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This story brought a smile to my face and I’m sure it will do the same for you!

A young girl, Satine Cahill aged seven was supposed to lead the Adelaide Crows AFL team out onto the field before their game on Sunday. Amongst the excitement and preparation for their run on, fireworks went off frightening Satine.


The became quite spooked and upset only to have the team captain, Taylor “Tex” Walker walk over to her and take her hand. He comforted her and said that they’d walk out together so she wouldn’t be scared.


After seeing Satine visibly upset it really is gorgeous to see her getting to go through with it and refreshing to see an Australian sporting star doing something so kind!


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  1. They have a new coach over at the Crows. He seemed to surprise a few with his choice of Walker as captain. From the way Big Tex performed on the field in the first match of the season, both as captain and as full forward, and now from this report of his comforting a frightened little girl, I’d say wonderful choice! Well done, young man (from a non-Crows supporter).

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