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Proving that age can be just a number, America’s oldest teacher Agnes Zhelesnik celebrated her 102nd birthday last week!

Agnes is known as “Granny” to her students, and she still teaches today. Even more remarkably, Agnes didn’t begin teaching until the age of 82.

Her teaching speciality is home economics because she believes these skills will stay with students forever.

“This is something that they’re going to use for the rest of their lives. They’re not going to have it just for today. You’ll be surprised how they are going to remember it when they get older”, Agnes said.

Agnes said the students motivate her to stay active in classrooms: “It’s the children. It’s a great life watching children grow up”.

“Helping kids is what I like to do… What else is there in life? Children make the whole world”.

Happy Birthday Agnes! Isn’t it great that students can learn from the wisdom of an older teacher? Share your thoughts below.

America’s oldest teacher turned 102-years-old this week. Agnes Zhelesnik, who still actively teaches is the oldest…

Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, January 17, 2016

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  1. Wow!! My grade 1 teacher, Mrs Monday also taught my children.😃

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    • Mrs Monday probably wished she didn’t have my son to teach,for almost a year she had to take his hand and gently take him to the classroom crying his eyes out. It was heartbreaking for this mummy.

  2. Absolutely inspirational ! Keeping your brain stimulated as we get older is so important to maintaining the full potential of brain function. … Gee, if I get to 102 I hope to be as active and youthful-looking as Agnes !

  3. My plan of 70 years might be cutting it too short! Anita Taras Michelle Coe Rachel Wilson Adele Cosgrove Deb Skocir Odette Roach

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    • Hey Sue, let’s see if we can break the record for oldest teacher with the oldest LSO! Race you to the photocopier!! No cheating with that Zimmerframe♿️

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