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According to Pedestrian.tv, one of the Royal Family has just announced that they’re finally joining the rat race and getting a real job!

When we say real, we mean really real… No royal affiliation and no military affiliation!

Prince William, has officially got a day job as an air ambulance helicopter pilot for a company called Bond Air Services.

It is alleged that he will undergo 12 weeks of training with the company before officially starting on the job. Pedestrian also reports that he’ll be living in his country house, Anmer Hall as the commute is easier to handle.

It’s an interesting thing, getting a “real” job in the “real” world, one of the first for his family. So is this a step in the right direction? If the monarchy understood what the average life was like, do you think they’d be more accepted?

Share your thoughts on this – is it a positive step for the family? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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  1. What do Andy’s daughters do …. apart from bludging off their father, who bludges off his mother and the British tax payer !!!

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    • Andrew works in the banking industry and both his girls are working so pull your nasty heads in

    • If he does Cheryl, how the hell did he get that job …. he doesn’t have training in that field ??? Can you please tell me what his girls do ? AND, by the way, no need to be rude Cheryl.

  2. all the royals are bludgers 🙂

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    • You NEED to know more, the Queen GAVE AWAY her entitled royal estates income to the UK GOVERNMENT when she came to the throne in return for a set small % income from the state . This income is now worth in excess of 200 million pounds a year to the government , much , much more than she and family receive…..

    • I don’t think you folks out there realise, H.M and her consort both did war service.Diana had nothing to do with it. In royalist eyes Diana was a traitor, had she done what she did in 19th century she would have been sent away and locked up.why do you think DodI ‘s father thinks that the firm had her killed? If Diana had been his daughter he would have had her killed for less .

    • Im not going to get into any hassel over the royals Im intitled to say and think what I like about them and no matter how many defend them I still think the same

    • Bludgers they most certainly ARE NOT!

      Also, during WWII, the late Queen Mother and their two children, Elizabeth (our distinguished Queen) and the late Princess Margaret, stayed in London with the King and took their chances during the bombings of London, together with the rest of the population.

      The odd scandal has erupted, as with any family, but most of them work hard and honour their position.

    • Leave them alone I say. They live their life in a fish bowl! Good on William for volunteering his services. He is doing it gratis, and donating his wage to charity. A fine young man and a beautiful family! The royals are not bludgers! You people could show a little respect! If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing!

    • The princesses were at Windsor Castle not in London.

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      • Do you have any idea how close Windsor Castle IS to London, and it is and was almost next door to Heathrow too, a small airport then, but still an important target for the German bombers!

    • Work hard???They wouldn’t know what a hard days manual work is.All the work they do is not getting their hands dirty.Wonderful when you have untold staff to run after you as well!!! I’d change positions any day!!!!

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      • Just how many ordinary people do a hard days manual work now? Office workers, retail staff, the restaurant industry, bureaucrats and politicians – I don’t see any of them doing a hard day’s manual work! We all do our jobs in society and each is just as important as any other, whether it involves muscle or not. So I don’t see why you should pick up on the royals, simply because they don’t dig roads. Anyway, flying a helicopter can be VERY hard work, especially in bad weather conditions!

  3. They are ordinary people who somehow appear more important than others & richer.

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    • They inherited money and entitlements from ancestors who taxed serfs , started wars to fill their own coffers, created their own branch of Christianity because they didn’t like the constraints on their lifestyles, then committed adultery and other sins whilst proclaiming themselves titular head of the Church of England – hypocrisy of the highest order and not a heritage to be proud of. Yet people kowtow to them and fawn all over them. Sickening.

  4. As long as he’s happy. Guess it’s no different than politicians. They don’t have real jobs with realistic wages. Will he have to have body guards though????

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