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The owner of the land in western Zimbabwe, where Cecil the lion was killed, has appeared in court on charges of allowing an illegal hunt. The landowner was arrested in August following the killing of Cecil last month by Walter Palmer, an American dentist, who armed with a bow and arrow, paid $US55,000 to shoot a lion.

Zimbabwe introduced strict hunting restrictions earlier this month in the wake of the killing, but lifted most of the last week, effectively changing nothing.

The news comes as Palmer reopened his Minnesota dental clinic after global condemnation of his killing of Cecil the lion.

The hunt provoked worldwide outrage when it emerged Cecil was a favourite attraction among visitors to Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park and was wearing a tracking collar as part of an Oxford University research project.

He was reportedly lured with bait from the safety of the park on to the neighbouring Antoinette Farm.

Zimbabwe has asked the United States to extradite Palmer to face charges over the hunt.

Palmer’s dental surgery was open for business again on Monday, although Palmer himself wasn’t there. Staff said in a statement: “Today, River Bluff Dental employees and dentists are beginning to serve our loyal patients. Dr Palmer is not on site. Our employees have no comment”.

Palmer’s guide on the expedition, Zimbabwean Theo Bronkhorst, appeared in court last month and was granted $US1000 bail pending his trial on September 28 on charges of organising an illegal hunt.

Honest Ndlovu, the man who owns Antoinette Farm, was not asked to plead when he appeared before the magistrate’s court in the resort town of Hwange on Tuesday. The Magistrate adjourned the session after a brief hearing, granting Ndlovu $US200 ($270) bail.


Is it fair that the man who owns the farm where Cecil was shot faces charges, while the man who actually killed Cecil returns to the US with no charges to answer? 

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  1. No it is not fair at all, this dentist should not be charged, I think he should be jailed as a lesson to others not to hunt wild animals. The animals on this planet are dwindling, many have already become extinct and they belong to the world not only to the country they are in

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    • I agree – he should be jailed along with all involved – the fact that Cecil did not even die immediately is hard to comprehend the pain – let those responsible feel the pain he endured – these killings are so senseless

  2. I find the whole hunting of animals for trophy’s thing appalling, if your a farmer and have pests on your property, then I accept that you have a legitimate reason to try control them, I can also understand if you have no food and need to hunt to eat. But just to hunt and use the head as a trophy is barbaric, jail him

  3. I doubt very much that the dentist who murdered that lion won’t be looking into any open mouthed people the way he was use to ever again. Has he come out from hiding under his blankness yet?

  4. Both Guilty in my opinion, if they hadn’t been running this operation he wouldn’t have been able to do this despicable thing.

  5. The airlines are doing more than the authorities in trying to stop these deplorable trophy hunting grubs. I hope this dentist thing of a person is reminded of all the animals he’s hunted and killed every day of his miserable life. Karma is a wonderful thing and yes the owner of the land should be prosecuted too. His land, his responsibility. There should be a petition to the American Government to extradite this grub back for trial.

  6. This not fair for Cecil and the rest of the animals…. What an injustice! The fact he kills animals for fun and trophies should be regarded as cruelty and should be charged, I wonder if there was money involved that’s why he walks free?

  7. No, the dentist did the killing so he should be charged. He must have known this lion was protected! Or supposed to be, as someone said money talks.

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