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Our backyards are a place of serenity, if we’re lucky enough to have them. Some of us having sprawling acres and some have a modest yard with some plants and a Hills Hoist. But have you ever looked at your yard as a way to make money?

Apparently, some people in Australia have and they’re more than happy to let travellers camp out on their lawn! The idea is that if you have a garden you don’t mind sparing, you can advertise it as a sort of camp online.

A camper in Sydney spoke to SMH last week and said she was paying $30 a night for a view of Darling Harbour and prefers it to a hotel. Ms Boutard said borrowing a stranger’s backyard was beneficial to both her and the land owner, plus tourists can stay in less “touristy places”.

“Every backpacker wants freedom, and to occasionally have a break from crowded group hotel rooms. And this way, I can stay among locals who tell me where is best to go”, she told SMH.

But what about councils? Well, we’re glad you asked. According to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, caravan sites or camping grounds need to be approved by your local council. It looks to be a simple process as most sites could be approved if there were no more than two tents on the land for 60 days or fewer a year.

Tell us today, would you let someone camp in your backyard for cash?

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  1. Can you imagine when the government finds out. Your going to need insurance, declare the income to centrelink, and pay tax on it.

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  2. Yes we belong to couch surfers and we have mainly young guys travelling around NZ looking for a bed or a backyard to pitch a tent awesome company. Some have difficulty with English and that is the fun thing

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    • It is a cheap way of getting overseas accommadation when they are on their OE ‘s ,for the kids and young adults when you sign up to the site they vet you if you have a criminal past they won’t accept you, or if they are dicey about you they won’t accept you as a member. They have a site for older people as well.

  3. My son bought a caravan and parked it in my back yard, he was living in it. I own my house, but someone rang the council and we got a warning that he couldn’t reside in the caravan, but he could sleep in it three days in a row every 28 days. I thought I would be ok as I own the house and land. It is to do with bylaws for caravans and camping.

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    • You may think you own the land, but this is not strictly true. The Federal Govt can even put a telecommunications tower in your back garden if they so wish. I found this out while canvassing not to have a higher Tower than we already had, which was close to a school.

  4. Can’t imagine anyone wanting to meet up with the local wildlife in my yard. Red-bellied blacks and browns just to mention a couple!!!

  5. Nope. Not interested u. Strangers wandering in and out. Sorry. The days of trusting strangers has left me

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    • I agree with you Diane. I would have to know someone well before I let them stay.

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