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320,000 Australian mobile users may see a change to their service today due to a $1 billion deal by the telcos.

It’s been 18 months in the making and now TPG Telecom will drop Optus as their mobile network provider and replace it with Vodafone Australia, which has battled service coverage complaints over the years.

TPG’s plan is to extend its so-called dark fibre network to carry Vodafone’s mobile data.

This deal follows the telco giant’s $1.6 billion acquisition of iiNet. So what does it mean for the 320,000 TPG customers? They will be able to have access to the 5G network when it is rolled out in the next couple of years, but for now if you’re a customer, you may have noticed that you have changed to the Vodafone network, or you might not see a change at all to your service.

New customers will be immediately placed on the Vodafone network.

“This is a purely future-proofing. The reality is we are rolling out something we don’t really need today … it is something we must have in four years,” Vodafone Australia chief executive Inaki Berroeta told AAP.

TPG general manager enterprise and wholesale Mark Rafferty assures customers that the transition would benefit them – customer will have access to real-time billing and there should be no issues with their coverage or network quality.

“We’ve got a lot of confidence about how the services are going to work”, Mr Rafferty told AAP.

“It is 100 per cent a future investment more than something we do to fix the network”, Mr Berroeta said, in regards to questions of reliability. “All that is done: the turnaround is over, we’ve upgraded our network, we invested”.

The AFR reports that the change to the Vodafone Australian network could be good news for customers who should see lower costs and higher data allowances.

TPG executive chairman David Teoh said, “We’ll bring our mobile business and our customers to the Vodafone network on the 4G superfast network”.

Tell us, are you a TPG customer? Do you have any concerns about the reliability of the Vodafone network?


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  1. Read story first. It’s got other telcos involved . I thought was my Optus until read story.

  2. Mike here-wish I were in an area covered by any of the other 2, we only have telstra, so miss out on all the bonus points adsl2 & the like.

  3. We live in a country region Optus and Vodafone coverage is so pathetic we have to use Telstra to get any sort of service.

  4. I used to have vodafone , the reception was pitiful so I changed servers am now using ALDI pre paid, it uses the Telstra lines and its great and not expensive

  5. I use optus because vodafone is usekess or worse than in the bush and when I had telstra it was just as bad had to drive twelve kms to get any reception even with a sub station five hundred metres from the front door.

  6. I left Vodafone because of the poor coverage. I’m glad I read this article. I’m with Telstra and will stay with them. No TPG for me!

  7. Have been with Vodafone 13 yrs, yes they did have some issues early 2000s but have stayed and service very reliable and customer service fantastic. But should read the details re TPG fully if any queries

  8. Out of the frying pan into the fire? I have never heard any good reports about Vodafone nor Optus. I heard a bloke in a Testra store one day enquiring about a new mobile phone. Overheard him say he was filthy with Optus as he and a work colleague had been out in country town, standing either side of their car and while his mate was happily talking on his Telstra mobile, he hadn’t been able to get any signal at all with his Optus phone. I also had a work colleague who had an Optus mobile and he had to go outside and up the street a bit to get a signal on his phone. I’ll stick with Telstra thanks, when you have the goods you don’t have to try and bribe customers to switch.

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