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We know our cities in the world for their beauty, their convenience, their lifestyle, their buzz, their great public transport, their rivers, their harbours and their friendly people but we rarely talk about cities and their age friendly infrastructure, culture and society. In conjunction with the University of Queensland, National Seniors set out on a research project to find what matters most to age friendly cities as the Australian population faces rapid ageing.

So today, we thought we’d conduct our own little assessment. What are the big issues that matter to you?

The National Seniors research project identified the following key areas:

  • Housing
  • Social Participation
  • Social Inclusion
  • Volunteering
  • Employment
  • Transport – availability and barriers to access
  • Environment
  • Age-Discrimination
  • Availability of volunteering and purposeful activities

They are all of the major infrastructure pints for an age friendly city, but what about all of the smaller parts. In some Asian countries with ageing populations like Singapore they have longer pedestrian crossing times to accommodate those who are older and may not be able to walk faster.

In other countries they have discounts for online grocery shopping for eligible seniors card holders so shopping for food never gets too hard.

In some places they have government agencies that help with all issues coming from seniors whether it be financial questions, education questions, housing or transport – if they have a seniors number they receive priority help.

So today tell us, what would make a city age friendly for you? What are the little things that could really make a difference? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. Better public transport.

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    • Julia, I live in Sydney, am retired and use the train system. I think that Sydney’s public transport system is fantastic. Having an Opal card, and paying a total of $2.50 per day.! Julia, what is wrong with this ??

    • I am in Melbourne and use public transport more than the car. Just a matter of location I guess. Live between to tram systems and a railway station perfect for an oldie.

  2. To be treated with respect and viewed as an asset not a drain on the many resources we have all worked hard and been heavily taxed during our lifetime to be able to provide to all.

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  3. More affordable rentals, not every one retires on a good payout or has a house to sell to “DOWN SIZE”

  4. Bloody hell I guess that’s me I think we have to adjust to the fact we are getting older Aren’t we lucky so many do not have that chance Be happy with family and friends -read a book – garden-watch the cricket -go to footy – get passionate and yell your lungs out -pick happy times and remember with love -well that’s what I think !!!

  5. more subsidised rail trips to the city and interstate. Currently we are limited to 2 round trips a year (within our own state) and this is going to be cut. I would love to see it increased to 4 and maybe 2 interstate trips. Living in a rural isolated area with little to no perks, this would be wonderful. I don’t expect free, but certainly cheap, cheap, cheap would be fabulous.

  6. The damn gment to give older Aussies enough to live on eat etc instead of spending over 7.000.000 on bloody fireworks

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    • I couldn’t agree more Diane! I deeply resent money being spent on fireworks, such a blatant waste of money that could be put to far greater use to actually HELP people!!

    • Watched fireworks on TV with some family members and a friend.

      Sydney’s was better again (I don’t live in NSW), but we all commented that both Sydney’s AND Melbourne’s were spoilt by the large amounts of SMOKE that was generated by those fireworks, lessening the visual effect a fair bit.
      Also, one can only ooh and aah so much at the same circular balls of colour bursting forth.

  7. Value older employees. Scale down hours of employment as people age. Retirement is a death sentence to some.

  8. Yes more affordable housing. There is a minimum of 16 years for Gov. housing, could be long gone by then.

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    • Funny how refugees don’t have to wait for housing, financial benifits. Jobs easier ……medical , specialist…. Housing for elderly is a must. Even with their own home when they go into aged care they loose their homes.

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