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I recently (and reluctantly) decided I had to visit a doctor. I had a lingering infection in my lower gum which I could control, but not get rid of completely. I had not seen a doctor for any medical reason for a lot of years, as I am very proactive where my health is concerned. I have no intention of waiting for something to go wrong.

I decided that I would visit the doctor I had been seeing since he began practicing over 30 years ago. But alas, he was on holiday. So I made an appointment with another random doctor. With a deep breath, I entered the room. A delightful young female doctor greeted me. I told her my problem. She inspected my gum and a script was written.

Looking at her computer screen she gently asks “how long is it since you had a check up?”

Oh dear! I cringed. Maybe I could have walked out, but she was so nice. I stayed and answered all her questions as best I could. She filled in a form on her computer.

When it came to “risk of having diabetes” questions, I answered everything with a “no”.

“You have a one in 15 chance of having diabetes”, she said.
“How on earth did you come to that conclusion?” I asked in astonishment.
“The size of your waist”.

I burst out laughing. That waist size includes a lot of people, I thought.

My blood pressure has never been a cause of concern, so I passed that test. Finally, her printer spat of a list of things my blood had to be checked for. Pathology was right next door, but I had to fast overnight.

First thing the next morning, I presented myself for blood letting. But as I was being tested for diabetes too, I had to drink a disgusting bottle of drink and wait another hour to give more blood.

The next afternoon I got a call from the doctor’s receptionist. “Can you make another appointment within the next two weeks please?”

We made a time for the following morning. No way was I going to wonder any longer than necessary. Prognosis: low in Vitamin D (I regularly sit in the sun, so this was a surprise) and a little high in the cholesterol department.

“Would you like to see a dietician?”

“No thank you”. She gave me a diet printout spruiking the Heart Foundation spiel. I refuse to eat anything low fat, so that hit the rubbish bin. There were other specialists I qualified to visit, but I was not interested – even if it was all free.

Just as I thought I was done with the doctor, a call came a week later; I still had to go back for a pap smear. I regularly had them when I was younger, and mammograms between 40 – 60yrs, but I figured that was enough. In 10 months I will be 70, meaning I don’t have to have them anyway. So I wondered: will I or won’t I?

But I then remembered: I’m going to visit China very soon and would need a tetanus booster as I’m going to visit China very soon. So yet another appointment with the doctor have to will be made very soon.

Do you see a doctor regularly, or are you keen – like Jeanie – to avoid it?

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Jeanie Hore

Currently, I'm house sitting around sth east Qld. Turned 70 and the sky did not fall in. I'm an active member of Lyoness Cash Back community and an independent Norwex distributor. Plenty there to keep me interested and involved.

  1. I have been going to my doctor for about 20 years. To get an apt I usually have to book 2-3wks in advance so if I am suddenly sick and need a quick appt the receptionist gives you a little card that says you are not allowed to talk to the dr for more than 5 mins. Then you still get charged for the full visit which is about $78!

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    • Sue if I were you I’d get myself a new doctor, I’ve been going to my doctor for more than 30 years and he always makes time for you especially when it is urgent, and if you to sick to go to him, he will come to you if absolutely necessary.

  2. I dislike visiting doctors but do it for Pap smear test and injections when going overseas. I have little confidence in doctors when I do visit for any other reason. The response is always a quick write of a script. I can easily understand the growth of alternative therapies and practioners. In the last year I developed a severe cough; visit to the doctor and explained my problem. What a surprise he did not offer a script instead he told me it was just that I am old (63) and my swallowing muscles do not work as well!

  3. Dont stop the mammograms even after 70 my aunt was diognosed with breast cancer at 80 she battled through a year of treatment only to have the cancer spread . She passed away within 2yrs doctors are great in our later years our bodies can fail us even if we think not . I always get checked regularly .

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    • Thank you. I must get checked again. Where I lived before we had mammogram unit visited the town every 2years. You were booked in until you reached 69 then you had to book in. Now you have book and to go to the hospital here.

  4. I only go to the Doctor when I need to. Thankfully I’ve found a great doctor, I’ve built a relationship with him so he knows me now. He’s Nigerian, lovely caring man.

  5. Used to be like Jeanie until I was diagnosed with diabetes, now every 3 months. Then also have to have a check for the licence each year and a over 70 check up. And they wonder why the health bill is so high.

  6. Making an appointment and still having to wait over an hour in a waiting room of sick people just to get a script.

  7. I try to only go when I need my scripts renewed. However, I went last month and got them renewed and didn’t expect to be going back for another six months. Went to get the script filled last week only to be told that one of the scripts is no longer being made. No, they can’t just give me something different or a different brand. I have to go back to the doctor and get a brand new script. Another $80 because the ingredients have been changed.
    They get at us no matter what.

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    • I work for a doctor, and if that happened the chemist rings and talks to the doctor, who writes out another script and we fax it or take the script to the chemist. The patient does not have to come back. I only go to the doctor (not the one I work for) for my scripts. Or if travelling overseas a letter listing my medications. I am happy to pay my 61.00 as I know how hard our GPs work in my surgery and I assume my personal GP works as hard.

    • Jill Jill Scheerer
      That may be the case where you are. I asked the chemist if he could ring the sugery and he said no. Said as the ingredients had changed I needed to soeak to the doctor. Our medical centre will not do prescriptions over the phone.

  8. I seldom go to the doctor, much to the annoyance of my husband and my brother, whom I take to to the doctor all the time. When I explain they have health issues and I don’t it doesn’t go over well. But recently, I had influenza B, and I was so sick I went to the doctor. So after rarely going for years, suddenly I was going twice a week for 5 weeks. We previously attended a medical clinic for over 30 years, and the fee was up to $78. We moved and had to find new doctors. Great! They are within walking distance, they are all young, very through, and will, with sufficient notice/cause, visit at home. Best of all, they bulk bill.

  9. Because of my condition which took 4 years to diagnose, I regularly see specialists. My GP is great & the clinic has a number of Drs who you can see. Rarely have to book in advance as sometimes if you ring at 8 you may be able to get an appt. that day due to cancellations.

  10. Went to a doctor cause my grand daughter made a appt ,a nurse took my blood pressure and straight away I was at deaths door ,I told them I did not intend to take any pills ,and I did not,however the appt was for a hernia ,was since operated on and I bought a bloodpressure unit to check my own blood pressure found out it goes up and down like a yoyo depending on the time of day exercises and food and drink ,so now I am not worried at all ,by the way they did not have any medical history seeing I had not been to A doctor for more than 40 years so they gave me the once over to get a picture and I came out healthy as ,I am 77 years old fit as fiddle and take care of my own health ,doctors only treat sickness they cant treat health

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    • Oh yes and when I say the treat sickness that is slightly erroneous in that in fact they treat symptoms ,thats slightly different,doctors get rich on treating sick people what makes you think or believe they want you to be healthy that does not make sense and is illogical!

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