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This summer is special, Streets are celebrating 80 years of Australian summers and to celebrate their longevity in helping Aussies deal with the heats, they are releasing two limited edition Australian ice creams.

The Golden Gaytime and the Paddle Pop are getting an “Aussification” and we think it is a great way to celebrate.

When we celebrated family holidays at the Gold Coast, after a morning at the beach we’d walk to the local corner store and grab a paddle pop or an “ice block” as we and the kids called them.

Paddle Pop is one of the most iconic Aussie brands – it is sold in over 20 countries and is something that everyone can connect to their childhood.

So tonight, let’s reminisce. What are your favourite Aussie summer memories? Did you enjoy munching on theses iconic Aussie treats in the hot weather? 


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  1. Does anyone remember sputniks or twin pops??!! Have a feeling they were peters brand…..

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    • Don’t remember Sputniks but certainly remember twin pops. My grandfather used to work at Peters Ice-cream, we loved getting some free samples each school holidays.

  2. When I was a child we used to camp every year at Corrimal. Streets started there selling from a cart. They have certainly gone a long way and don’t think they are Australian owned any more.

  3. Walking to milk bar in Croydon for milk shake on sat night Rastas the. Dog had ice cream

  4. Used to love the water ices. In the UK a man used to cycle round the streets with a small fridge on the front go the bike

  5. Yes, we told eat Peters, and that would keep
    Is off the Streets….boom, boom…… Are gees….

  6. Used to luv triple treats had a big craving for these while pregnant with my 30 year old daughter. But still like an ice cream in a cone tasted as good as the little white packet of mixed lollies u got from the corner store

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  7. Not interested in Streets…they use Palm Oil in their ice cream

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    • we’re talking about 80 years of ice cream, back then we didn’t realise that ice cream could be so devastatingly destructive to our planet…

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