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A lot of fascinating information has come out in the wake of Tony Abbott’s loss of leadership. We learned the real reason he knighted Prince Philip. And in his farewell speech, we learned how he chooses to view his legacy as a leader.

But one thing that remained unclear until now: does he still have a career in politics?

Abbott has finally revealed that he does, indeed, intended to continue on in Federal Parliament, most likely as a backbencher.

According to The New Daily, he is doing this for the good of the Liberal party; to leave would mean a by-election in his Sydney seat of Warringah.

“My intention is to remain in the Parliament,” Mr Abbott said.

“It’s been a tumultuous week and I now intend to spend some time with my family to think about the future”.

Mr Abbott has also been spending much of this time fielding calls from leaders around the world, including Barack Obama, John Key and David Cameron.

Meanwhile, ABC reports that those loyal to Abbott are now working hard to build a relationship with their new Prime Minister.

With Turnbull likely to announce a new cabinet next week, and many currently-prominent ministers facing possible demotion,

“I think he will weld the team in a way which will really make us very competitive”, said Trade Minister Andrew Robb.

According to Mr Robb, everybody in the Coalition party room is “putting their other ambitions aside” to push on.

He said the party felt they had “a very significant opportunity to keep going, keep presenting good government and be very competitive coming into the next election”.

Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells shared similar sentiments. ”I cannot see any rancour, I cannot see any destabilisation, and I don’t think that that’s going to happen”.

How do you feel about Tony Abbott staying on in parliament? What do you think is going through his mind these days?

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  1. I can’t imagine Abbot will like sitting on the back bench, watching Turnbull dealing with Abbott’s policies and getting the glory, they have changed the leader but the Policies are still the same

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    • He saved this country. Are you completely naive?

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      • How did he save this country John . In your eyes he might of, but in every one else eyes he saved nothing, only ran up a bigger debt .

    • Why do men think it’s ok to make the above comment ?
      ARE YOU COMPLETELY NAIVE ? Just outline your point John. Don’t talk down.

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      • John would you must be bonkers. I’ve been watching Prime Minister’s for about 60 years and he is the worst one we’ve ever had.

    • Good grief John Wood and what do you think he saved us from? the economy is in a mess, we have 800,00 unemployed with no hope of employment, he even drove the $ down

    • Yes Libbi Elliot, Christine Jeffress, Leanna Stephenson and many others you are correct -“he saved us from what?” Rather he put us on the world stage, he as the ringleader and his party the clowns making us the entertainers jump through hoops trying to get s grasp on how the elderly could survive on pensions; the self funded stretch their retirement super, the jobkess find work and the homeless find shelter. He did a great job and some of us both women and men are supposed to feel sorry that he entered politics and stuffed up as PM and then walks away with a massive pension like the rest of the politicians? I think not! Irrespective of what party you belong too your benefits are massive and yes it is true they give up a lot but by hell they are well rewarded and remember it is their choice to enter politics as it is mine and many others not too undertake such work. Really some have made comments that dont hold creedence – we all have a choice to pursue a career or undertake work we think will fulfill our lives and provide us with an income BUT it is our choice. Tired of hearing how much time is spent away from families; how hard they work, yes true that might be, but what about Doctors nurses everyday shift workers and the armed service personnel to name but a few. Some perspective might be an idea.

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      • Exactly. He should stay till the next election to save the cost of a by election, then go away and I hope I never hear of him again.

    • We have an epidemic with suicides nationally…currently 200 lives per month are lost to suicide…The suicide rate is much higher than our national road toll..abbots answer ,was to continue to cut funding to mental health …this system is so broken……We have an epidemic in Domestic Violence….abbots answer to this…..cut funding….here in Queensland,Premier is putting in 140 recommendations by Dame Quiton Bryce,and passing new laws in Queensland for perpetrators…We now have the first court in Australia ,on gold Coast ,which opened 2 weeks ago to hear domestic abuse cases…in the first day,the court heard 70 cases….more funds given to crisis phone centres ,with a promise by our Premier to give whatever funds needed to help stem this violence…Calls to Centres,which in the past would go unanswered,have doubled from 200 per day to 400,from women everywhere fearing for their life……..Yes,so so happy Newman(Liberal) is gone,and I so sing this woman’s praises (Labor)…….She is listening and helping her people ,which is what all good pollies do……

    • abbot never did,and created his own demise…the only people that back him are the rich,who only ever want to look after themselves..he was a Narcissistic ruler,who believed his own voice!!!……The way people talk about abbot in the negative is a reflection on how he treated the people of ausralia,as objects,not as humans……

    • Well said Sharyn Parsons Hart and what a wonderful thing your Premier has done. A pity others in like positions or with influence do not push for the same. It’s alright to tell us the everyday person, worker or retiree to tighten their belts; to find jobs that pay well and be prepared to work until 70 and then cut funding that is imperative to the sanctity and safety of the vulnerable; to withdraw funding for education, medical research, the homeless those at risk from Domestic Violence and cut jobs BUT increase their pensions and benefits. Yes the former PM certainly will go done in history as a man of his word a man of the people and for the people -I think not. He did as many have done promised much but gave nought and took from. Job well done and blames all but himself for his ousting, the latest being the Queen for his knighting of Prince Phillip – oh dear what next!!!
      Let’s hope there will be some semblance of sense and sensibility in this government now – time to work cohesively and pull together – both parties, greens and independents.

  2. So he gets over $300,00 a year when he retires and still gets a wage? We as older Australians and the women and gay community of this country get nothing!!

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    • Constantine Katsaros you don’t have to be PM to see injustice, Abbott is receiving that money for being a terrible PM for the rest of his life for only 2 years service or lack of service to this country, and then they call pensioners leaners !!!!

    • I think Abbott would still have got that amount without having been PM, due to the length of time he’s been in politics. All long term politicians get generous pensions. The ones who came along more recently (maybe around 2004), don’t get nearly as much. Once the more senior career pollies go, we will see an end to that gravy train.

    • Turnbull and Bishop really knifed Abbott well if they left it a few days later , Abbott would have cost this country more, he would have retired on a PM’s salary a much higher amount than $300,00. it was revenge well planned and exicuted

    • Why is this got to be all about what a pm received after they are ousted .dont U stop and think about not only ABBOTT has been a terrible PM

    • Michaele Dionysius you wake up and smell the roses , all these ex PM’S are costing this country million per year, and they want to cut the small CPI rise for pensioners? and we should all say sure that is fine ? doesn’t work like that. We can see taxpayers money being squandered while they begrudge us a few bucks a week

    • It’s to do with length of service. There’s no performance condition attached to any politician’s pension!

    • Sue Erlangsen who are you kidding? POLITICIANS take care of their own pay rise and the last one they gave themselves was around a HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS PER ANNUM. They will always believe it is their ENTITLEMENT, they will always continue to increase their lurks and perks. ITS WHAT THEY DO.

    • Why didnt you whinge about other PM s that are receiving pensions and in many people’s eyes were a lot worse than him . He worked in politics for 21 years . There are a lot of shit workers who get pensions in other fields of life. It’s all about the job and the length of service not about performance

    • Trish, that’s a different issue. Their pensions once they leave are not nearly as generous as they used to be. I didn’t say anything about what they pay themselves while they are still in office. There’s more than one gravy train in parliament.

    • Sue Erlangsen unless I am wrong and need glasses, this is Frans well writtn post not yours. Stop monopolizing it

    • Thank you David. Perhaps you can explain to me the rules of how I may or may not contribute to a discussion, since I have clearly missed that memo.

    • Sue you are kidding yourself if you think it is acceptable for them to continue for the rest of their LIVES to be getting those ridiculous PENSIONS PAID OUT OF TAXPAYER FUNDS, POLITICIANS like all Australians should be responsible for their own lifestyle when they finish in Politics, IT’S CALLED SUPER and they should fund it themselves!

    • People talk about $$$$$$ … If people put in the HARD YARDS with no pay for years of their lives studying…they too can expect $$$, Blame ourselves NOT doctors, lawyers , pollies etc…..

    • Public outrage drives change and Abbott and This Liberal Government have pushed all the buttons for us to be outraged, but don’t plan on driving to the next protest because “The poor don’t drive cars ” according to Hockey 🙂

    • Your right Shirley it will never happen, I feel very sorry for our kids and Grandchildren having to pay for POLITICIANS and their lifestyle. Well said Libbi, I guess I better start walking to meet my daughter today as it is a very very long walk and as I don’t walk to well these days she may still have to come and pick me up.

    • They shouldn’t get a pension for the rest of their life, I pay into my super and when I retire in 5 years I don’t get a lot off pension. I’m lucky that my wage is$30.000 a year. I Gould do a lot with $300.000

    • They should also have to wait till they are seventy to claim their pension. Isn’t that what we have to do. Fair is fair. That won’t happen either.

    • Do you even think they need a pension ? They’ve got enough money to support themselves . What about people living on the street?

    • Yes Nicole it would be lovely, I guess we should be GRATEFUL that MR ABBOTT HAS BEEN SO GENEROUS TO GIVE US PENSIONERS a $5 a fortnight increase in our PENSIONS, but as our POLITICIANS NEED IT MORE THAN THE PENSIONERS, I’m going to donate mine to them so they can get by.

    • Why shouldn’t he? I am an older Australian too, only I chose to work every day of my working life, saved, paid off a house, when interest rates when to 18%, looked after myself and my family, no Government Handouts, no dole..didn’t expect it, in fact it was beneath me to even think about..my how times have changed…be grateful for what you receive as a benefit of any type cause I fear one day there will be none! I am so over the poor pensioners (and I are one of them now after working for 50 years) and the single Mums and the parenting payments and the dole…get of your bums and help yourself by doing something…ANYTHING…like people used to do!

  3. I’m neither pleased nor disappointed. He’s still an elected MP and entitled to stay or go. His decision at the moment; his electorate’s decision if he stands again. That’s how the system works – emotion has nothing to do with it.

  4. Sheer bliss not having to see Abbotts face on tv again

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  5. Who cares if he stays. He had his chance and he blew it. His problem only his. Does anyone miss him, well probably not. We don’t.!

  6. I hope not, & he would distabalise parliament. One of his faceless ‘bosses’ will give him a job.

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