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Most of us have some in our cupboards or tool box, but it’s time to whip out the duct tape and put it to good use. Did you know if has a multitude of uses? You can fix up things, sure, but it is also a great medium for crafts as it is durable and binds well to itself.

Here’s 14 of the best ways to use duct tape that you might not have realised.


1. Temporarily hem your pants

If you’ve bought a pair of pants but the length isn’t right, you can fake the hem with duct tape. The new hem will last through a few washes too.

2. Make a wallet/purse

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.40.57 am

Yep, you heard that right. Our editor Emma made this duct tape wallet and it’s surprisingly sturdy and attractive. Here’s how you can make it. 

3. Make a bandage 

Fold tissue paper or paper towel to cover the wound and cover with duct tape. It may not be attractive, but it works in a jam.

4. Make a bag

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.22.38 am

Duct tape is sturdy and comes in many different colours and patterns these days. Check out this tutorial for some guidelines.

5. Reinforce book binding

Duct tape is perfect for repairing a broken book binding. Using coloured tape, run it down the length of the spine and cut shorter pieces to run next to that if you need extra reinforcement.

6. Remove sticker residue

It’s a little ironic, but duct tape’s super-stickiness actually removes other stubborn, adhesive leftovers, and is especially helpful on glass, like a car window. Place a piece of duct tape over the offending spot, rub it a few times, and peel away.

7. Get rid of warts

To stop the spread and speed the healing process, apply duct tape over the wart and change it out every few days.

8. Wrap cords

This clever tutorial shows how you can wrap cords with just one piece of duct tape, but doesn’t allow any of the tacky adhesive to touch the cord itself.

9. Make your slippers waterproof

To make your slippers waterproof and therefore safe to wear on a quick trip outdoors, simply cover the bottoms with layers of duct tape.

10. Get rid of flies and mosquitos

If you’ve got a flying insect problem, tape five to ten pieces of duct tape to themselves (making a ring with the sticky side out), then hang them from the ceiling near any overhead lights. Flying insects will become stuck.

11. Reusable vacuum bag

If your disposable vacuum cleaner bag is full and you don’t have replacement on hand, remove the bag and cut a slit straight down the middle. Empty it then tape over with duct tape.

12. Remove lint on clothing

Wrap your hand with a length of duct tape, sticky side out. Then roll the sticky tape against your clothing in a rocking motion to get off hair and lint.

13. Open jars

If your have a stubborn jar lid, you can get it off easily with duct tape. Apply a strip firmly to the lid edge horizontally and then pull in the same direction you would twist.

14. Key rings

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 7.32.32 am

Duct tape makes great key rings! Get some colourful tape and follows these instructions.

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  1. Found another havexa pin hole in our kitchen tap andxwater squirts all over me bit of duct tape no more squirts

  2. Great ideas. You never know what you have in your cupboard is so useful at times, thanks for sharing.

  3. Duct tape is immensely over-rated, despite being used by some tradespeople. It has a relatively short life before it begins to unravel, especially in warm or hot areas, like the ceiling, where some duct installers use it in place of better methods.
    Try Gaffa tape. Once you use it, you’ll never use Duct tape again.
    It comes in different colours and brands, some way better than others. Once I tried Dick Smith branded, but it might have been a faulty batch, as it did not stick at all. 3M or US Gaffa (available from electronics stores) are some of the best.
    I use it everywhere, including on a garden hose that split. It survived many of the hottest summers Melbourne could present and never gave up. Also great for covering joins in wires, like low voltage in cars.
    Originally pitched at Stage Management Roadies to stick cables down onto often dusty floors during performances, the road crews still swear by it. I used it for decades in a Photographic Studio for a multitude of temporary or long-term quick-fixes.
    Highly recommended.

  4. Hard rubbish pick up we got a large kennel for our dog. Got it in the back seat but the car door could not shut. Duct tape all around the car kept the door ajar with out swinging free and got the kennel home for the dog.

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