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Tony Abbott’s first major speech of his new public speaking career was divisive to say the least.

Speaking in London, he warned Europe it was making a “catastrophic mistake” by allowing asylum seekers in, suggesting the Christian teaching to “love thy neighbour” was in this case misguided.

“No country or continent can open its borders to all comers without fundamentally weakening itself”, he said.

According to The New Daily, his comments are now drawing harsh criticism from some of Australia’s most prominent catholics.

Former Bishop Pat Power told Fairfax he was “ashamed that a former Australian PM would be putting out a message like this”.

“People will make their own judgments but that’s completely at odds with what’s at the heart of Christianity,” he said.

Malcolm Turnbull, when asked about the speech, avoided a direct answer. “He has obviously had a remarkable career in public life including two years as prime minister and we owe him a great debt for that,” he said.

On the other hand, Liberal senator Cory Bernardi, who helped arrange the gig for Abbott, was full of praise.

“I thought it was a really interesting speech, I thought it was a landmark speech and I think Tony Abbott did us proud last night,” he told Sky News.

Bill Shorten, not surprisingly, was not a fan. “I’m not sure that Tony Abbott on a victory lap giving a Margaret Thatcher lecture is exactly what Europe needs to solve its problems”, he said.

Richard Di Natale, leader of the Greens, suggested “the only catastrophic error that Europe has made is giving Tony Abbott a platform to speak”.

But it was Twitter, as usual, had some of the most pointed and blunt comments.

See what the Internet had to say below, and tell us: do you agree with Abbott, or his critics? Is it his place to lecture Europe on immigration? And is he right to reference Christian values?

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  1. The thing that concerns me about this speech is that, these people are displaced, they have no safe country to reside in and they are fleeing, if these leaders are silly enough to listen to Abbott, what will happen to these people? they can’t go back and unless they can find a way to form another land mass to accommodate them, they will be stateless and just roaming Europe. Abbott is an immoral man

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    • In the news today Amnesty International want a Royal Commission into Border Force saying what they are doing constitutes a transnational crime.. they won’t get a Royal Commission under this Government.

    • These people have already passed through several safe countries and then pay people smugglers to get them into Europe .

    • They can go back Leanna and fight alongside the few non cowardly fellow citizens they left. If they do notwant to tne they can go back to the first safe country they come to, which is Turkey. It is a Moslem State so they will not have to make any demands or changes on anyone. Mr. Abbott is stating an opinion that I think you will find the majority agree with. He is there, he can see what is happening. He knows all borders have to be closed to these people and they have to be given help to build up their own countries. Where do these people think they are going to be accommodated? There is no room for them, there is no money to support them.

    • Turkey already has over a million refugees in it’s camps, it should not be the only country to support refugees. The reason they are passing through countries is because the countries they are reaching, such as Croatia, Hungary etc do not want them. They have two options, find another route or go back to Syria. Tell me Paula, how do fight bombs and missiles?

    • Could not care less what your opinion is Paula Woodley, this is my opinion your commenting on, go tell tell someone else who will be silly enough to believe you . If Abbott was so right and so popular..why did he did his own party boot him out? He is a war monger and is certainly no Christian like I have ever encountered

  2. He is a man of my own heart!

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    • You need to know the real strategy behind the latest European Migration. And then search out the wisdom of God by understanding the Bible and knowing why the philosophy behind Islam is so dangerous to anyone who is not Muslim.

    • Raewyn, not only are both you and Tony Abbott heartless, you are both DANGEROUS and definitely not Christian.

    • Raewyn O’Brien should not Christians lead the way in showing kindness and charity? or your religion all about hate?

    • Raewyn O’Brien It would help if they stopped bombing the shit out of the countries from which they are fleeing! I don’t think that Jesus would recognize you as a Christian

    • Oh for god sake you don’t know me Ginette so don’t feel you have the right to judge me, it’s people like yourself who are brain washed by this IDIOT, so if you don’t agree with me that is fine, we are all entitled to our opinions so feel FREE TO NOT COMMENT ON MY BLOODY OPINION.

    • Tony Abbott has no heart or moral compass it seems and very conveniently picks and chooses which bits of Christianity he will actually practice.

    • Onya Trish …. yes we are entitled to our own opinions…. remember that, next time you and your band of keyboard warriors hammer me about my opinion of Bindi Irwin …. i recall the comment re my deformed feet and perhaps all over deformity…

    • What’s the real strategy then Raewyn? I guess if people want to ‘country shop’ as has been suggested, the start of the European winter would be the ideal time

    • Those swarming hoards coming across various boarders are all/mostly men (cowards), where are the women & children, left behind as usual. Tony is absolutely right.

    • Judy Cameron I don’t know what you are talking about so please show me THE PROOF THAT I SAID ANYTHING LIKE THAT BECAUSE I DON’T KNOW WHO SAID THAT TO YOU BUT IT WAS DEFINITELY NOT ME, I don’t personally attack anyone in that manner, by the way that is deformation so show me the proof because I have kept a snap shot of what you accused me of.

    • Judy Cameron you pick on kids, Bindi is only 16 years old , I would not listen to anything you had to say and Trish is right

    • I’m not a big fan of Bindi so I don’t comment on those threads. But boy, the girl can dance!!

    • Where is your proof Judy Cameron? go get a snap shot of it because I read every post of Trish’s and most of the regulars here and I have never seen her personally insult anyone. And what were you saying that deserved that kind of response from someone?

    • Trish Daley – No, I don’t know you. So can I assume from your comment that you know Raewyn? Also if somebody doesn’t hold the same opinion as you they must be DANGEROUS and not Christian?

    • Trish you have misunderstood ….. my comment was a generalised one ….. intended for the group who made derogatory comments about my shape, looks and supposed mentality …… at the end of the day, we should really respect each others opinions and realise we are all different …. and now i see i am being accused of picking on kids for heavens sake….

    • Trish you have misunderstood ….. my comment was a generalised one ….. intended for the group who made derogatory comments about my shape, looks and supposed mentality …… at the end of the day, we should really respect each others opinions and realise we are all different …. and now i see i am being accused of picking on kids for heavens sake….

    • You are a rude and ignorant woman Judy Cameron, what were you saying about a 16 year old child to get that response from someone and the next time you accuse anyone of anything make sure you have proof, I don’t believe for one second any exists

    • Judy until today I have NEVER COMMENTED on anything you have had to say and your comment was very clear that I was being accused when you said YOU AND YOUR BAND OF KEYBOARD WARRIORS HAMMERED YOU, please think before you ever accuse me of anything again as it may not turn out well for you.

    • Christianity is all about love. Wisdom comes from God. The real refugees are what is left of Christians from Syria in the Refugee camps. These are the real refugees. Of course there are many. Muslims who have been forced into fundamentalism by fanatics, my heart goes out to them as well. God so loved the world that he gave us His only son. Why is it that Muslims all want to desperately come to all those countries in the world that have been founded by Christians? Why is it that Saudi Arabia won’t offer places for any of these refugees, but they have offered to build mosques in Germany for them to practice their faith?

    • Still no explanation of their ‘real strategy’ Raewyn. Just a very broad description of your interpretation of what’s happening in Syria. And a bit of a glimpse into your religious beliefs

  3. Actually, the only negative press for his speech has come from the Australian media.

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    • why would an ex PM ( also a great new show on the ABC ) and an immoral man be of any interest in another country….he can hardly string two words together …

    • That is because what he said was not worth listening to or even commenting on. Mad monk is at it again….and that silly Cory Bernadi for even assuming anyone wants to listen to Abbott’s drivel..for heavens sake!!!

    • I am wondering how much of this trip is about him shacking up with Peta Credlin in the South of France..where is Mrs Abbott?

    • David James what happened to ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’? Such a good Catholic isn’t he

    • Good on you Tony. You are so right. All countries should close their borders to these sadistic depraved bastards.

    • He’s still an embarrassment…… why doesn’t he just go away ! His wife didn’t look too happy with his speech either …. I don’t think she’s a happy woman !

    • He was invited to speak that tells you the story, people wanted to hear from him, OMG what you think he just gets up and does this…..Peta Credlin was his problem she did not do her job properly… for committing adultery well that is just your dirty minds…Margie supports everything he does and says, she was right there by his side…

    • Margie was in England with him, but isn’t going on to France. That’s Abbott and Credlins ‘personal time’ apparently. Just like when they went skiing

    • Judith Forbes that repugnant bernardie set it up,abbott is not supported 100% by supported by racist elements in UK,abbott deposed because he was/is so hated by majority of Australians.

    • Ginnette Bennewith “London: Tony Abbott’s controversy-sparking speech in honour of Margaret Thatcher made Conservative cabinet ministers “wince”, a well-connected Tory blogger says.
      Guido Fawkes, the online persona of blogger and journalist Paul Staines, wrote that a top Tory described the speech afterwards as “fascistic”.”
      Your comment is untrue. This is just one of the UK written pieces, of which there are many.

    • Amanda Thomson he was deposed by his own party not the majority of Australians…..regardless who invited him he was invited…..I don’t think that Peta Credlin still works for Mr. Abbott….Kerrian Dennis you are so right. Amazing how if people don’t agree with what others write out comes the attack of name calling….keyboard bullies.

    • If you go to the left of your screen , you will see that Facebook is trending this escapade of Abbotts, some interesting comments there from all over the world and much of it is negative

    • Susan Smallwood Abbott put himself in the public eye – are you truly suggesting we accept everything he says – well hell will freeze over first before I quit saying this man is an embarrassment.

    • Kerrian Dennis. Where did you get your information from that they are all sadistic depraved bastards. I thought that’s what the majority of them were running from.

    • Robyn Green we all know Margie was in England, but she’s not going with him to France. Credlin is though

  4. Where is his Christian faith and charity? He has none. How can even justify that himself, he not only does not want us to take these people, he doesn’t want anyone to give them a home

    8 REPLY

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    • Parliament is sitting at the moment, so he should be here representing his electorate. After all, we are paying him to do just that

    • FSS the man is ignoring his electorate. He is happy to take his $104,000 plus MASSIVE benefits package which you and I pay for, but not prepared to turn up to work.

    • The trouble is that he claims he is representing all Australians. How can the rest of us get on with our lives when he is out there claiming that we all think this way.

    • Why would you not be able to get on with your lives because Mr. Abbott is invited to speak in the UK????me thinks you don’t have much of a life if that stops you from living….

    • He is right. No one thought he and his government could fix our problem. They did. He is doing a responsible thing. The problem is not going to end until everyone is united and help fix the source of it at the grassroots.

    • What problems did he fix Christine? Both our debt and deficit have skyrocketed, he didn’t stop the boats, he just stopped them coming in to our waters, and now it’s costing us a fortune to hold the asylum seekers off shore, not to mention the human rights issues. Instead of getting revenue from the carbon tax, we’re now paying billions to his mates to not pollute. Yeah, he did a slap up job of fixing things!

    • I totally agree with you Garry . What is wrong with all these vicious people . God help us with such spiteful people like them .
      Leave him alone . He has been very well received .

    • Sue Todd – Parliament is in recess at the moment but you are quite right – he should be looking after his electorate.

    • He is looking after it, he is also doing his job…..which part of it is doing what he is….my head is just where it should be, not up my arse like yours…..he does represent Australia in everything he does, that is his job. He made the promise to stop the boats, get rid of the Carbon tax and the mining tax, he did all of that get over it……Amanda Thomson I have no personal issues what so ever that need sorting my life is just fine.he is not embarrassing us that is being done very well by others. Christine Chan you are so right.

    • Very narrow perspectives there, unfortunately, Christine Chan and Judith Forbes. He reniged on more election platforms than any leader in the past. Our economy is ruined, so many people out of work because of entrenched, outdated thinking and the inability to grasp new opportunities to take the nation into a prosperous future, e.g.

    • Judith Forbes, why is it that you think getting rid of the carbon and mining taxes was a good thing? Now, instead of getting money from polluters, we’re paying them billions of dollars a year to not pollute. It’s the same as the cops giving me money not to speed. Have your electricity bills gone down? If it has you’re the first person I’ve heard of that has a lower bill. Stopped the boats? Who then was he paying to turn back, he didn’t stop them at all, and the Liberals admitted 2 weeks ago they’ve had 20 boats arrive

    • Not here!!! My sec bill has not gone up that is all that matters. I agreed with the Carbon tax and the mining tax but he asked the people what they wanted they told him and he did…..Sharyn Parsons Hart I am more than a minority if you visited as many sights as I do, you would know that… Jennifer Jones I am not narrow minded at all, everything that has gone wrong was thanks to Labor past and present. Companies were in dia straights when Labor were in. Ford, Holden, Alcoa, SPC, and many many more, also blame the unions for putting the wages up to high for companies to cope with including to higher penalty rates. Also blame companies for not diversifying to keep up with world demand.

  6. You only have to see the great streams of people moving across Europe to see the validity of his speech. A much better thing would be to stop the bombing, move out of their countries and let them work it out for themselves!

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  7. Had a debate with my daughter over this. Her response was if the position was reversed would they accept us and give us the freedom they have received from us plus the welfare assistance? Would they allow us a cross on food to raise money for a church?

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    • Delmae, this is not about them coming here, Abbott has already said before he was ousted that we take an extra 13 thousand, this is about him telling other countries not to take them. That is just wrong

    • Not bloody likely, even most of the Arab countries are not taking in refugees, so what does that tell you??

    • Syrian history shows they have always been both receptive and welcoming to those in need so shelter and protection (refugees) from the very countries that are now refusing them entry or safe passage. Check your facts and take off your blinkers before you pass judgement on others. What you should be a sing is “what if this was my country, my family, my home, etc.. What would I do to protect my family- stay and have them raped, abused and beheaded or seek safe haven elsewhere? Until you have been in this position I really don’t think you have the right to judge. Just be thankful it is not you having to make the choice.

    • I am not judging anyone, fleeing your country ( young men that should be standing and fighting) is cowardly 1. And if everybody keeps running then they win and they take all and will go on doing it unless people stand up to them. 2. If we stop them from coming here now and not let any more in it will not happen here then we will not have to worry about it. 3. Hindsight is good but it is an unreal expectation after all.

    • The fact is if you obey the rules of asylum you can go to your nearest neighbour, how would you like that or would you like to be more selective. Just saying.

    • Until people are shown kindness, respect and understanding, they don’t always give, but once they see us doing these things they will remember. It’s like when someone on the road gives you an opening into the traffic, you will do it to the next person. If not, then your just an asshole. It simple, if you try.

  8. Once again the Abbott haters will be out in full force. The usual people regurgitating their hateful comments. I’m sooooo over Abbott just move on!!!!

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  9. And Tony Abbot wants us to believe he is a Christian? I don’t think so and he would have to be the most heartless man, no COMPASSION FOR displaced people who he himself assisted in them being displaced. DO EVERYONE A FAVOUR ABBOTT AND DON’T come back to Australia we don’t want or need you, you are a bloody disgrace!

    17 REPLY
    • no Trevor Carden, Trish is a very intelligent woman, the reason you can’t understand her is because you are so dumb

    • Trevor do your own RESEARCH if you dare to find the truth it’s people like you that create more hatred.

    • You ok Trish? don’t let these people get you down, some of them are very nasty and it is because you are making to much sense

    • Oh I’m fine thanks Libbi for asking, i have kept a snap shot of that conversation and will use it if I need to put a stop to her.

    • Such an intelligent comment from Trevor, such a great contribution to the conversation

    • Nigel Box go put your self back in that coffin you were named after, you say Trish is a twit..well Nigel I think you are a twat and Trish has no need to hear from a walking deceased behind !!

    • Nigel Box
      You claim to be against abuse towards women yet you happlily come on to a public site and verbally abuse women.
      Really, you should read the things you post on your page and don’t post them if you can’t abide by them.

    • Nigel Box has called me several things, but that’s the last time as he has now been blocked, and happy to do the same to other TROLLS.

  10. Bloody AO, this type of thing is the reason he had to go, embarassment to Australia, he makes me sick.

  11. There is a vast difference in an island continent with a few thousand trying to come and the flood of millions that have flooded into into Turkey and neighbouring countries and the hundreds of thousands who have moved onwards. Not all cross the Mediterranean in boats, so the “Turn Back The Boats” mantra is simplistic. There is no one navy to turn the back the boats. Citing Christian principles as flawed insults the true believers. I thought his speech showed a simplistic and rather ignorant view and a very poor grasp of geography and a heartlessness that is astounding.

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    • Oh Barbara there are very few women and children fleein in
      These millions of so called refugees. 16 to 30 well nourised fit muslim males in brand name runners pushing the few women snd chikdren out of tge way so they could get on the trains does not a refugee make. Wake up fleeing countries where it is mandatory to carry with you at all times your ID papers and yet all these Muslim men have lost theirs. Yeah pull the other leg.

    • I have never quite understood the rationale that so many of you espouse Anne that a fit young man can’t be a refugee or that refugees can’t have iPads, brand name shoes or any other sign of wealth. Yes many are young men, now however it is a higher ratio of family groups. It must be a harder slower journey for a family groups.

    • on the news last night they had an interview with a family that was fleeing, the oldest person was a very frail old lady, she had taken the long journey out of Syria with her family..she was 105 years old

    • Poor old Barbara hasn’t got a grasp of the real world,she spends all day & night trolling the internet,make your self more useful & get a job

    • Cathy you know nothing about me so don’t keep compounding on your ignorance trying to pretend you know anything about me or my life, political affiliation or anything else. I just looked at your profile, stop playing games and go read a variety of news sources instead. Go for something not quite as far right as you lean and maybe you’ll see a different viewpoint.

    • Barbara u live in a bubble in Canberra where everybody is spoon feed left wing doctrine,I bet u only watch & listen to the ABC

    • Well come & live in Sydney where all the refugees are dropped we have them living all around us ,few of them ever get jobs,they just do not fit in ,but then u wouldn’t know,Canberra, South Australia all the same u see very few refugees

    • Barbara I think you are flogging a dead horse here, too many ignorant people are afraid for the cushy lifestyle we enjoy in Australia, again it’s all about fear.

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