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Whether you are still working or happily retired, it’s great to come home, open up a bottle of wine and enjoy the view from your back deck with a glass of sauvignon blanc or whatever your favourite tipple is. The only drawback is that a bottle is often too much and putting it back in the fridge doesn’t always happen, for one reason or another.

Well, the problem has now been solved, courtesy of a new Australian website dedicated to the humble half bottle.

While there may have been the odd half bottle and piccolos (200ml) available at bottle shops in Australia before, is the first website devoted to the half bottle, and the good news is they can courier anywhere in Australia.

The staff at the Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop in Sydney came up with the idea.

“Sick and tired of a poor selection of wine and champagne half bottles?” they wrote in introducing the new website.

“Bellevue Hill Bottle Shop are too, so we decided to fix it by creating this half bottle dedicated site!”

Staff say the idea has been an immediate hit with the wine-buying public.

And why not? Sometimes a bottle is just too much and like-wise, a piccolo can be too little – one sip and it’s gone. is already stocking a good cross-section of wine, including red and white, rose, sparkling, champagne and fortifieds, wouldn’t it be great if more restaurants started stocking them too?

They are also inviting customers to let them know of any great half bottles they have encountered so they can add it to the list.


Do you think this is a good idea? Would you buy half bottles of wine? 

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  1. Only if they are half the price…anyway, who has left over cube it for you next session. Nothing better than a cold red.

  2. With good wine you can just reseal the unused half of a full bottle. The trouble is that you might drink it instead of keeping it, so the half bottle is a good idea.

  3. I already have some half bottles and put left over wine in them . Seal up tight and you would not notice any difference.

  4. It is my understanding that once you open a bottle of white wine you should drink it in 2 days. So from my point of view a half bottle would be perfect.

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    • Wow Helen I did not know that. I keep my bottles for longer than 2 days. I have not noticed any deterioration. I will keep a close watch to see if I notice any difference.

  5. Years ago we always had 1/2 bottles, we stocked these in our restaurant, then they seemed to not be stocked at the suppliers.

  6. If was still imbibing, nope, nope.

    Recork it and refrigerate remembering to let it settle back to “room” temperature. B|

  7. I must be a little unusual as wine is enjoyed on a daily basis. An open bottle is always consumed the following day. Wines will keep refrigerated for several days without degradation. There are caps available for corked bottles as well as bubblies if you wish to keep the half bottle till another day.

    PS Is there such a thing as too much wine?

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