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2GB broadcaster Alan Jones was a guest on Q&A last night, but you’d think he was running the show. He took over and spoke his mind throughout the program, speaking passionately and at length about a range of topics. Did you watch?

One of the most talked about topics of late has been the Bali Nine duo Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran’s executions and Alan Jones dove straight into the debate, labelling the death penalty “barbaric”. Do you agree?

Jailed ringleader Myuran Sukumaran’s friend read out a statement from him which said,

“I acknowledge more than anyone that I’ve made mistakes and I am not a perfect person, but I’ve learned a lot in prison and am grateful to the Indonesian justice system and to the prison guards for allowing me to achieve all that I have for myself and for other prisoners. Andrew and I are not the same people we were 10 years ago. But who is, really? We did commit a serious crime and deserve punishment but we have also paid a great deal for our crimes, as have our families. Please allow us to stay in prison and live. Our families should not have to suffer more for our mistakes”.

This provoked an impassioned response from Alan Jones who started by saying, “Well, what can I say? It’s barbaric, absolutely barbaric”. He went on to say that Indonesian President Joko Widodo should be called and we tell him “we gave you a billion dollars when you were hit by the tsunami”. But is that bribing or blackmail? Or is it a fair call? Do we deserve our prisoners’ lives to be saved because we often help Indonesia?

“It is a shame on the Indonesian system, but a pronounced shame on the Federal Police system”, he said about the AFP’s involvement in the arrests and imprisonments of the Bali Nine.

Alan Jones also spoke about benefits for the rich, and said “I just think it’s ludicrous someone like me can go to a hospital for nothing”, as well as making several jabs at Liberal MP Jamie Briggs and Labor MP Chris Bowen.


Did you watch Q&A last night? What did you think of Alan Jones’ many different arguments? Tell us below.

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  1. You mean, they accidentally let a non-leftie on the show?

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    • Yes and they couldn’t stop him talking and saying it as it is about what the Labor had done when in the government. I don’t expect he will go on again. He stuck up for Tony Abbott.

    • Q & A has ALWAYS had someone from both Libs and Labs on the panel. It seems to me that many Lib supporters cannot tolerate anything unfavourable being said about their preferred party, nor even anyone from any other party being present.
      Personally, I don’t mind the Labs – or anyone else – being put on the spot. That’s what they are all paid big money for.
      With regard to Alan Jones – for once, the bloke started to make sense!

    • I didnt see the show but I like Alan Jones. I do not believe it has anything to do with the money we have to Indonesia I just do not believe in the death penalty unless it is for a child molester or a crime like Jill Meaghers murder.. There are probably other circumstances but these guys should have to come home and work in drug rehab so that can see what happens

  2. You might not like the man but I agree if they go ahead with the killing of the 2 Bali Nine all financial assistance should be stopped ASA

  3. I agree with AJ re the Bali 9 pending execution! How dare they decide to kill those two! We have helped Indonesia with more than the million after the tsunami. They should be allowed to live! It is a really wicked thing to do, it is only punishing their families.

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    • Arh I actually think it was 4 billion over so many years what and where has the money gone let’s stop crawling up there bum and wipe them away .

    • Oh yes, I hate the way we suck up to them! They love our tourist $ too, but hate us. Trouble is they’ve probably armed themselves well with our dollars!

    • I agree let’s stop giving money that the Goverment does not have to giveThe other thing may be people could go visit there own country instead of spending money in Bali

    • Just because we have paid millions of dollars to Indonesia doesn’t mean they can change their laws for us. The 2 guys knew the consequences of their actions. The alternative would be to jail them for life.

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      • They are sorry because they got caught had they not they would still be in the HEROIN trade. Okay to be sorry now. Make an example of them maybe it will deter others.

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        • Nobody is saying these men should go free, we are only asking that they not be executed … I didn’t think we were asking too much.

      • Individuals who decide to take drugs know the risks and the possible consequences also. As a compassionate nation we don’t don’t decide to wipe addicts off the face of the earth by execution, we try to rehabilitate them and fit them back into the fabric of society… I cannot condone the death penalty for these men … I just cannot.

    • Don’t agree with any of you we must abide by THEIR LAWS. You do the crime you take the consequences

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      • I agree totally Cherryl, they are drug runners who would have brought misery to thousands of lives had they not been caught. We should not interfere with the laws of other countries. Everyone is up in arms in Oz re Muslims wanting Sharia law saying they should abide by the laws here, what hypocrosy!

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        • Yes but we are not calling for muslims who want sharia law to be executed my dear.

    • If it was your son waiting on death row to be murdered Cheryll Whipps, would you feel the same? Have some compassion for the poor mothers. Very hard and callous you are!

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      • would you say the same thing Robyn if it was your son or daughter who died from an overdose of illegal drugs? I know I would want them suitably punished, an eye for an eye.

    • How does killing two drug traffickers stop the drug trade???? – there’s 10’s of thousands of these kids after quick money – are they going to get them all??? if they or ANY other world leader were serious they’d go after the guys bankrolling the whole operation the businessmen the politician the army general etc etc but they can’t because they’re running their govt and their army etc etc etc and what happened to the guy ready to take the drugs “the missing link” he ended up with a bulletin his back – he was the connection to the big fat cats!!!! Couldn’t let him give evidence could they??? And since when did Abu Baka Bashir serve a decent days sentence for orchestrating the murder of 200 odd world citizens – he gets paraded around like a hero!!! For killing evil westerners of which 80??? were our own fellow Australians !!!!!! They are a big joke and hypocritical as all hell!!!!

    • They “dare decide to kill those two” because they have laws and they apply them. I am totally opposed to the death penalty under any circumstances in any country, but that arrogant sort of comment is precisely why they would dig their heels in. The death penalty is barbaric and if you are really serious about it, apply your concern to any person in any country, including our great mates, the USA and China.

    • And I wonder if we would feel the same if they were pedophiles or murderers. Or if one of your children or grandchildren died from a heroin overdose. They broke the laws of the country and must face the penalty.

    • Of course I would not feel the same if it were pedophiles or cold blooded murderers copping the death penalty. At least they are shown some decency in the way they are put to death. They are a very different kettle of fish to these two very stupid boys who were out to make some fast money. They have redeemed themselves and do not deserve to die. I cannot believe the callous comments I am reading here. And I know you lot would change your minds if it were your child facing the firing squad. So get off your high horses!
      I nearly lost a younger sister to heroin, and I still say they don’t deserve to die.

    • Why did the AFP hand them to Indonesia & not deal with them here? The AFP knew what the outcome would be. Why didn’t our Govt act more forcefully before the change of Govt in Indonesia made them political sacrificial lambs?

  4. I found his comments about respecting the position of PM highly hypocritical in light of his comments about Julia Gillard. Some of his opinions on budget measures were over simplified, clearly he can afford some of the measures he spoke of but with any cut off point there are those on the line who can’t. However I agreed with his comments about mining, farmlands and water but I don’t know how accurate his figures. If we destroy the water tables we destroy much of Australian farming, to what purpose, to allow foreign companies to rip out our resources and export them overseas.

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    • yes i agree . respect is a two way street. everyone thinks he is so good im surprised he is not pm. his ego is big enough.

    • I agree with you. He does have some good ideas however he never has to implement them, so it’s easy to say. However a huge hypocrite regarding respect for the PM

    • Agree with you Molly re our farming communities. Australian landing should not be sold to foreign countries either.

    • Bruce Page your comment is disgusting, as were Alan Jones when he was abusing Julia Gillard. The man (Alan Jones) is a total hypocrite who deserves no respect.

    • Alan Jones would have done his research he’s very thorough with his facts .He just doesn’t go into the station and leave at 9 he answers mail personally and works hard with any task thrown his way.

    • His ‘facts’ are often pure fabrication. Look at any of his rants on the topic of climate change. He just makes it up.

    • I didn’t hear Mr Abbot agreeing to anything when in opposition he was the most negative opp leader I’d ever heard . He told us his policies two days before the election.

    • Abbott’s job in opposition was running down Labor everyday,all his political career was only that and nothing else. So it’s Labor’s turn to run down this Government only fair.
      He still does it even now that he is PM . He forgets he is not in opposition anymore .

  5. I don’t believe we can get the Indonesian govt to change their mind. The death penalty has been in for years, long before the Bali 9. Not saying I agree with it, but like most govt laws another country can’t change them.

  6. Honestly didnt have much time for Alan but after watching Q&A last night i liked what he said hope pollies take note and listened to him

  7. I watched it, normally I would turn him straight off but I don’t know if he is mellowing in his old age or I am but he made a couple of good points, one about mining on farming land and the second about the 2 young men due to be executed in Bali

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  8. I for one turned off the 9.30 version of the Alan Jones Show. Why do they continue giving this man so much air time. Btw I don’t believe the young guys in Bali should be executed.

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