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It’s been said many times before that when a woman joins the political fray, people tend to focus more on what she’s wearing than what she’s saying – especially when you’re going for the top job.

But what about your hair?

US presidential candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton has made light of what is bound to become the most relentless (and arguably pointless) topic she faces on her campaign – her age and her style.

But she had the last word on her hairstyle, making these comments in South Carolina:


“All of our presidents come into office looking so vigorous,” she said. “Then we watch them. They grow greyer and greyer and by the time they leave? They’re as white as the building they live in.”

“Now I may not be the youngest candidate in the race, but I have one big advantage: I’ve been colouring my hair for years.”

“No! You’re not going to see me turning white in the White House.”

According to the Australian Women’s Weekly, this is not the first time Mrs Clinton has made the ‘hair’ joke.

During her husband’s presidency campaign she said, “If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle,” referring to how she made headlines for weeks by wearing a headband.

She also once told students at a Yale Class Day speech in 2001, “Pay attention to your hair, because everyone else will.”

What do you make of Hillary Clinton’s comments? And do you still dye your hair or did you let it go grey? 

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  1. Hilary Clinton’s hair has always been news so I think she’s right to joke about and then get on with what really matters -the policies.

  2. Sad but true. Women are still judged differently, still a long way to go before it is truly a level playing field. Then add age into the equation and see how uneven it becomes.

  3. We saw what happened with Julia Gillard, they used whole pages in the newspaper to criticize her dress and her hair, I can remember when she got glasses and everyone was snarling and saying she got them to look more important !! No one seemed to think of the fact that she was getting older and probably needed glasses

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  4. Women all over the World even those in the top jobs in countries like Australia and the USA are still subjected to subtle sexism. I wondering when it will ever end

  5. Sadly women have to put up with this all the time.

  6. The only hairstyle this woman will get is what the prison lesbians will give her good luck in your future hillary

    8 REPLY

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