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Remember when you used to ‘let your fingers do the walking’ through the phone directory that was delivered to your door? With the evolution of the internet there is very little you can’t find through a simple search these days, but despite this Sensis — the company that prints the Yellow and White Pages directories — insists you’ll still get your copy.

The once-mighty directories continue to be dropped on doorsteps and front lawns around Australia and Sensis says that even though our fingers are walking towards Google the books will be delivered for at least another decade. Especially while there is still demand for the product, and while it continues to generate some lucrative ad revenue.

“There’s still quite a strong audience,” group manager of distribution Stephen Harvey told Fairfax Media.

“It’s probably stronger in regional centres and towns than cities but there’s a solid audience across the country of people that still like to use printed directories.”

As with all things modern technology, Starts at 60 found a number of disgruntled phone book recipients on Twitter.

Research has found that in metropolitan cities around 50 per cent of people still used the hard copies, and just like Harvey says that audience is much stronger in regional centres.

But before you voice your concern about the impact all this seemingly wasted printing is having on the environment, Sensis confirms that more than 96 per cent of the paper in the directories is made up of recycled material.

Do you still use the hard copy Yellow and White Pages? Is printing of the directory a huge waste?

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  1. Yes we still have them in Brisbane BUT they have reduced the size of them so much that the print is hardly readable! On the odd occasion that I have to use the book I have to get my magnifying glass out, even with my glasses on!!

  2. Huh?
    “the impact all this seemingly wasted printing is having on the environment,”
    What impact??????????????

  3. I still use the book from time to time, especially when the laptop is running slow! However, the latest ones are almost impossible to read because the print is so small. If the phone book suppliers want us to keep using them then they’d better make them at least readable! Love the Lort Smith Animal Hospital cover on the Melbourne one.

  4. My ITablet is offline 85% of the time, due I’m in poor reception location.
    So I’m pleased Telephone Books are going to be around for awhile!

    Faster to look up than keep re-booting my ITablet!

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