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There have always been two distinct schools of thought when it came to a good solution for fixing vision problems – glasses or contact lenses. While there are many people who prefer glasses, there is an increasing number of people that are jumping on the contact lens bandwagon.

While many adults believe that after a certain age you can’t wear contact lenses, new technology has made it so that almost anyone can wear them. There are multifocal ones, soft ones for comfort, disposable ones that prevent dryness, and affordably priced ones. In the glasses camp, those who avoided them because of how unflattering they looked can now rejoice in the fact that a range of new styles are out there. There are styles that suit every face shape, as well as lens types that suit every requirement.

People prefer contact lenses for a variety of reasons – convenience, new technology, and sometimes just plainly to be stylish. The same argument, however, is made by the vocal supporters of the ‘glasses are best’ school of thought too.

And then, there are some people who use a combination of both, because it is just that much more convenient.

Tell us, do you prefer glasses, contacts or both?

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