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Alan Jones is the reason 9000 Queensland radio listeners switched stations according to the latest ratings survey but it was not in the desired direction. The latest ratings figures show 9000 people turned their radios OFF Alan Jones show which has now being syndicated into Queensland since April 27, dropping listeners in the slot on 4BC from 80,000 to 71,000.

The new owners of his show, Macquarie Radio Network, dismissed the slide in numbers, saying Queenslanders will grow to love Alan Jones.

Jones holds the number one slot in his time slot in Sydney, and has been lavished with attention for his powerful on-air remarks since 1988.

“Alan Jones earned his audience (in Sydney) over time,” MRN COO, Adam Lang said.

“He has been broadcasting in Sydney since 1988; he’s been in Brisbane since April 27″.

Brisbane’s radio station 4BC has been struggling to hold onto listeners for some time and has recently sacked some of their prize presenters when Fairfax and Macquarie Radio networks went through a merger. The nationalising of their content started with Jones, and also saw Ben Davis roll across Drive time which also suffered a slide.

Are you surprised this move has Jones out in the cold? Or are you a loyal Jones enthusiast?

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. This old man is very biased in his views and people are sick of all these shock jocks, they listened before the Federal last election and it got them Abbott. People have stopped listening

  2. All of these shock jocks will keep the dyed in the wool LNP voters but everyone else has turned them off, it is all about their opinion and no facts

  3. He is a horrid fascist I could say much more about him but I’d be banned for life. This man should have his mouth sewn up the garbage he preaches how can anyone be such an evil person

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  4. Alan Jones one of the greatest minds in the country, fights for a fair go and opportunity for all a true champion of the battler! Disagrees with far left policy of greens! Massive audience who agree with his common sense comment!

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    • did you read the article..people are NOT listening to him 🙂

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      • Libbi, if you’re a LNP member or voter, you can say the exact opposite of the truth and fully expect that everyone listening or reading, will believe it. Then they say it about a hundred more times and they themselves believe it.

    • The only good thing he has done in his whole carreer was to help the ALP win Queensland, and Alp and Greens voters stopped listening to Jones years ago, now swing voters have turned him off, he will still keep the old dinosaur Liberal voters

    • You wish David, he has lot of support from Labor voters on many issues. Granted the extreme left don’t like him but they only seven percent of voters!!

    • I’m very afraid to enter a toilet when this man is in there…

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      • nice one makes u wonder about abbotts connection with him

    • He is a one eyed, loud mouthed,bigot, all he can see is abbott and liberal party politics, rams his opinion down listeners throats, can see only his own point of view, is a total PITA.

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    • Oh Roger you really are brain washed the only people this aging bigot looks after and fights for are his liberal masters and number one himself.

    • I didn’t realise that so many lefties listened to Alan, clearly they do, but judging by their comment they don’t like what he says about their extreme left policies!!

    • Joan do lefties ever wonder why it is the greater majority of Australians have different opinion to theirs, why is it that seven percent of Australians think they are smarter than the rest? Ever think about that Joan?

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      • Because we are smarter, than the rest of you dolts.

    • Amazes me how right wing bigots all think they are the majority and have the right to speak on behalf of “all Australians” or “the majority of Australians”.

    • Anne and Tony you are correct I don’t speak for the majority of Australians but simply state a fact that the majority of Australians do not agree with extreme left views other wise the left would have majority of seats. Do the Greens hold even a single seat in QLD? Surely to state a fact doesn’t make anyone a right wing bigot! Or are lefties in a state of continual denial of fact?

    • You will never be able to have an opinion of your own on this site.

  5. Can’t help bad luck Alan.
    Obviously a smarter group in Queensland than your rusty Sydney demographic.

  6. I think most people are over biased comment, I have stopped listening to radio commentators that show such bias and feigned rage. I won’t even get Murdoch’s Advertiser when it is given away free in an attempt to boost their readership numbers. Nobody except those who are of the exact same opinion would bother anymore.

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    • Roger I live in South Australia our only newspaper is a Murdoch rag, I do read news and commentary from all over the place so yes I do read some SMH articles on line, but no I don’t read it cover to cover.

    • Yes Roger but not always, it can be interesting depending on the topics but after hearing Amanda Vanstone on the ABC talking about it I do think maybe they should do more to ensure each participant gets to answer at least one question directly aimed at their talents back grounds or beliefs. In saying that I don’t think opposing points of view shouldn’t also be put. but as Amanda Vanstone commented, a question was asked from the audience about immigration which she did not get a chance to respond to despite being a former minister with that portfolio. I do expect though a live show like that can be difficult to manage with wafflers and interjectors slowing down the progression of the discussions and forcing the show to move to the next question without all panellists heard from. There are shows when I wonder if a couple of panellists are there just to balance the table as they are hardly heard from.

  7. I am a loyal Alan Jones listener. Have learnt much from him.

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  8. ah, Queensland, the only state where ‘the truth hurts’ saying, is, where that is so true. 🙂

  9. I was wondering what the stats would show. I started listening to 1116 during the Brisbane floods. So much local useful information. Now it’s Sydney presenters out of Sydney so I have switched off. I miss Ian Skippen’s team

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    • Listen to 612 ABC which is in times of crisis the national go to station for official information!

    • Ian Skippen & Loretta’s show was idiotic. Tried many times to listen but had to turn off numerous times. Listening to their talking for hours on stupid topics eg. Loretta’s dress sense, just drove me crazy. Now it’s just too blatantly biased to the extreme right to make it interesting. I wish Greg Carey would return .. he was great & one could never tell which party he preferred. That’s what’s missing .. honest reporting, unbiased information, & the truth. So sick of hearing only the one side of everything. Pity its really the only talk back show in Brisbane available for us to listen to.

  10. I agree with most of Alan Jones comments and find his truthfulness refreshing and very down to earth

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