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The social and medicinal ‘benefits’ of legalising marijuana have been talked about ad nauseam of late. However one of the alarming and more disturbing side effects accompanying the increasing popularity of the substance, is the increasing trend for it to accidentally fall in to the hands of children.

As people start to lower their guard on keeping their stash secret, the incidents of child inhalation and indigestion [of marijuana] are trending in the wrong direction.

An American study, published in Clinical Paediatrics, compared figures from the National Poison Data System, and reported a whopping 147% increase in the reported cases of children being exposed to marijuana over the period from 2006 to 2013. In comparison there was no noticeable change in the corresponding period 2000 to 2006.

Whilst the legalisation of marijuana across Australian states is still in its embryotic stage, the reports coming out of the USA, even from states where it is still illegal, should be warning enough for lawmakers and governments alike to be concerned. It is one thing to contemplate the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes, but there also needs to be a massive social media awareness and education campaign targeted at would be users and how their habits could have inadvertent consequences for their children.

The use of marijuana, particularly in edibles such as brownies, cakes and cookies provides an irresistible temptation for kids if left where their prying eyes can see. Children explore tactilely through touch and taste, and if left their own devices will naturally, yet innocently, try something that looks relatively harmless, or in fact delicious.

As grandparents, who may be a little prone to enjoying the more established side effects of its ingestion, a heightened responsibility for the safekeeping of one’s supply, should complement any relaxation of laws regulating its use.

In a similar fashion to how prolonged social marketing campaigns changed the attitude and use of seatbelts in the early 1970’s, from ‘she’ll be right mate’ to ‘click clack front and back’, policymakers will need to consider the essential learnings required to ensure our children don’t suffer the consequences of our own bad habits.

Funnily though, the same regulators will be equally conscious being seen to promote the use of marijuana in any way shape or form.

As Australia catches up with the rest of the modern world on this matter, it will be interesting to watch how we respond with the public education of subjects and substances that have long been taboo subjects.

Until then, treat your reserves like good quality chocolate (or any chocolate for that matter), keep it well hidden and away from the hands of those precious little swipers!


Are the benefits of legalising marijuana, be it for medicinal or recreational purposes, going to out weigh the abundance of drawbacks? What should be done to protect our children as we relax some of these laws?

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  1. New stuff is much stronger, hate the thought of being on holiday road with people using it.

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    • That is a falsehood Andrew. I smoked stuff in the 70’s that would put modern day produce to shame. Do not believe the media propaganda. It is as strong as it has always been, depending on strain.

    • Im much more scared of people on prescription pills or alcohol then some one who smokes pot behind the wheel

    • Do some research Andrew, the cannibas they’ll be using has no thc, which is the part that makes you high,

    • Much more afraid of people drinking alcohol and being on the road than anyone smoking dope to be honest. There are so many more of them.

  2. I am assuming it would be like any medication, you keep it well out of the way of children, it is not legal yet and may never be

  3. These are drugs that alter the mind – the fools that use drugs, started that way and just become worse. Pity this stuff doesn’t kill at first use, that would stop it’s use or it get rid of all the fools using it.

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    • Totally agree with you Joe. Most people don’t realise the damage it does to the brain and MUCH quicker than alcohol does. As the mother of a mentally ill child I have seen for myself the damage it causes.

    • RUBBISH! Stop believing in “Reefer Madness” it is all rubbish and lies. I was going to go on and explain my side but I may as well belt my head up against the wall. So you are saying people who have contributed to society, raised a good family with a PHD student for a son, paid taxes, run a successful business, should have died at the first joint! WOW, there sure would be a lot of things missing from this planet if that were the case. Why not say the same for alcohol and tobacco, two of the highest causes of death and illness and abuse on this planet today, with ICE now taking over. I stop now. PHEW!

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      • You will never win Brian, yet most of the posters here are quite happy that alcohol and tobacco – 2 dangerous poisons – are perfectly legal, and easily able to fall into the hands of children every day.
        Peace man, stay happy.

    • Brian Clarke – I’m a chemist and I know what I’m talking about – you the uneducated one. Simpleton, keep smoking your dope and remain a dope.

    • Carmel Bogdan – I’m a chemist and I know what I’m talking about – you the uneducated one. Simpleton, keep smoking your dope and remain a dope.

  4. I am concerned of the long term effect of this medical use of marijuana

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    • As opposed to what Robyn? Prescription drugs have a swathe of bad side effects. Only need to look them up on the net to see what poisons are being prescribed for us olds to stay alive. Oxymoron yes but true.

    • What long term effects if it is legalised for terminally ill people to lessen pain prior to death where conventional medicines are failing? That is what the legislation should be concentrating on NOW!!

    • Long term effects of marihuana V long term effects of cigarettes, prescription drugs and alcohol…. So tell me Robyn what are you concerned about again?

  5. Like all medicines I am sure it would come with a warning as to the side effects etc. A great amount of prescribed medicines come with warnings about feeling drowsy etc etc. (hence the driving concern)
    Surely it’s a case of ‘medically prescribed sensible use’ & as for grandchildren getting their hands on it, I think most people are wise enough to keep all medicines out of reach of children. And let’s face it…..this would be prescribed to those who need it, it would not be for recreational use.

  6. It won’t be the only problem either. You can smell the stuff for miles so when the drug addled thugs get an idea they can score there will be many violent break ins to seniors homes. Better up your security if your going to use.

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    • As opposed to “drug addled thugs” breaking into houses now to steal anything and everything to sell for drug money. Your security should be up to scratch now Linda.

    • Hahahaha pot smokers aren’t thugs and definitely don’t go break into places you are thinking of herion and ice dear

    • If your going to comment, please read properly and don’t go putting your interpretation of what I’m saying.

  7. I remember a grandmother, never a drug user, who accidentally ate some Marijuana cakes stored in her freezer by her daughter. She hadn’t a clue what she had eaten and terrified by what happened to her.

  8. If you “earn” $50,000 a year on the Interest on your super fund, then you SHOULD pay tax on the interest. I NEVER got $50k as income and I had to pay tax on that. Why, because you are retired, and still earning that much interest, should you NOT pay tax on it.

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