What three things would you take on a desert island? 2



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If you have ever seen the movie Castaway or read Robinson Crusoe than the thought of what would you do if you were ever on a stuck on a desert island has come to mind. How would you survive?  What could you do to try to signal passing ships or planes?

For this hypothetical we are not going to be so mean as to leave you with nothing. You get to have three things with you on your Gilligan’s Island stay, but they can not be communications or vehicles.

We want you to flex your mental muscle and create a list of either three things that you need for survival and rescue, or at least items that you can use to enjoy this quiet time away from the rest of the world. You might not want to leave.

What would you bring? A good book that you could re-read again and again? What implements would you have to make survival for the long haul?

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  1. I would take a machete, a magnifying glass and a Bible.

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