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Being spontaneously romantic could raise an eyebrow in your house, but it is something that can add a unique spark to the relationship. We talked to the men in the Shed to talk about doing something special for their loved ones.

“The first thing my wife thinks is that I’ve broken something,” Robert told us.

“If I come home with flowers, she’ll thank me and give me a cuddle, but then she walks around the house for the next 20 minutes trying to find something that looks like it’s been freshly repaired,” Robert said with a chuckle. “Sometimes she’ll come running up to say that she found something I fixed which was the reason for the flowers, but I’ll just explain that it was something she had me fix weeks ago.”

James has been married to the same lovely lady for almost 43 years and says that while he occasionally surprises her with trips or presents that it’s the little things that make their relationship magic.

“Every night I make sure there is a glass of water on her nightstand. She always wakes up thirsty, so I make sure there is a glass there every night. She always gushes about that to her friends,” James says with pride.

David says that it’s a “just for being you” card that helps him keep in the romantic gent books with his partner.

“There are just times where I can feel it in my soul that she needs a reminder of how amazing she is. That makes me feel like a failure as a husband cause she should know it all the time. These times I get a blank card and just tell her how proud I am to be her husband and about how all the things I’m grateful for that she does. I try to tell her all the time but sometimes a lovely card hits it home.”

There are things big and small that you can do for your partner that makes them feel special. If you have a way that someone has made you feel special or something you do for someone else, we’d love to hear it.

What has your partner did for you that was spontaneously romantic? What have you done romantically that they were not expecting?

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