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It’s not looking great for the once top supermarket chain, but Woolworths swears they have a sure-fire plan to get us back in their doors.

Yesterday we reported that Woolies had posted a significant loss for the year and was in turmoil, and today, their newly appointed chairman has revealed how he thinks the suffering grocery stores will get our money again: it’s bye bye Birdie.

Yep, they’ve conceded that the Cheap Cheap birds aren’t working and will find another campaign to draw in those who have grown sick of the giant’s problems.

Woolworths suffered a 12.5 per cent slump in its full-year net profit to $2.15 billion, its first annual net profit drop in 19 years.

Woolworths’ managing director, Australian food and liquor, Brad Banducci said, “We understand the perception gap with Aldi, but it is a perception gap, it’s not a price gap and we continue to work on that,” Mr Banducci said.

“We needed to be in a position where customers could do an equal shop in our store as in Aldi.

“Our home brand is on average lower than Aldi but the challenge we have is that the customer is not necessarily seeing home brand

as equal to an Aldi brand”. Would you say that’s true?

Incoming Woolworths chairman Gordon Cairns said the company can return to its glory days as one of the best-performing businesses in the world, and, “This is the dream job in Australia if you are non-executive ­director,” Mr Cairns told The Weekend Australian.

“Here is my ‘going in’ assumption: the board of Woolworths will operate in the appropriate way. They will ask the tough and searching questions; they will use data to actually arrive at a conclusion and once we have arrived at that conclusion we will be as one,” Mr Cairns said.


According to Business Insider, the gap between Woolworths and Coles is at its widest since Wesfarmers took control of Coles in 2008 – Coles has beaten Woolworths for six straight years.

Earnings for the business, including liquor and petrol, rose only 2.1 per cent to $3.44bn.

“We are making good progress but it will take time. We are entirely focused on getting our customers to put us first. We are the agents for our customers, that is our focus, and we can see some pleasing early results in customer feedback to us,” Mr Banducci said.

“Woolworths is evolving and innovating to meet these challenges”.

Essentially, Woolies want to stop all of us trickling off to consistent Aldi. But can they really do it?


Tell us your thoughts today: do you think it’s enough? Will you go back to Woolies?




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  1. Need to change all their staffs attitude so rude always talking about their private life don’t concentrate on the customers at hand never willing to help customers always seems a burden when something not on shelf & you ask to check and I have spoken to many who feel the same need to see who Coles and also staff are and most staff look shabby and stores look dirty no not a good start

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    • I do not know where you shop but if this is how you feel you should talk to the store manager. I shop at the Market Place in Shepparton and I never feel like that but we do always go late in the evening so know most of the staff. Went to Aldi and Coles but no I like my Woolies store and most of the girls/boys know me by sight if not name

  2. I’ve had enough of their lies, shit service and old fruit, Good riddance I say.

  3. Making a loss in spite of not paying a fair price to the producers and ripping off the public at the same time.I smell overpaid executives ..

  4. Have all Australian products ( that’s if there is any left to fill a supermarket ) ??

  5. They make a big deal about dropping the price on one item but sneak up the price of many other items, the staff are usually rude and have no idea or training on how to pack bags, they think it’s ok to put milk on top of bread and if you ask them to move it they get Agro. Many of the items they used to carry have now been replaced by their brands so I have to go the Coles to get a full shop done. No new symbol to replace cheap cheap birds will solve any of that or lift my current opinion of them.

  6. Stop chasing profits and put customers first. Stop all the crazy gimmicky jingles, or stick with one for more than 5mins!

  7. Woolworths need to train their staff as some are not familiar with certain transactions. Also staff morale is very low. Needs a lot of improving.

  8. When they have specials start on Wednesday and there aren’t any available on Thursday and the staff aren’t sure if any more are coming in. They are wondering why people are leaving and going to Coles.

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    • I totally agree, my pension comes in on Thursday and so often the special’s aren’t there.

  9. Aldi prices are the same in every Aldi store…. Woolies has different prices in all their stores…. The cheaper woollies are in the town where there is also an Aldi…won’t shop at neither woollies or Coles, they do not look after their staff, do not look after the farmers, and only care about customers when the profits are down…..

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