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Love him or hate him, spare a thought for Alan Bond today, who is in a critical condition following open-heart surgery on Tuesday. The business tycoon has been placed in an induced coma and his prognosis is uncertain.

his ex-wife Eileen Bond and his children have all flown to Perth to be by Mr Bond’s side.

“We’re praying and hoping that he pulls through this,” Eileen Bond told AAP. “It’s not looking good at the moment”.

The 77-year-old was living in London but returned earlier this week for triple-bypass surgery to replace a valve that was previously replaced almost 20 years ago. He also required repairs to two other valves in his heart”.

His children John, Craig and Jody, released a statement saying, “We are told his prognosis is at best uncertain.  He is in an induced coma and is receiving the best of care”.

Alan Bond was one of Western Australia’s most prominent business figures throughout the 80s. He  was also one of the nation’s largest brewers and set up our first privately funded university.

Another great contribution Mr Bond made to Australian history was winning the America’s Cup in 1983, which broke the United States’ 132-year stranglehold on the title, and ended the longest winning streak in the history of sport.

In 1987, Bond made history again when he bought Channel Nine rom Kerry Packer for $1 billion, however he was forced to sell the network back to Mr Packer for a pittance in the early 90s before going bankrupt and winding up in jail for his involvement in the collapsed Rothwells Bank.

Mr Bond was acquitted after an appeal but jailed again for art fraud, then embezzlement. The ABC reports Mr Bond was bankrupted for $622 million, which still stands as the second-largest personal bankruptcy in history.

All went quiet for almost 20 years until Mr Bond once again made the Rich List in 2008 with a personal fortune estimated to be worth $265 million.

There are still legal matters outstanding involving Mr Bond’s company the Bell Group.


How would you describe “Bondy’s” contribution to Australia?


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  1. karma strikes again

    6 REPLY
    • Stephen
      Here’s hoping someone doesn’t say that about you if you suddenly get hit by a truck or some other catastrophe. ….

    • no compassion for this shonk who ripped people off, transfered the money, go bankrupt then after a few years in prison comes out to live a life of luxury, where is your compassion ruth and fran for the many who lost every thing to this shark

    • Stephen you obviously, just don’t have any compassion. Go bury your head in the sand he did his time .

    • Stephen
      Remember that old saying
      “Let ye who is without sin throw the first stone”.
      Can bet you haven’t let a perfectly pristine life…..

  2. People he paid for his mistakes and went to jail. He also did a lot of good. Remember his Family when you post.

    1 REPLY
    • What good did he do? Dont say the Americas Cup because he was getting an 150% tax break for that as it was R and D. He didnt repay any debt and his family got to keep all the cash

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