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It’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since the murder verdict was handed down in the Baden-Clay trial and yet we are still reporting on it. In what seems like an endless saga for murdered Brisbane woman Allison Baden-Clay’s family, yesterday came with some good news about an appeal to reinstate the original conviction of murder after it was overturned last year.

The DPP has now been approved special leave to appeal Baden-Clay’s manslaughter conviction following community outrage at the suggestion Gerard Baden-Clay could have unintentionally killed his wife.

9News reports Allison’s cousin Jodie Dann was in the High Court when the decision was announced and spoke to the awaiting media.

“I’m pleased with the decision, I think it sends a clear message that domestic and family violence can’t happen in Australia,” she said.

“It’s worth it if we get the right result in the end, and justice for Allison.”

“The family will not be commenting on the matters before the High Court today. We appreciate your continued respect for our privacy,” it read.

It was clearly an important day for the many friends and family of Allison, and Allison’s close friend Nicole Morrison took to Facebook to share her thoughts.

“Everyone who was touched by Allison during her life will be grateful today… so many important questions will now be considered and we steadfastly await the determinations of the Court,” she wrote.

Tell us, what do you think will happen next? Is there enough evidence to prove this murder was premeditated?

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  1. Definitely!

    He offered a female work colleague $5000 to kill Allison, in 2008.
    He told McHugh he’d be ‘rid’ of Allison by 1 July.
    He was owing over a million $ to his business & was totally DESPERATE for money, even to he point of asking friend, Dr Bruce Flegg for $400K!
    Failing that, he needed Allison’s Insurance & Super monies’ to clear his debt.
    He rang the Insurance Company, BEFORE her body was found to enquire about Allison’s Policy. If those ‘facts’ are not considered ‘murder pre-meditation’, in law, I don’t know what is!

    Hope decision will be returned to ‘murder verdict’, so he can have ‘life’ in gaol, & that time to think about what he did, & its’ consequences.
    His three little girls’ have to grow up WITHOUT their Mother. (& father). Girls’ NEED their Mother!

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    • Can’t add to that Marníe! It’s such an obvious case.

  2. The whole case screams pre-meditation. The law can be an ass. I feel so sorry for the children and Alison’s family.

  3. I can’t understand how the DPP could have reduced his verdict to manslaughter when he was CONVICTED BY A JURY OF MURDER. Must have been some very slick lawyers involved in bringing pressure to bear on someone(s) somewhere. What a travesty!! I was one of the ones who signed the online petition to reverse this decision, so hopefully justice will prevail this time, and remain as such.

  4. Clearly another misleading headline to grab attention and play on a famly’s grief. “The family will not be commenting on the matters before the High Court today. We appreciate your continued respect for our privacy,” – Doesn’t this say it all.

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