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It is hard to believe that Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, have been married for 10 years. It seems like just yesterday that this “other woman” became pivotal to his life. But to me the passing of 10 years in a marriage is an important milestone. One that makes a statement of its own, especially in a second marriage when people have been on such a journey to find each other and their own happiness. The happiness they have found is not sought for them by the British people though, more than 43 per cent of whom think Charles should not ascend to the throne if the Queen abdicates or dies.

The couple have gone away to Birkhall this week to celebrate their wedding anniversary privately in the same place where they enjoyed their honeymoon a decade ago, a long time after they first met at a polo match and dated back in 1970. After Diana’s death, the relationship between Charles and Camilla was handled with great timidity by the Royal family, with eight years passing before they were married, despite the prior divorce of Charles and Diana.

Regardless of the challenges of their earlier lives, Charles and Camilla appear to have built a family life around them that is glad for them finding each other. But we cannot say the same for the British people, who are certainly taking their time warming to the person who was seen as “the other woman” for decades. There is no doubting it, her transformation has been significant and she has certainly made an effort to win the hearts of the British people.

Polling this week by the Daily Mail’s UK edition shows a continued disdain for the Duchess and a significant disapproval of her one day becoming the Queen, with 55 per cent of people saying they would rather she didn’t become Queen. This figure is down from 73 per cent five years ago, so she is certainly making some headway. This was a poll of the British people, who are represented by the monarchy through their traditions and their culture. Out here in Australia, royalty and royal ways often seem like just tabloid affairs, with little relevance other than which one will appear in the gossip rags this week so it will be interesting to see what you think, 10 years after they were wed.

So we want to ask the over 60s of Australia the following poll questions. Tell us what you think, and see what other over 60s think.

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Now you can enjoy the pictures of Charles and Camilla over the last 10 years.

In Colombia

In Washington

At the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings

Happy Family in 2014

Welcoming their grandson, Prince George

Their wedding

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  1. Whatever does it matter? She is queen consort and so would have no say in anything anymore than Charles will. It’s an outdated institution anyway

  2. It is OK for her to be Queen for King Charles but not to rule over Australia!

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    • They dont rule australia they are only a constitutional figure head .Without them australia Would have been socialist dictatorship by now .

    • I agree……Constitutional figure head is OK…..I am just saying I don’t object to their relationship. Because we don’t have the traditional monarchy anymore it is OK!

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      • YEA and you would all like that…..sticky fingers dipping into the pot and living like the Royalty you don’t want…..at least they are “Royal”…

  3. Strangely enough I rather admire them even though it was sad what happened.
    She stayed quiet through the whole mess and he defended her in the end by insisting they be allowed to marry. Showed some nerve finally.
    Not easy being royal but nowadays who really cares.
    The days of pomp and ceremony are well gone.

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    • They are a great tourist draw card .without the royal family nobody would visit Britain .

      1 REPLY
      • Not a exactly true…..they are a great draw card, they make millions for the British economy….but there is a lot to see in Great Britain besides the Royal Family…..

    • You admire an unfaithful cheating husband and his low life partner in crime you need to have a look at yourself and admire people who have honesty and intergrity not cheating husbands and their slutty others

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      • What a nasty self righteous attitude. don’t forget, when you point your finger, there are three pointing back at you.

      • What can you expect from an arranged marriage like Charles and Diana? Do you class Diana as a low life too? What delightful word do you have for male “others”? I expect you would be VERY surprised at how many “low lifes” and “slutty others” there are, and who they are, if people were brave enough to be honest around people with such attitudes as yours Serena.

    • No. I admire a couple who stuck with it through thick and thin. The marriage to Diana was a complete sham on both sides knitted together by stupid people who were worried there would be no heir to the throne.
      A complete mess from beginning to end. Charles and Diana were pawns in a very old fashioned game.
      Hopefully people have learnt from this.

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      • I felt for Diana, she was so young and no one bothered to tell her she was just a brood mare. A lot of heart ache could have been avoided if Charles had stood his ground first off and married the woman he loved in the first place

      • You would have thought they would have learned from the tragic affair of Princess Margaret and Peter Townsend. A love story and couple that should have been but you have the Archbishop of Canterbury sticking his nose in that one, destroyed their lives for what.. Same with Charles and Camilla, I believe a true genuine love that wasn,t allowed for reasons of state…..you may not like Camilla because we are forever influenced with Diana, but had Charles been allowed to marry his true love in the beginning everyone would have liked her…she certainly seems to make him happy, what more can anyone ask .

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        • I think it matters little whether she is queen or not, but if that is what Charles wants then so be it. He was a pawn in a dreadul royal game, as was Princess Margaret. Yes, Diana was a lovely lady and did not deserve to die so young, but there marriage was hardly a love match – it was always Camilla for Charles and I am glad that he was finally able to marry the person he loved. He is the first in line for the British throne and why shouldn’t he be made King, so then if he wants her for Queen it is up to him. We all love William but he has to wait his turn and it probably won’t be as long as Charles has had to wait.

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          • Hear! Hear! Well said!!!!!

    • I would have admired them if he did what Edward VIII did. Charles just wanted his cake and eat it too. No admiration here I’m afraid.

    • You have a very good point there Wanda.
      And then Prince Andrew would have become heir apparent.
      Maybe Fergie might have stayed put. History is a very fascinating thing.

    • Maybe Charles wanted to ‘do the Edward vII thing’ but mummy didn’t want a repeat of that chapter in history so he did what was expected of him. As his mother has always said her duty was to the monarchy. We shouldn’t judge if we don’t know the whole story.

    • So the history embedded in almost every UK street, the magnificent museums – not just in London – the fabulous art galleries; the so beautiful countryside; the theatres etc – none of these are why tourists visit the UK? Just the off-chance of a glimpse of royalty. Ian L Gregory you obviously have never been to the UK.

    • They didn’t have the right to chose their life’s path and were pushed apart when young. I believe he tried to make a go of his marriage – they were not suited!

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      • How can we judge other’s lives? How many of us are perfect and entitled to point the finger at others? Who knows what goes on in another person’s marriage?

        Adultery is not to be condoned, but Diana was no angel, despite what people want to believe. It was an arranged marriage after Camilla was chased off in the 1970s when there was still an outdated idea that the future Queen should be a virgin and Charles was bullied into it by not only his family and the establishment but also the British press. I think he just gave up and decided that if he couldn’t have Camilla then he’d accept his fate, remembering that he was brought up completely differently to all of us. Duty was paramount whether he liked it or not. I also think he was genuinely fond of Diana and photos taken at the time show that.

        However, the marriage was never going to work and the old Queen Mother and her mate, Diana’s grandmother should have kept their meddling fingers out of it along with the other busybodies.

        Diana has been dead 18 years, for goodness sake. The laws of succession dictate that Charles is next in line and unless he steps aside, William will NOT be king until it is his turn. I doubt he wants to be in that position and anyway, the Queen could well live to be as long as her mother.

        I have no argument with Australia being a Republic, but until an honest way to choose the head of state if organised, we should remain with the Queen or King. The last thing we need is the politicians deciding which “boy” should get the job!

    • Yes they were not suited, but it didn’t help when Camilla kept popping up everywhere during their marriage. Hmmm

    • They are both guilty. They have to live with their conscious. They are both cheaters. It sickens me to think that they will both probably will rule & that will be the day I switch off the royals.

    • Maybe maybe not. History has a strange way of sorting itself out regardless of emotion. Hope I live long enough to find out.

    • Just as a smiley addition to this very serious discussion …
      Did you know that the abdicating King knitted a jumper for Mrs Simpson while he was in exile waiting for her divorce to come through?
      No greater love has a man ….
      Wish a man would knit me a special jumper one day.

    • Oh my goodness . Those that throw stones are generally guilty of said subject . Also this is 2015

      1 REPLY
      • It’s not throwing stones, it’s questioning history’s rules that’all
        what they put his uncle through right to his death why should it be different now. WHY you answer that.

    • I don’t really care both cheated….maybe Charles should have stood up & made a stand all those yrs ago..but alas..wasn’t to be. .I don’t want him as king…never have..let wills be king..time for the mouldy oldies to stand aside and let the young ones have a go

    • Shame he couldn’t stand up for ” the love of his life” in the beginning instead of ruining Diana’s life n taking advantage of her youth, naïveté and hero worship of her childhood crush!!!!

    • And does anyone care to remember Diana was no angel either the royal family is lead by time and should be brought into the 21st century i don’t agree with anyone cheating but whats done is done and as a couple they have weathered the storm and lets remeber William and Harry love their father so show some respect for them

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