who can afford to pay do the paying. This Government has rapidly increased our level of debt – ordered planes that do not work, reduced the tax take by putting a lot of people out of work, cancelled taxes which were working and bringing in money, introduced a system to pay polluters not to pollute, introduced a budget attacking the poorest and most vulnerable in the country. We cannot afford them. We cannot afford to pay politicians the wages and entitlements they are getting and that would be a good place to cut first.

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    • You sound like a typical labour voter that feels entitled to everything, but not willing to pay for a thing.

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      • Not everyone had access to super annuation when they were working from a young age.You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • LOL, Libs and Labor even differ in reading comprehension, Joe. that’s not at all what Ailsa sounds like to me, what she says is absolutely true :/

    • I agree Joe, as soon as the hand outs stop they want a different government…
      I wonder if they ever give any thought to what WILL happen under labor.. They spend, spend, spend and dish out money hand over fist until the kitty it empty.. Now that someone is trying to fix the deplorable mess they want a change? W.T.F.

    • Kathy as usual you deny what labor did and will will keep on selling your hatred of this government . You are so full of ” it ” you need a good dose of castor oil..

    • I agree with everything you say.

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  6. I can’t believe that a suggestion has been made to stop all pensions for five years.
    Three millon sick, elderly, disabled people put out on the streets. Just so people like Hockey and Abbott can continue to live in luxury.

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    • they have lost the plot Ruth and all are explains a lot of the dramas we have had since this Government came into power

    • Mike here-megalomaniacal misfits, they like to believe that they are Australian while doing the most unAustralian things, that is the pollies I’m talking about.

    • That suggestion was made by an academic, not the government. No matter how you cut the cake LABOR did get us in to the mess with their irresponsible spending on badly thought out schemes which failed and cost us billions. Remember the 26 Billion dollart surplus they in herited?? the spent it in one year and had nothing to show for it. Labor has only ever delivered one small balanced budget in it’s history. You want more pain?:? Vote labor

  7. The budget needs to b passed by the ignorant labor and greens. Labor started the mess at least help clean it up. Bill shorten u r not doing the right thing by this country. Still a stupid union idiot!

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    • Why does everyone stick to their political party and not look at what is going on. Patricia you have always been a LNP voter and you won’t look at just what Tony Abbott says and Lynette you’re a ALP voter and again you don’t look at the bad of this party. Make them all accountable. We should be having a federal icac, but both parties are saying NO. This tells me there is so much corruption in our two major parties and I don’t want to be supporting corruption. DO YOU?

    • If they are so concerned about this country..why have they doubled the debt? and why do they expect pensioners who are just living on the poverty line to pay? They only care about their own huge salaried and pensions

    • Patricia,you are a one eyed idiot.Get alife and look at the real side of life.

  8. I already have made a sacrifice, my Cancer meds cost $15K a year. Not taking them hastens my death and doubly reduces my indebtedness to treasury, by saving $15K and by no longer requiring my pension when I die.

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  9. Why don,t the politicians sacrifice some of their money,it’s obscene what they earn and they tell us to tighten our belts which are already stretched to the max give us a go, you don,t care about people only money.

    3 REPLY

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