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We don’t often delve into astrology here on Starts at 60 but even the most sceptical person in the office (okay, even the second-most sceptical person in the office) agreed we should let you know about an astrological event that could make your life hell.

Starting today, the planet Mercury is retrograde, a phenomenon associated with setbacks, delays and misunderstandings. Trains running late, road rage, bad customer service: while all these things are a part of life, according to astrologers they’re more likely to occur during Mercury retrograde.

Still with us? Great! In a moment, we’ll tell you how to make the most of the next few weeks until Mercury speeds up again on June 11. But first, some things to watch out for.

Back up your computer and be vigilant about saving important files and documents. Mercury retrograde simply loves to send your computer on the blink, according to astrologer Molly Hall.

During this time, be wary of making plans or finalising deals. Where possible, delay signing contracts or paying for holidays, as these events could be sabotaged by the planets and need to be revised once Mercury is heading in the right direction.

And when it comes to relationships, consider letting a few things slide: loved ones are likely to get right under your skin over the next few weeks. Instead of letting them push your buttons, grit your teeth and walk away.

Ready for the good news?

Mercury retrograde, which happens three or four times a year, is a time for slowing down, taking stock and recalibrating your priorities. Something from the past may come to the fore, be it a person, an idea or an ambition. Question why this has recurred; is it something that needs to be addressed so you can move forward?

Mercury retrograde can be a productive, clarifying time, but it is also characterised by frustration. Remember that when your computer crashes this week, and look for opportunities to do something else!

According to astrologer Elizabeth Peru, 2015 is a year for action. Which goals can you move forward on with daily positive steps?


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  1. No, have been told about this a few times, everybody seems to be going through some sort of chaos just lately.

  2. So, anything negative in the next little while we blame on retrograde Mercury? That must mean nothing negative EVER happens the rest of the time, right? (When did Mercury learn about computers…)

  3. Sorry, I don’t believe in all this rubbish! The fact is Mercury’s position in it’s movement around the sun, in relation to our own, simply makes it LOOK as if it is orbiting in the opposite direction. This is not true, but merely a trick of observation, so nothing bad is going to happen, even if you believe in that sort of nonsense!

  4. This is garbage. I filled in a free thing which was offered on Facebook. It said something major was going to happen in April. She then went on to say she would give me a full hearing if I paid so much money. She kept bugging through Feb March and April reducing the fee all the time. April has come and gone. Nothing happened. Maybe it will happen next year. Haha

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