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I fear that Australian politics has reached a very dark place. As a public, it sounds like no one is happy with any party. No political party has a clean cut answer. No political party has expressed an idea to keep the people happy while keeping the country running without financial ruin. And worst of all, the art of clean politics seems to have been lost.

Last night it was revealed that two senior Labor officials have called for an investigation into the federal leadership ballot of 2013 for the Labor party. They’ve claimed that 30 ballot papers were possibly manipulated by the NSW Labor branch head office. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, NSW Labor assistant secretary John Graham and the state secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, Tim Ayres, who is also on the national executive, have written to general secretary Jamie Clements calling for the move.

It was revealed earlier this year that addresses had been altered in this ballot but now the calls for investigation lead people to believe they are investigating the possible rorting of the Labor election.

It’s so sad that politics isn’t a clean game anymore. Do people of Australia remember what politics is designed to do? It exists not to fulfil the wishes of an individual, not to help people become accomplished or allow them the privilege of big noting themselves. Politics exist to run a country in the best way possible. A democracy exists give the every day person a chance at having their say and being integral to their country.

But why don’t our politicians act like this is the case? The scariest thing that I can think is how do we change this? With younger generations coming through as the Australian political leaders of tomorrow, they’ve had so few role models that are truly admirable. In fact, the generation in politics now was lucky enough to have some great role models, but somehow greed and personal agenda became more important to them.

I think that the “legacy” of a politician needs to change. It shouldn’t be about what they said or what they did, it should only be about what change they made. And unless a politician makes a change that can be seen as good, positive and better for Australia (the country, the economy and the people) they’re simply another person in another job. It’s just sad that their job plays such a big influence on our lives.

Do you think there are any clean politicians who really act with integrity, honesty and do their job admirably? 

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  1. As an ex member of both parties… I can tell you this is about power; anyone who thinks it is about or “retirement” do not understand politics…

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  2. Are we sure that this is a new phenomenon? Perhaps it has always been the same, just more scrutiny and less chance of keeping it secret??

  3. There possibly are some with good ethics and future vision for the good of the country,when they enter politics,and they are full of ideals for change,but that doesn’t get them anywhere. As long as they have to tow the party line and cannot vote on conscience nothing will get any better.

  4. They are just lining their own pockets by the money they receive as part of being a politician. What have they done for society were they did not get a kickback in money or in deeds. They are always in the media plying their emotional games with society, but they do nothing, that is what they are paid to do, nothing but spin

  5. I think that once they get close to the trough they forget the ideals they started with and dig in for as much as they can get! Notice that the opposition (whichever one!) never votes against proposed increases in politicians’ pay or perks??!!!

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    • I think that the factions within each party also has a lot to do with the individual losing sight of their ideals as well

    • Ironically as politicians, they have to own the fact that Democracy is dead when he/she can vote themselves a pay rise! Ben Franklin.

  6. Both major parties have affiliations that appear to work to corrupt their party. The Labor Party with its union factions is impacted by their quests for power and candidates are chosen for their factional alliance not their suitability as a candidate. The Liberal Party is influenced by the Institute of Public Affairs and its multi- millionaire membership and in government have made appointments to key positions from this body. Neither party is working for the electorate. A viable alternative would be wonderful.

  7. dont know that there EVER has been – they seem to be lining their own pockets or spending taxpayers money without a thought for this country and its people especially farmers

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