Amazing footage of rising creek in the Hunter yesterday

An amazing 90 second grab of a rising creek in the Upper Hunter Region of NSW in Australia was taken

An amazing 90 second grab of a rising creek in the Upper Hunter Region of NSW in Australia was taken yesterday afternoon. It shows you why you should never camp close to a stream in storm season!
The video shows a 5ft+ fresh flow (flash flood) coming down the Hunter Valley. Occy Bruce, who took the video says it was taken above Moonan Flat area, (near Newcastle for those a little further away.)
Fascinating to see nature in action isn’t it.  Have you ever seen a creek rise this quickly?

Above Moonan FlatThis short 90 second video shows a 5ft+ fresh flow (flash flood) coming down the Hunter from about an hour ago. We are told the footage was taken above Moonan Flat in the Upper Hunter. This video was posted to us by Occy Bruce, thanks heaps for sending us the video & letting us share as well as the details Occy. Very impressive indeed!!

Posted by Hunter Weather on Sunday, January 24, 2016

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  1. Heather MacGregor

    Got caught once in central Australia….little trickle down the Finke….then up to high ground awfully quickly….

  2. Libbi Elliot

    You must come and visit The Hunter Valley, I live in Newcastle and The Hunter is a delight, it is green and has rich fertile land but when it rains..boy does it rain 🙂

  3. Ruth Sullivan

    Looks almost as it a dam has given way must have been powerful water to carry all that wood so far and so fast…

  4. Tim Hodgetts

    I spent a couple of hours in Newcastle around the time they had a ship parked in the main street. Well nearly in the main street. Methinks it may need a visit of a longer duration and a bit of exploration.

    • Libbi Elliot

      haha you could find anything here, it is all possible in Newcastle Tim. was it the Pasha Bulka?

    • Libbi Elliot

      That is a memory I will never forget Tim, I went in to Nobby’s to have a look at the Pasha beached, I was driving down the foreshore and the rain came down so hard, the harbor vanished, I turned to go home and got caught in the flood. I spent the night freezing cold, that water was like ice, trapped on the centre Island of the road, the road was like a raging river

    • Tim Hodgetts

      Jeez Libbi that sounds scary. You didn’t think to call the fire brigade? You could have missed an opportunity there. Ha ha ha.

  5. Rod Faithfull

    Seen it many times. It was a fairly regular event in the creek that ran through our property. Us kids learnt about and to respect the power and dangers of flood water at a very early age.

    • Jeanette Southam

      We still have a creek going through the front of our place. I hate it – have been flooded once and the banks have washed away endangering the foundation of the house on 2 occassions. I hate the sound of the roar of the water (this one wasn’t too loud).

  6. Denise Rayner

    How fast it comes but why would someone sit near a tree while this is happening did they not think to get out, this is how accidents happen, lucky this time.

  7. George McLoughlin

    That clip was not a creek, it was the Hunter river at Moonan Flat but came mostly from Branch creek just on the western side of the Mount Royal Range and the first major tributary of the Hunter river.

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