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Daylight savings kicks off tomorrow for New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT – they’ve all wound their clocks forward one hour. But are you ready? What do you love and hate about daylight savings?

Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory don’t observe daylight saving so their time will remain unchanged.

The end result leaves South Australia half an hour behind New South Wales, the ACT and Victoria.

It also leaves Queensland one hour behind the ACT, New South Wales and Victoria.

The Northern Territory will be an hour and a half behind NSW, ACT and Victoria.

And WA will be three hours behind NSW, ACT and Victoria.

Daylight savings will finish on Sunday 3 April, 2016.


Tell us, do you like daylight savings? If you don’t have it, do you wish you did?


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  1. Loathe it, and I can’t see the point. We still have the same number of daylight hours

  2. I live in North Queensland and I’m pleased we don’t have it. Plenty of daylight hours now.

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    • I think Queensland should have at least 2 time zones as it is such a big state. Tweed Heads on the border has daylight saving and Gold Coast doesn’t – bit stupid (SE Queensland should grow up with the rest of the east coast of Australia). Gold Coast has soooo many overseas tourists who must think we are a bit backward.

    • With today’s deregulated working hours, it is absolutely not necessary. There is no such thing as a 9 to 5, 5 day a week working occupation, these days business is conducted 24/7 so why do we need to change the time of day for everyone, to have more daylight in the day to do things that require the natural light. Seems simple to me, instead of adjusting the time, let individuals and business, adjust their lifestyle/work to suit their individual requirements.

    • B/S Yvonne, it’s bloody daylight up there at 4 am, what good is that, bloody beverly hillbillies

    • For all the people who think Qld should have daylight saving, you should trade in your cushy sit on your but job, and put in 12 hours in the stinking rotten heat! Sometimes soaring to over forty degrees. We are not sitting around sipping coffee on sidewalk cafe’s!

  3. No, Queensland is blessed with enough sunlight.

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    • In the period of Daylight Saving……… you still get the same amount of daylight….. ITS only the clock that goes forward an hour……. Surely you realise that.

    • We all know that Margaret Higgs it’s just it has a different effect depending on where you live. Don’t you know that?

    • Lyndl Graham Yes I do Lyndl, and I think it’s time QLD split in two for the summer season. The North, West can stay the same and the South East go with daylight saving.

  4. Why not just get up an hour earlier because that’s what you are doing anyway in normal time

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