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Senior entrepreneurship is highly prevalent and growing quickly in Australia (approximately 34% of all new businesses). People over 50 are more capable of starting and managing a business than their younger counterparts and have a greater chance of success.

If you are thinking of leaving your job here are eight good reasons to consider going into business and starting your own micro-enterprise.


  1. It gives you freedom

As the sole operator in your own business you are free to work on what you want. So you become the master of your own destiny.


  1. You have a competitive advantage

Small businesses are far more flexible and responsive, so they have a competitive advantage in rapidly changing marketplaces. In addition to this, people over 50 have more developed networks, substantial industry/business experience, superior technical and managerial skills and, most often, a stronger financial position than their younger counterparts.


  1. You can choose who you work with

In your own business you have complete control over who you have as partners, customers and supplier. So perhaps for the first time in your life, you will be able to surround yourself with people you like, trust and respect.


  1. The mobile internet makes it possible, without a huge investment

It is now possible to set a business up and operate it out of a laptop. Virtually every possible resource needed: from ABN registration, logo design, accounting software, office assistance, customer support services, banking, legal —can be accessed on the net, often for free. So, you do not need to take out a loan, rent office space or invest in capital equipment and services.


  1. The risks are lower than staying in the workforce

As an employee you are only ever 4 weeks away from unemployment. As a person over 50 years old the prospect of this happening increases with every year, until you are forced to leave at the nominal retirement age of 65.

A modular approach to your business (which exploits all the affordances of the mobile internet) will allow you to bootstrap your way towards a bigger enterprise. This seriously reduces the risk of going into business. It allows you to pull back or exit from unrewarding pathways and to avoid locking into unwise or long term arrangements.


  1. You can’t afford not to

Most people find that their superannuation savings are not adequate to support them into very old age.


  1. You are entering a greenfield of opportunities

A global landscape is opening up in all fields of human endeavour. Now an individual can contribute to these just as effectively as a group or a large organization. Where before we had to join forces through employment contracts, now we are joined through the internet and our imaginations.


  1. It is a great legacy

We all want to leave a legacy, or at least feel we have given it our best shot. You have knowledge that the world needs and which will be lost unless you invest it in your own enterprise.


If you would really love to start your micro-enterprise but still feel that this is a ‘bridge too far’ — join us at the SeniorPreneurs Foundation and hear from your peers. We offer workshops, MeetUps, collaboration opportunities, workspaces, and a safe environment to test the water.


Good luck. Power on!


Author Dr Joanne Sullivan

Business Mobilization Specialist

PhD (Mobile Information Systems) University of Melbourne; MDesign RMIT


SeniorPreneurs Foundation

SeniorPreneurs Foundation is a group of like-minded individuals looking to start, expand or change their own business. SeniorPreneurs Foundation is a Not For Profit organisation with a vision and sole purpose to empower senior entrepreneurs to succeed. Driving a program to help people, 50 and over, become independent by building their own business. Creating frameworks, education programs and workshop that foster collaboration, financial knowhow and innovative commercial development path, for success.

  1. That’s all very well in theory but doing what? I have thought and thought about this in the past and there is simply nothing I can think of. Plus of course it costs money to start a business.

    2 REPLY
    • My answer to this one is —— if a group of people nearby were having a conversation which you could hear – what would they be talking about to make you really want to join in – and that’s it, that’s your passion!

      1 REPLY
      • I dear Jenny Riegels, sorry I don’t know who are you, but looks like is your know the answers, what business you have ?

  2. Starting bussines sounds easy but there are a lot off hidden objects so be aware lm not trying to put you off but take care ,,,,,i wish u all well… ive been there .. do your homework

  3. I failed to mension the most importent one is the TAX MAN if you make a mistake they will ping you big time and if complain they say,,,,,,ignorince is no exscuse,,, get good accountant…..

  4. I know by fact, in the first 3 years 75% of small business go under, lucky if not going deep debt . Very suspicious this article to me , who is behind it, WHO IS MAKING MONEY if poor oldies loosing they life savings, loosing they super, loosing hope.

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