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The death penalty in Australia ceased in 1984 and hasn’t been reinstated since. We’re currently looking at capital punishment for any crime under a microscope on a world stage with our Australian prisoners charged with drug offences in Indonesia and the consensus is that the death penalty is totally barbaric. But one politician wants to bring it all back.

Jacqui Lambie has announced that she believed anyone who commits terrorism or treason by attacking the Australian military should be punished with capital punishment.

According to the Daily Mail she said, “It’s time we adopted a much tougher approach to people who are Australian citizens and have fought or are now fighting alongside our enemies, or assisting them. In those cases the Australian laws are very clear. Australian citizens who take up arms against members of our ADF (Australian Defence Force) are guilty of treason”.

She also questioned why the current prime minister or legal system hasn’t placed those Australians who have fought for ISIS with charges of treason saying, “Strangely no Australian politician, including Mr Abbott, has been able to explain why the most serious of federal charges – treason or sedition, has not been laid against the hundreds of Australian citizens who have joined the fight with ISIS or are assisting them back home in Australia. I want to know why?”

And her solution for anyone involved or tainted by terrorism? “Putting terrorists and would-be terrorists in jail will only turn our prison systems into recruiting centres for Islamic extremism. We need to get rid of them permanently. Mr Abbott needs to support the reintroduction of the death penalty for treason and terrorism”.

Tell us, do you think the death penalty is barbaric and shouldn’t be allowed anywhere in the world? Are there better alternatives here? Has Jacqui Lambie lost her marbles? 

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  1. I would want to know more detail before I agreed to capital punishment,once you kill someone , if they are later found to be innocent you can’t bring them back from the dead

  2. If you bring back the death penalty someone has to do the killing, not too may people are cut out to kill other people in cold blood. I sometimes think when you hear about horrendous crimes, yes hang them, but then the rational part of me thinks and who is going to do it.

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    • Mike here-make the next in line do the one before him.

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      • In the two instances mentioned by Lambie I’m inclined to agree. And as for the exercutioner I think June Denison might have a good idea. Mirderous might be murder but do you want to risk the death of your family so some murderous evil scum lives. You only have to look to the Middle East now to know what they are capable of.

    • Enid I will happly press a button . Pull a lever to stop individuals THAT have beenfound guilty of certain ccrimes.being a school bus driver I hope you get my meaning..

  3. Murder is murder regardless of who does the deed.

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    • I agree and for that reason, it also includes abortion.

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      • Re abortion, I think there are cases where abortion is warranted. Do you think that if I was born with cerebral or other damage ensuring I would never live a normal life, that I would want to be born? I wouldn’t thank you for living most likely in a state institution as little more than a vegetable. Where there is evidence that an infant is malformed to such an extent that normal life is impossible abortion should be allowed and also in the case of rape where the offender is infected with HIV and AIDS betc.

  4. Ridiculous – never, under any circumstances! With so many in this country horrified at what is scheduled to happen in Bali, I think this is a totally insensitive time to even begin the conversation.

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    • So the murderer of your child will have your sympathy. Nice to speak from a distance and never experience the horror of loosing a child. Speak when you have experience.

    • There is some mothers that have spoken out , who have lost children but still do not lay blame…there are some mothers I know personally . They have ore than one child, yet only this one child chose the path…..death penalty does not change what’s already going on…. Do you think the guy at Matin Place in Sydney cared ,…. He was happy to die anyway…..

    • Joe, nothing could make me more sympathetic or empathetic to those who lose loved ones, particularly children, to murder. However, I personally abhor the death penalty and can never condone it.

    • I can. These terrorists want to die anyway. Let’s do it. But use a woman as executioner & soak them in pigs blood first. They are trying to hold the entire planet to ransome.


  5. I would not like to see the death penalty bought back in Australia, we can incarcerate them for life and put them in maximum security and make sure their lives are miserable for the rest of their lives, death is too easy for some crimes. I think the death penalty is barbaric

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    • Of course..why not…That’s a good place for the tax payers money to go…to keep feeding and looking after them. ..makes sense to me

    • If this upsets you perhaps you should live in a country like Indonesia, because we are already paying for them and have been ever since the death penalty stopped here !!

    • many of you people have a death lust..it makes me sick ..perhaps Catherine and Robyn would like to do the hanging of these people, or maybe you would like to shoot them

    • Why should mine and others tax money let these bastards live in luxury… They committed a crime that has taken someone’s loved one from this earth, and my own feeling is an eye for an eye…

    • Yeah I agree with death penalty.the bible says An Eye for An Eye.

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      • The Bible also says kill people who work on the Sabbath. That’d go down well.

      • It does indeed Jo, something I cannot understand. How does an all powerful, all forgiving God tell people to take an eye for an eye? Seems barbaric to me and far from so called Christian ethos.

    • Have you ever thought about the costs of keeping one person in gaol for a year, We need greater deterrents, for would be offenders. Our system is too soft..

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      • Yea., kill people to save money. That’s not barbaric ay all.

    • I see no sense paying to keep rapists & murderers in luxurious accommodation when they are no use to anybody. So long as the money they save does not go to another pollies pay rise!

    • In a perfect world, I’d agree with you. However, our prisons are already bursting at the seams while crime rate is on the increase. Where does it stop? It’s costing tax payers a fortune and where’s the deterrent to would be offenders?

    • ‘We’ do not make sure inmates lives are made miserable. Inmates still have access to basic human rights- health care ect. Inmates see a dr faster than those older people in aged care facilities.
      Australia’s problem is that our laws are too lenient!

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      • If Australian prisons are similar to NZ ones then they are like 5 star motels. The only difference is they are locked from the outside, not the inside. I have been anti death penalty for many years after seeing at least one case of a conviction being overturned in NZ and one double conviction in Australia. In both cases the convicted persons may well have been executed if the death penalty had been an option. I have to admit that I have changed my views since the level of terrorism has risen to the current level, and it will keep rising without a doubt. As for costs, I remember a figure of around $70,000 a year to keep a prisoner locked up in NZ, Heaven knows what it costs now in Australia. On this basis I have to say I am now in favour of the death penalty for Treason, Terrorism or Sedition. Either that or put them on an island, the Auckland Island would be ideal, and let them live as best they can. I believe that these fanatics do not have the right to be treated as normal people as they are nothing more than savages.

    • ‘An eye for an eye’ – where would that stop if the person doing the killing (as in the death penalty) would then have the family of the person hung/shot /injected (however the death penalty is carried out) wanting to kill them, then that family would be hounded and so on. I bet a lot of people here would also like the 2 in Indonesia kept in prison for life and not shot as they seem to have reformed themselves and others in prison – and there lies the problem. Once a person is dead you cannot bring them back and it is often the family that suffer – and for years.

    • How about sterilising the parents and family members so the dysfunctional genes are killed off and the family tree dies.

    • I appreciate everyone’s opinion, we don’t all think alike and that is what makes us unique..but please remember I am just giving an opinion too..I don’t make the laws

    • And what about paedophiles they ruin children’s lives for their gratification…….they should go too

    • Our prisons have become like resorts instead of deterrents to commit further crimes, they need to be stripped of TV, Internet access and any other technology that makes life easy for them, maybe then criminals will have more respect for our LAWS.

    • The death penalty guarantees one thing. No repeat offenders.!!

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      • your dead on there David i cant believe our politicians trying to save drug pushing scum bags who ruin lives make our streets unsafe ect.Death penalty stops offending no repeat rapes no repeat murders no repeat drug pushers no repeat terrorists.

    • Sounds nice, but why should we have to support the scum for the rest of their lives, just march them out the back of the building and pop a cap in the back of their heads and leave them to rot and be foor for the other wild animals.

    • Why waste money on them?knock them on the head,saves money and frees up a cot in the system and it might just stop one or two from serious crime,I am sure there will be no shortage of trigger pullers if required

    • And the problem is with our pathetic legal “system” that seems to be run by naive fools these days, they DON”T stay in gaol for life because somebody sees how “reformed” they are and lets them out to do it again. Just like that monster in Sydney.

  6. Anita Colby’s killers should have been put to death

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    • That was a case that sickened us all and it was the same with Ivan Milat, but at least they are locked up forever, they will never see a sun set or the beach again or any of the simple things in llife that give us pleasure.

    • Anita Cobby killers, Janine Balding killers, Ivan Milat, Martin Bryant and a lot of others, that are costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars a year to keep in gaol, should have got the death penalty. The price of a bullet is cheap to what it costs for them to have 3 meals a day, television supplied and everything done for them and never have to make a decision about anything in life. The country would be a better place. They would be instantly rehabilitated.

    • I agree that some of these crimes the death penalty would be better for us humans because what they did was horrific they don’t deserve to be spared

    • Mrs McKinnon from Narrabri , killers Barker and Crump , the list goes on , hang em , hang em high . Need a referendum

    • No, Anita Colby’s killers should be locked up with no rights or privileges and made to spend the rest of their life in shear misery and regret. That is just punishment.

    • I was trying to think of the name of those killers, Barker and Crump, they did not deserve to live after the horrific way they murdered an innocent woman. I believe one of them is a supposed changed man and was trying to get out of gaol, certainly these men should never be released as with the many others

    • bring it back, why should taxpayers pay for their upkeep HIlton? Prison is not misery, they get looked after alot better in prison than alot of our seniors do. All money saved on getting rid of the scum should go to providing for the seniors doing it tough.

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