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This week, the federal government and the Defence Remuneration Tribunal announced that our defence personnel would be receiving a pay increase of 1.5% per year for the next three years. Our service men and women are some of the bravest and respected people in Australia and when they are putting their lives on the line or are preparing themselves for the possibility of doing so, they deserve every bit of compensation they can get.

But, this pay rise is less than the rate of inflation – something that happens to many pay rises in many industries all across the country, and our golden girl Jacqui Lambie has taken it upon herself to do something about it in perhaps the most inappropriate way possible.

She has publicly called for Australian soldiers to “hijack” and take over Australian Remembrance Day ceremonies next Tuesday should any Liberal senator or member make a speech or have an official role in a ceremony. She even publicly announced this morning on a morning television program that it would be wiser for Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister not to appear at a ceremony let alone think of making a public statement or having involvement.

Now is it me, or does this seem like the most ridiculous way to go about this? I can understand what she is fighting for, and my personal opinion is that our service men and women should be paid more than any of us. But as both the daughter and granddaughter of men and women in the Australian defence force at different times, I feel that she is completely out of line.

Remembrance Day is a day not about ourselves or our current position. It is about those who came before us, who fought for us and have given their time, efforts and lives to make this country the wonderful place it is today. There is a lot of turmoil there is no doubt about that, but without these men and women we wouldn’t have the the freedom, the happiness, the health or the culture that we do today.

Senator Lambie also said on the morning news program in response to being asked whether or not Clive Palmer would support her, that if he doesn’t then she won’t just leave the Palmer United Party – she’d be waving at them from the opposition.

I want us to fight for our soldiers to be rewarded for their services with the wealth they deserve. But I don’t want us to let our current day troubles ruin one of the most important days in Australian history.

Jacqui Lambie, please stop what you’re doing before you ruin something else.

How do you feel about this news? Do you agree with Jacqui Lambie’s plans or do you agree with our writer and want it to be left a sacred day? 

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  1. Just another disgraceful idea from Jacqui Lambert. Nothing and no-one should ever do anything to denigrate the day.

  2. Yes our men and women of the ADF deserve a better pay BUT Remembrance Day is NOT the time to voice our present day issues. Having served my country I think all ADF members hold a lot of respect for the occassion of Remembrance Day.

  3. This is NOT the day to protest (even tho I agree they need more respect & money) – also ashamed of the protesters at Gough’s memorial

  4. Ms Lambie is only wanting this for Ms Lambie. She really isn’t wanting thus for our servicemen and women. She knows any publicity is better than no publicity.

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