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boychoir-dvdBoychoir is the inspirational story of a troubled eleven-year-old orphan (Garrett Wareing) who finds his voice – and overcomes the darkness in his life – through beautiful music.

Dustin Hoffman shines as brightly and compellingly as ever as the jaded and gruff choir master, who finds new purpose and passion in his new pupil.

With a talented supporting cast (including Kathy Bates and Eddie Izzard) and some absolutely sublime singing, this is a moving film the whole family can enjoy.

Thanks to Becker Film Group, we have 10 copies of Boychoir on DVD to give away to Starts at 60 readers.


Simply fill out the form below and tell us in 25 words or less: what’s your happiest musical memory?



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  1. Mine is a musical theatre show: Doctor Zhivago – The Musical. Brilliant score by Lucy Simon (sister of Carly Simon of ‘You’re So Vain” fame), exquisite lyrics by Amy Powers and Michael Korie.
    Most stirring and poignant musical I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing – and I’ve seen hundreds in my time. I was so enamoured, I saw it four times in Brisbane and then flew to NYC for opening night on Broadway in April this year. I loved it so much I wrote a series of published novels based around musical theatre and concluding at the Brisbane premiere. And with the very gracious permission of the creative team, lyrics from one of the songs now grace the final page. Would see it again in a heartbeat.
    Thank goodness the sound track is available online so others can now be mesmerised in a similar fashion to me.

  2. Seeing Hair at the Kings Cross Metro theatre enveloped in sound and sitting in the 2nd row. Cast members grabbed some of us out of the audience to dance on stage. Marcia Hines was Mary Magdalen & I was 16. So cool!! Rolling Stones at Randwick Racecourse. Geoff in his wheelchair said hang on. We ended up in what is now the mosh pit. Brilliant. The Bee Gees, also in Sydney. Who can pick a favourite ?? I saw this movie Boy choir. Fantastic. He is brilliant and angelic music

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