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There might be an impending Queensland election, but in reality, it affects us all, no matter what the state. The fight between Liberal and Labor has never been more neck and neck, as seen in recent state and bi-elections throughout the country. We aren’t sure who to trust, but we know what we want and what issues are of the most concern to us. One tool that can gauge exactly what we expect from our Government is ABC’s Vote Compass, most memorably used in 2013’s Federal Election.

The Vote Compass is back for the January 31 Queensland election, although the early results have shown that the issues that are important to Queenslanders, are applicable to all of us. Even on the Starts at 60 site, it is clear that many are not happy with the current Government (state and federal) and want to see a change.

It was initially used for those who weren’t sure who to vote for but wanted to align themselves with whichever party shared their views, but has now become a vital indicator of how the public are feeling about elections and the parties.

8390 respondents used the Queensland Election Vote Compass from January 12-13 and it showed that economy is the most important issue of concern (23 per cent), followed by the cost of living (15 per cent), asset sales (11 per cent), jobs (9 per cent), environment (9 per cent) and health care (8 per cent). Other important issues were education, law and order, poverty, bikie gangs, roads, immigration, public transport, taxes, drought relief, Indigenous issues and housing.

It was surprising to note that respondents whose results were more in line with the LNP were most likely to care about the economy about all else (47 per cent), whereas only 10 per cent of Labor supporters considered it the biggest issue in their minds.

It’s no doubt that these concerns and sentiments are echoed across the country, with 2013’s Vote Compass showing that the majority of the 1.2 million respondents believed the economy was important, as were asylum seekers. Even Victoria’s November 2014 state election Vote Compass showed that voters were feeling the same down south – their main concerns were tied across the economy, education and the cost of living.

Queensland ALP voters have shown that they are still reeling from Anna Bligh’s shock introduction of asset sales 6 years ago, which is believed to have led to her loss to Campbell Newman in 2012 – 18 per cent are highly concerned about asset sales, whereas 96 per cent of LNP supporters aren’t at all.

As we prepare to go the voting booth, it can come down to the wire when trying to align ourselves with a party. We ask questions – who can I trust? Who will make my life easier? But at the end of the day, we are voting in a party and not a person. Yes, we may say we hate a certain leader but we need to look at the larger picture.

It is clear that our State and Federal Governments need to hear our concerns and gain our trust during this dire time in Australian politics. This Queensland election may not affect you directly but if Labor wins, the aftermath will be felt from coast to coast.

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Tell us, what do you think about the Vote Compass results? What is your biggest concern this election or in general? Tell us below.

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  1. I am prepared in any election to give any side a fair hearing, if however they have lied or done anything I consider to be the wrong decision , then I won’t vote for them

    1 REPLY
    • Who do you vote for then? Most politicians will lie (or say things to suit) and go back on promises

  2. I vote ALP but I have limits, if the ALP did anything that personally affected me or family members I would not vote for them and have made a few a few protest votes over the years.

  3. I am a Labor voter and would never consider voting for the corrupt lying liberals, Labor is for the working class Australian not the wealthy corporations or the greedy mining magnates, Labor is also for RETS which is very important for the environment. Every government should look after all their citizens, give everyone a fair decent standard of living not just an elite select few.

  4. The “compass” shows how much we have become so self absorbed in our own backyard. Can’t believe education didn’t even rate! Education focus would help us to become a “clever” country, not just a “comfortably well-off” one. It would help to solve a lot of society’s problems, as it has for a lot of indigenous Australians. We’re hell bent on becoming like America.

  5. I vote ALP and I would not even contemplate changing my vote in the current political climate and to be truthful I would never be able to trust that what the LNP was saying before an election was the truth

    1 REPLY
    • And of course, you’ve completely forgotten Gillard saying, “No carbon tax!” Let’s admit it – they ALL lie to their teeth!

  6. I will vote liberal even though think abbot and his crew have done a shit job
    But I cannot vote labour
    Yes he stopped the boats
    But he did not get much else through because of this teams incompetence Hockey is such a bad treasurer opens his mouth before his brain is in gear
    Changing $7 co payment and now dropping the 6 minute consultation
    And doing things without consultation
    business getting more tax breaks and poor and the venerable getting slogged every time that’s not fair and I think that is where I find this lib goverment is making its mistakes
    Or maybe explain there plans better

  7. All parties need to start focusing on environmental issues. We appear to have learned nothing from the overseas experience with CSG and mining destroying the farm land and water tables and in QLD the Reef. There is also a growing ground swell against Halal Certification which is affecting us all but again due to political correctness is being ignored. If these issues are not addressed you won’t have to worry about anything else

    2 REPLY
    • If halal and sharia invade our country ,as Neryl states, environment will be the least of our problems. Bill Shorten has said he believes islam is comparable with Australia’s customs and beliefs. What rot. He is more than willing to sacrifice this country for votes. Not labor for that very reason

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