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One celebrity this week revealed that right now she is going through menopause after elective surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes after a cancer scare while carrying the BRCA 1 gene. Angelina Jolie is one brave woman – she’s only 39. But there’s so many out there who right now are enduring the life we went through just a few years ago!

So today let’s chat… What is your one piece of advice to anyone going through menopause? What would you like to say to them and how can you help them cope? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. I don’t envy her. I went through menopause for ten years and my doctor said it would be better for me if I did it “cold turkey”. I did and thank God it’s over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • I couldnt take anything to help because I had had DVT (deep vein thrombosis) and I suffered like hell for almost as long as you,.. My mother and grandmother suffered too, I think it can be hereditary how we suffer these things…. She would have gone straight into it, and sometimes thats the best way..I had hysterectomy at 34 but they left ovaries in… still had to go back for another op years later to have one removed and the other they couldnt take out because it was attached to a main vein or such… Grrrr how us girls suffer hey.

  2. Be prepared! Perimenopause for me started at 45 – I wasn’t prepared for the hot flushes, mood swings and fatigue. At work I’d pick up a file and start madly fanning myself and the girls would say “look out she’s having another one!” LOL I found something herbal to help with all of that then it was fine.

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    • I don’t think there is mood swigs, more that you have no patience with stupidity any more. The fatigue is distressing though, tried some HRT but always worried about my liver. I just weather out the hot flush as it doesn’t last long. Can’t stand anything tight around my throat anymore. If I use a scarf has to be clear of my throat & neck.

  3. Eat healthy exercise,drink lots of water. Some of the pills I was on made me feel worse. Some women have a really bad time, the itching skin and sweats were the worst, thank goodness it is over.

  4. I have been on HRT for 20 years after a hysterectomy and haven’t actually felt the symptoms. My bones are strong though.

  5. Lie with one leg in bed and one out…..helps with the night sweats!! I took nothing to help me since I’d had cancer and couldn’t risk taking hormone replacement. Felt temperamental some days, but came through okay. No choice really…just have to bite the bullet and get on with life.

  6. Keep stress to an absolute minimum. Being single helps.
    Atrophy of the vagina is a symptom never mentioned, totally affects quality of life.

  7. Best thing that ever happened to me as I suffered from sever PMS ever since I had my children. After menopause all that disappeared and have lead a stress free life ever since 🙂

  8. For me Menopause was just a word. Hardly knew I was going through it! I did do a lot of exercise and went to gym about 4 times a week, maybe this was why I had very few symptoms.

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    • you were extremely lucky… I walked almost 3 miles every day, exercised like crazy as a natural thing, and was a fit girl at 34 when i had to have one due to numerous infecions untreatable… they left my ovaries in so I could have a normal menopause (ha ha i say to that) I suffered almost 10 yrs, but then so did mum, and my grandmother, both very active women.. I think its a hereditary thing… you possibility didnt have any trouble with your periods either and had short ones, whereas I started at 9 and had extreme bleeding and had them up to 10 days at a time… You are one of the lucky ones like my sister in law and my best friend. It was a long suffering painful journey.

    • Definitely think the hereditary factor comes into it. My Mother and Grandmother sailed through it as well.

    • I must also be one of the chosen…had a few night sweats for about 3 months and that was it…..the fact that I was going through it came up in a blood test…I didn’t even really know….hahaha

    • I believe that the majority of women have very few symtoms. Like in everything you only hear about the “bad” ones. Not much you can do to influence it either, just luck really.

    • I did not have any symptoms either in fact I didnt even think about it until a few years later realised that was what menapause was. Dont think my mother had problems either, although in those days it wasnt talked about. I am blessed.

    • Menopause was not a problem for me however I did lose my left ovary in my 30s and have had no reason to need further surgery. I have however had pollops removed from time to time and believe in regular check ups with both pap smears and ultrasound examinations because, as they say, ovarian cancer is the silent illness and by the time it has symptoms, it can be too late to cure. Good luck to Angelina and the course she has taken especially given her family history.

    • Went into Menopause at age 49..after having a complete hysterectomy due to huge fibroids..I decided to have my ovaries removed also to safe guard against possible ovarian cancer.
      Sorry I did that! ..flushes, fatigue, headaches, hair thinning, anxiety etc were not pleasent!
      Went onto Bio Identical HRT for awhile prescribed by a GP who believes in them.
      They were very helpful.
      However (due to the high cost of the Bio Identical HRT) 14 years on I am still on HRT..Premarin. Have had breaks from HRT, however still flushes etc return.
      Clearly Menopause effects us all differently.

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