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As baby boomers, we are used to being stereotyped. We see the ads on the TV for life insurance and funeral insurance. We know that society views us as old and crippled for the most part, and often times we feel invisible. The media has forgotten about us, our children think we’re fuddy duddies and even our TV doesn’t even care what we want to watch.

To anyone under 30, the term “baby boomer” is a foreign concept. Gen X and Y aren’t really sure why another generation needs to exist as they know everything.

So I went to Google to see how the world sees us and I was shocked by what I found.

When you type in the phrase “Baby boomers are…” these are the results:

  • selfish
  • the worst generation ever
  • narcissistic
  • annoying
  • awful
  • stupid

What about the phrase ‘Baby boomers should…”? The biggest result was:

  • die

And “Why do baby boomers…” came up with these top results:

  • hate millennials?
  • have hep c?
  • feel so entitled?
  • complain so much?

It’s sad to see that people are searching these terms and reinforcing tired stereotypes upon us. We are such a diverse generation and yes, some of us can be frail but the majority of baby boomers are active and loving life. We don’t hate millennials and we shouldn’t die. I believe we need to stand up and break out of the mould that our age group is put into constantly.

These Google searches just show the ignorance and lack of information surrounding baby boomers. I asked my nephew recently about how old he thought we should be when we die. He said anything older than 60 was pushing it and he was 10 years old. He gets this from the shows he watches and the other kids he speaks to. It makes me sad to think that over 60s are not treated with respect anymore and we are still pictured as withered old prunes in rocking chairs. 60 is not the end…it is just the beginning.


Tell us today, which is the biggest over 60s stereotype you’d like to break free of? Which of these Google searches shocked you the most? Who are baby boomers really? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Those comments seem to be the same ones I am seeing on the Internet, kids today blame us for all of life’s problems and I am sure they would like us all to die. What astounds me is, don’t any of these people have grandparents? If they had grandparents surely they would be not wishing us dead? The Government seems to share their view, at the very least they are adding to it by calling us Leaners

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    • The SMH sometimes runs stories about BBs and the comments which follow astound me. I never knew so many people want me to die!

    • They do? Don’t read many lame stream media papers much anymore. Anyway if society continues they way it’s going, they’ll be asking boomers how to deal with it.

    • We have no one but ourselves to blame as SOME of us raised spoilt brats who in turned gave their spoilt brats everything now we have a world full of spoilt brats who only want to work when they want to and how they want too who have never heard of what a shower is used for and have never heard what a comb is for. That is the bad side now for the good side there are many baby boomers out there who raised loving caring children who in turned have raised loving caring children who all together making loving caring good adults and would NEVER utter any of those remarks about baby boomers their parents and grandparents.

    • Spot on Anne

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      • It’s nicer if you Google Grandparents are/should ……. The comments are much nicer – eg: “Grandparents are blessed and loved.” Perhaps youngsters do not equate grandparents with being old/baby boomers.

  2. As if I’d be worried about what a thirty something and under thought about me. Their thinking capacity is limited to themselves. They are the entitled generation. They are the over indulged, narcissistic ones. A bunch of spoilt brats who care only for themselves, but the baby boomers raised them.

    I’m not labelling each and everyone of them like that naturally. Some of them are intelligent, thoughtful, caring people. But far too many are not.

  3. And a drain on the public purse. As if we didn’t contribute to it in the first place.

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    • We did more than contribute, it’s our hard work and taxes that have helped make us the wealthy and stable country we are today

    • Mike here-Words right out if my mouth Patricia, it was our parents & our generations that made our public purse so strong.

    • That’s for sure not like some of the younger ones these who treat Centrelink as their money, NOT. It is our taxes from the honest working public.

  4. No respect, I was taught to respect and love my work in a nursing home, the younger generations could learn so much from these lovely people I know I do

  5. Wonder how they will feel as they hit 60? ready to be terminated? doubt it, they are all so selfish they will insist on living till 200 and demand the then Government pay to fix it !! Hope it’s not a Liberal Government or they will have no chance!!

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    • I think not, Leanne. It was the Labor Party who wanted to reduce pensions, saying, “the majority of these oldies don’t vote for us”.

    • no Percy..i like you mate but your wrong, if this Government cuts the CPI rise pensioners will be between $80 to $100 a fortnight worse off, Combine that with that fact that they cut the money for concession cards to the States and pensioners only have a 12 month guarantee that the states will not cut that too. Add to the petrol tax and this new medicare rise because many doctors won’t be bulk billing anymore and the pensioners will have to pay the whole amount and the rise to the GST they are squawking about bring in , plus the rise to medications..your a smart man Percy..do the maths

  6. I wonder. If a sixty plus person was able to Google something similar back in the 50s; what would be the result? A bit different maybe?

  7. If the previous generation has been responsible for raising this current generation of ” me me” offspring, I shudder at what the next generation will turn out like. But I won’t be around to find out thankfully. What goes around comes around.

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    • I worry about some of the next generation. Parents attached to technology…. Who is raising them? Sometimes boomer grandparents, sometimes daycare. I hope they are strong.

  8. I have never cared what people think of me so why start now.Who cares what they think

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  9. This is one reason why I think sites like ‘Starts at Sixty’ can actively support us to do what we have proven ourselves to do so well! The decades of amazing social change happened because as young people we were so active in ensuring change. We have broken through so many barriers. Now is the time to do this again!

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