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Most of us have warmly embraced shopping online in one form or another, which is hardly surprising – after all, you can do your shopping from the comfort of your own home, comparing dozens of products with just a few clicks.

But there’s one area we’re not yet ready to venture.

The latest findings from Ray Morgan Research show only three per cent of us are willing to hop online to do our grocery shopping, which is funny considering the same research found that less that half the Australian population (47.4 per cent) actually enjoys grocery shopping.


So why aren’t more of us shopping for groceries online?

Considering how much we hate actually going to the supermarket, what is it that stops the supermarket coming to us?

Is it because when you shop in person, you can easily compare prices of numerous different products and make sure you aren’t missing out on any bargains, whereas when you shop online you see only the products that someone decides to showcase in the virtual shop?

Perhaps it’s because personal selection plays a big part in buying vegetables, fruit and meat, and, when ordering online, you are giving up control over that, and handing it over to someone else?

Let’s talk: Have you tried buying your groceries online? What was your experience? And if you don’t, why not? 


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  1. No I prefer to choose my own. Asked Woollies if they deliver. No only if you shop online. If there is an item out of stock it is chosen for you and it may not be the one you need. Quite a few people I know have dropped out of online shopping.

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  2. After I had a total knee replacement I decided the easiest way to get my groceries was by ordering on line. The best thing ever. You order, you decide delivery time and the delivery person brings them in and puts them on the kitchen bench. It’s amazing. The quality of everything has been fantastic.

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    • Same here Jan, I have had 2 Knee replacements in 8 months and I decided I didn’t want to put people out so I tried shopping on-line and I have found to be mostly a fantastic service, I say mostly because I opted for no substitute’s which there have been times where I may have missed out on something, but that’s better than receiving a product you don’t like.its the best thing I have done because I don’t have to carry a thing which is better for me.

    • A driver told me if you choose to substitute they always give you a good deal at the same price as the one you chose. There are a couple of things I don’t want substituted such as my brand of coffee, so I just untick substitute for those particular things.

  3. I like to do my own grocery shopping. It does not take long and I don’t have a lot. Usually 4 shopping bags. I like to look for bargains.

  4. My only experience is second hand and lots of mistakes were made. I would want too compare and see fruit and veg it is often not good and I do not wish too by for the bin.

  5. What’s new about online shopping, we had online shopping in the 1950’s, yes, the telephone line, you just phoned your order through to the local grocer and it was delivered to your kitchen within the hour.

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    • Go way back! As a child in the north in England in the late 40s and early 50s the same thing happened. Orders were phoned in and deliveries were made.

    • In the 60s in my small country town the local chinese grocer would come and collect the grocery lists as there were no phones. There were also few cars and they would deliver groceries next day.

    • I can go back to the 40s/50s anything you wanted could be delivered…free of charge part of the service,good old days miss them…

    • Yeah, and not forgetting the weekly visit by the fruit & vegie man, the smallgoods man and the daily deliveries of bread & milk.

  6. Thank goodness for on line shopping. I live on my own and have limited mobility and wouldn’t be able to exist without it. I do not drive and my family live far away. There is no bus service close to me and the nearest railway station involves a taxi ride. I have been buying my groceries on line for more than 6 years and have no complaints about it. The ordering process is so simple and the deliveries always arrive well within my chosen time frame.

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