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As many would know, the NBN – National Broadband Network – is being rolled out across Australia so everyone can have access to high speed internet. The NBN fibre optic cable is replacing the Telstra copper wiring and more and more houses are making the switch to the new network. But could you be about to be cut off and not realise?

On Monday, there will be several suburbs across Australia that will be disconnected from the Telstra copper network, meaning all residents affected need to switch immediately to the NBN or you will have no internet or phone. It may also affect emergency and medical systems in your home.

Much like the roll out of digital TV and the subsequent cancelling of analog, some in the community who didn’t realise could be left behind, though NBNco have said they have door knocked and sent letters around suburbs to inform residents of the impending changes.

On Friday, around 2150 premises in Redbank Plains and 1300 in Zillmere, QLD, were changed to the NBN and the NBNco are urging remaining residents and businesses to place their order with their internet service provider so they can keep their phone and internet running.

Construction has will begin in 48 WA suburbs and towns by mid 2016, including areas of Cannington, Doubleview, Kelmscott, Rockingham, Dunsborough, Bunbury, Busselton and Armadale.

NBN services have now become available in Blacktown, Homebush, Lidcombe, Riverstone and Windsor, from March 20.

There’s no rhythm or method to what suburb goes next, but the NBN will connect to other suburbs with the service and go from there.

NBN spokesperson Peter Gurney said this about the transition:

“These homes and businesses will join more than 100,000 premises nationwide to make the transition to the NBN since the beginning of 2015 – the largest number to make the switch to date.

“The move to the NBN is not automatic. The remaining residents and businesses in the area need to place an order to move their landline phone and internet services over to the NBN if they wish to continue using them. They have a choice whether to switch across or to make do with mobile solutions.

“We are committed to ensuring no one gets left behind and are particularly urging people with special equipment including EFTPOS terminals, and medical and security alarms which operate using a landline phone connection to contact their preferred phone company and internet service provider immediately”.

You can find out whether you are eligible to connect to the NBN as well as more information about the areas scheduled to complete the transition to the NBN here.

Tell us today, do you have the NBN in your suburb? What’s it like? 

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  1. what a disgrace, they are forcing people to go with Telstra. Turnbull has ruined the NBN, under the ALP it was done with fibre and much faster. I have ADSL2, I am with TPG and DO NOT want to change to Telstra. I would have gone with Labors NBN but I do not want to go with this inferior version..

    15 REPLY
    • Not forced on to Telstra but certainly forced on to a more expensive solution regardless of who the provider is.
      The whole point of the NBN has been ruined.

    • I didn’t think you had to either, NOW. I know my friends in Gosford all had the chance to get it before the election, & not one took it up, they all were with Optus , all inclusive and the monthly bill was about $40 more.

    • I can’t wait for it, but as I live in a very safe Liberal seat, surrounded by safe Liberal seats our area was never on the map, Labor preferred marginal seats for votes, I do believe TPG have come on board and we were with them and were very happy, pricewise, Our area isn’t even on the list yet as I think they followed Labor schedule. But I can assure you under Labor’s plan I would not have had the same “,unlimited “at a reasonable price as is available now. BUT as Labor never replied to any of my emails ,don’t know the story. Don’t know anyone who has it.

    • Libbi Elliot You my be wealthy, but many have to watch their budget. My quote for NBN before election , was over $160.00 for reduced usage,

    • dawn Bruce whilst I appreciate what your saying, I don’t want you just to talk to me all day..share yourself around to others….I live a safe Labor seat, has been Labor held since 1910 and no I am not rich it is far cheaper to go with TPG 🙂 some of us are bright enough to ring around and ask.. I pay $79 a month for unlimited ADSL2, it is very fast, my phone rental and free local calls are included in that price

    • I refuse to go with Telstra. And as Libbi says, most people have the intelligence to ring around and find the best deal. I am. A labor voter but live in a safe liberal area. However, the libs haven’t even bothered to mention our area for conversion.
      Dawn Bruce. Don’t assume that someone is wealthy simply because they use their intelligence. You don’t have to be rich to be smart.

      1 REPLY
      • Some people have the “intelligence ” to go with the only company that covers their area properly – and that’s Telstra. Don’t call us unintelligent, thank you.

    • Libby We would never have seen it. When the Libs eventually took over, their ghosting stories were abhorrent. Money supposedly spent, was directed every where but the NBM project.

    • Cannot believe they are connecting up areas that already have broadband before securing it for areas that do not. My son lives 30 min from Brisbane City & has no broadband service. Has to use the mobile plug in. Very slow.

    • No one is forcing you to go with Telstra. Turnbull and the Libs had to go with the cheaper version because of Labor’s wasteful spending. The nation can’t afford the preferred version. I for one don’t want this NBN I’m quite satisfied with ADSL2.

    • TPG is the best I have only my broadband with them and Telstra my phone but I will change to TPG for both. I live in Melton Vic. and I am ready for the change.

    • Hi I have NBN and I am with TPG for my phone and Internet it’s been good it’s your choice you do not have to go with Telstra

  2. Just another thing the Liberals have destroyed, why pay all that money for an inferior version? the debt is now 5 times more than when the ALP was in power, they sure have not spent the money on Pensioners or the NBN…wonder if Turnbull has shares in Telstra?

    2 REPLY
    • Did you know we have to pay the debt labour by giving too much out to their voters not me that’s for sure. The nbn I didn’t vote for happy with my internet for years. Only hope it’s fast

    • What a load of rubbish you are talking Maureen Gosschalk….. The LNP version of the the NBN will be useless in another 25 years… They should stuck with optic fibre eve if it cost more first up as it will save money in the long run further down the track when all this copper stuff will need to be replaced yet again…

  3. Watch this space iff labor were in they messed it up from day one with scrap paper Conroy we will all be paying 4 it 4 a long thanks 2 labors wreckless waste

    4 REPLY
  4. more to the point how do they connect you do they need too get into your house ?.

    3 REPLY
    • They did with the ALP’S plan because they ran fibre to your home at no cost to the homeowner, but the Liberals replaced it with copper wire so I suppose you just ring and connect like you normally would..if you want fibre to your home it will now cost each home owner $5,000

    • yes they have to set up electrical wiring and connections to your phone line
      My daughter has just had nbn connected

  5. I think a lot of people have short memories with labors mess ups they did mmmm

    5 REPLY
    • Seems your memory is even shorter. In just over two years the LNP have more than tripled the debt with their wild spending sprees. Or perhaps you simply suffer from short term memory loss.

      But, if it keeps you happy, you keep blaming the past governments because there are past lib governments who have made severe balls ups of the economy as well.

    • Must be short memories of waste didn’t know they Lnp have been I over 2 years but labor can’t add up mmm

    • Look who’s talking it a friendly debate rude interfere who ever u r keep your sod remarks out ok

  6. I have known this for years, before election I did email every Labor Minister & received not one reply. I was concerned as I don’t own a mobile phone, and you needed then to get a big box put in where your phone was situated AND pay extra. I wanted to know how much extra that would cost . Many people who had NBN installed by then had no phone as it wasn’t explained to them. It was big on 2gb radio. It is a lot cheaper now, than it was 2 years ago.

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