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Gay couples may have to put their wedding plans on hold just that little bit longer – but the good news is that a vote on legislating same-sex marriage may not be too far away.

Liberal sources say Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will push to ensure same-sex marriage is made legal “sooner rather than later” if Australians vote in favour of it.

Liberal MP Warren Entsch, who co-sponsored a same-sex marriage bill last month, told The Australian he was backing the new Prime Minister to deliver the reform following a national plebiscite.

He acknowledged Mr Turnbull had agreed to hold a “people’s vote”, which would lead to a decision on same-sex marriage being delayed until after the next election. However, Mr Entsch said he believed the Prime Minister would propose a clearly defined timeframe and question before voters went to the polls.

He accepted Mr Turnbull had no choice but to abandon a free parliamentary vote, but he told The Australian he was confident the reform could be ­accelerated.

“Like me, he (Mr Turnbull) would have preferred to have a free vote in the parliament, but a decision was made in the party­room that we would have a plebiscite, that is not my preferred position, that wasn’t his,” the Queensland MP is quoted as saying.

“What he can do, however, is accelerate the process. I think he has a lot more credibility on this issue and people will believe that he will make it happen. People will be very clear on what we are doing immediately after the election. People will accept his word on it.”

Mr Entsch described criticism of Mr Turnbull for maintaining Tony Abbott’s position on a plebiscite as a “cheap shot”.

“He has absolutely no choice because what Malcolm has committed to do as part of getting this job is that he will have a Westminster system of government — there will be no captain’s picks, we will be a government that will be run by cabinet and it will be informed by its partyroom,” Mr Entsch said.

The Australian says in question time last week, Mr Turnbull rejected criticism from Labor that he had “sold out” on gay marriage by maintaining the government’s position on a popular vote.

Which way would you vote – pro or anti same-sex marriage?


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  1. Im sorry my feelings differ nothing against gays but just don’t agree with marriage.

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    • You are entitled to your opinion, however would your opinion be the same if you had a Gay child???

    • Like i said nothing against gays whatsoever ever,am very good friends with quite a few,they respect my views and to your ? Yes I think it would,would still love them no matter what.

    • I agree Elaine. I have no problem with gay couples having a union, just don’t alter the meaning of the word marriage. I too know a number of single gay gente and several gay couples. Even they are not all in favour of this. As for equality, it is a myth, sisters and brothers cannot marry, parents and children and there are many other groups for whom the word marriage is inappropriate, it does not make their relationship to in each other, in its appropriate form, invalid or unequal. We have appropriate words to define each relationship. To the gay community I would say, be a bit lateral thinking and coin a dignified term for your relationships.

  2. Tony Abbott made a Captain’s Call to bomb Syria, never asked my opinion, or yours. But we need a referendum to vote on whether 2 people can get married? Oh please!

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    • NO !it’s not just ‘ two people getting married ‘ its same sex marriage !! It maybe something simple to you , but to traditional people it’s not .
      Never in history has any country or any one recognized same sex marriage !!
      So now we enter a new era , gay relationships are not to be hidden , it’s not something to be ashamed of any more . Same sex relationships are common . But a marriage license and vows , has only ever been for male and female relationships .
      It’s hard for older traditionalists to accept changes to that . And their opinion is as valid as anyone else’s. They have rights too !!
      So let’s vote , referendum it should be !!! No one knows what the outcome will be and whatever the majority vote , is it .

    • Carolyn, without in any way denigrating you or attempting to put down your personal views, what you say is indeed wrong. Same sex unions, with ceremonies appropriate to the time, were celebrated in ancient Rome, ancient Greece and even earlier during the Zhou and Ming dynasties in China. I am very much a senior citizen, Christian, heterosexual and liberal in my views. In a society that espouses inclusivity, why should we treat those of a different sexual perspective differently?

  3. Just do it. We don’t need asking, there are enough polls taken to know it will happen. Better sooner than later.

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