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I have a thing about trees, I love trees of all sorts.

I have a thing about roads, to me a road is there to drive on,

I mean where does our registration money go?

Trees on roads I am not too sure about.

I sit watching TV a fair bit as my health is not good, could be a bit to do with old age. Every second night on TV there it is again someone is maimed or killed because they ran off the road and hit a tree.

Let’s go with the people that want the trees.

I have had people yell at me saying we need trees on the roadside because we want shade. If you want shade, pull into a rest area and find some trees.

Some people say we need trees on the roadside because it is a natural habitat for small animals.

I would hate to be small animal sitting on the road while all these silly humans roar past at 100km an hour. Just look at the road kill everywhere.

Animals on the roads is another thing if farmers want cows on the roads let them buy more country.

What about my opinion that there should be no trees on the roads.

I spent most of my working years as a mechanic, tell me about it; I live on painkillers. This gives me a fair idea of what can happen to a car. OK so you get a blowout at 100 or some idiot like me left a nut loose and you run off the road. That’s just a rough idea of course – mechanics don’t leave nuts loose.

If there was no trees or these stupid culverts that some idiot in council has put there just for you to run into, what happens?

OK you run along fighting for control and if there is a reasonable footpath you get a few dents in your car and maybe even roll over. With a bit of luck you live to talk about it.

Same story with trees – on the road you run off the road and before you have time to think, bang: you hit a tree.

That’s it, end of story, you are dead. I see it on TV every second night.

I had a young lass run off the road in front of my house because her tire blew out. When she got out of hospital she came in to thank me and apologised for taking out a small tree on my footpath. I soon told her my ideas of trees on the roads.

Come on people let’s get these lazy councils to get rid of the thing that kills so many people.

Do you agree with Eddie? Do you think trees should be taken off road sides?

Eddie Randle

  1. If the usual reason for people crashing into roadside trees and killing themselves was tyre or mechanical failure, I would agree. But it’s not.
    The usual reason for crashes is distraction and/or excessive speed.
    So it’s the fault of the driver, not the trees.
    Even if all roadside trees were eliminated, there are still plenty of fences, road signs, etc. for stupid drivers to hit.
    Don’t punish the trees for something that is not their fault.

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    • My husband’s best friend in his youth drove his mini off the road into a cleared area of pasture, hit a star picket and was speared through the windscreen and killed. The little mini wasn’t even damaged except for the picket through the front window. Sometimes bad luck rather than big obstacles has more to do with it.

  2. I agree Aileen. But let’s look at his idea for a moment. How far off the road should we remove trees? 50m? 100m? More? Soon we wouldn’t have a landscape left.
    I remember an accident where a driver went to sleep , drove off the road and ran into a tree some 200m from the road. To make matters worse it was the only tree in the area.

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  3. No what if the tree stops you hitting someone walking on the footpath or driving into someone’s home. We do not have enough trees they bring the rain and we dozer them down too build home. They give us air.

  4. I disagree entirely, I live in a crop growing area where the only trees left are the few on the road reserves. If they were to go there would be nothing left. Some of those drivers who run into trees don’t do it by accident. While I was working in Road Safety in just one fortnight three young men in their own vehicles removed their seat belts lined up the biggest roadside object they could find and accelerated at full speed into that object and killed themselves. One chose a bridge support the other two trees. One of the traffic cops at a meeting where this just discussed even remarked that they felt these suicides should be removed from traffic crash statistics as they can distort the figures. I do know people occasionally hit roadside trees accidentally with disastrous consequences, but in so many areas the roadside vegetation is all that is left. Let’s look at the other causes, tiredness, excessive speed, inattention and leave our trees alone.

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  5. They’d better get rid of houses on roads too then, it seems every day someone runs into one.

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    • I agree Sue, I think some drivers need more educating before they let them loose on the roads.

    • I think Trish that some drivers should never be let loose on roads. I get sick of hearing about unlicensed, or suspended drivers being caught again for the same offences and too often being the cause of someone else’s death.

    • My pet hate Barbara. They get caught driving unlicenced and unregistered time and time again, and nothing happens! They don’t pay the fines and they continue driving. Vicroads now suspend your licence if you don’t pay fines, doesn’t worry these people does it, they’ve got no licence to suspend. Crush their cars I say, and any car that someone is stupid enough to lend them

    • Yes Sue it occurs all the time here in country SA, it is only the already law abiding people that are impacted by the loss of their license the real serial problem drivers, continue to drive drug or alcohol impaired and get caught over and over again. Suspended license changes to cancelled license but it’s of no consequence as they just keep on driving. If a smash occurs it is usually the other cars occupants injured or killed.

  6. Don’t forget that the native trees provide habitats for our native animals and birds. We already have endangered too many species because we have chopped so many down.
    Maybe people should just learn to drive safely!

  7. Those pesky trees just keep jumping out in front of innocent drivers!!

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    • They do here, lol. I occassionally have a tree across the road, fortunately we have several ways to get into the property. It’s just a 12 k trip to go around to the other gate. All part of living here, it doesn’t worry me.

    • I remember one night, we had a terrible storm with all the trimmings, and had to reach our daughter in town as she was having a panic attack. Our driveway was three quarters of a km long and downed trees covered most of it, so Vic, to get to our second driveway, which was bounded by open pasture, had to drive thru many paddocks, dodging more trees to get to her, pick her and her dogs and get back home. Next day in brilliant calm sunshine, we started the massive clean up.

    • Many years ago there where self grown trees growing between the nth bound and sth bound roads of the bruce hwy. They where cut down for safety. So now some idiot runs off the road and crosses over into the other road and kills people. I say grow big trees in the middle, smaller trees out side them, then bushy trees along the edge. Then if they run off the road the smaller bushy trees slow them down and the big one stop them. One person dead instead of six.

    • Great idea. I just wish they stayed on the road. On the Frankston Rosebud Freeway, now called Peninsula Link, the trees in the lane division are tallish shrubby natives, with leafy branches to ground level. I noticed them but until your post never thought of the benefit. Don’t know if it was deliberate or chance, but I can see how it would work as they grow quite densely. Someone would have to plow thru a great number to get into the other lanes.

  8. Yes but don’t have them so close , I think ripple strips along the road side are a great idea , they instantly get your attention if you start to wander .

  9. I have never seen a tree grow feet and walk into the road. Normally they are far enough off that they can live happily for us who concentrate and drive safely can admire them. It would not make any difference if you removed them, people will still be idiots and have accidents, through no fault of the trees or the electricity poles, that is the other one they hit, do we then remove those poles too ?

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  10. I have a personal story to relate. My grandmother, mother, brother and I lived on a big hill. The council wanted to cut down a huge big beautiful tree on the side of the road. My mother tried to fight the cutting down of this tree but it went ahead. All that was left was an ugly stump. Now on the side of this road, it dropped steeply down to another road below. One day my ex step father was giving my grandmother and I a lift home when all of a sudden the steering went on his old car then the brakes locked. The car started going backwards and I remember screaming that I wouldn’t see my mother again. As the vehicle slowly started going back downhill it suddently stopped. It had impaled itself on the stump of that tree. Looking down to the road so far below scared the hell out of me and we climbed out of the driver’s side. I have never forgotten that incident and will always maintain that cut down tree saved our lives. Yes we all know that trees don’t kill people but I tend to agree with the poster 🙂

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  11. I regularly drove through a state park with trees close to the road. One afternoon I fell asleep at the wheel, hit a tree and was severely injured. This was my fault, not the tree’s. But I don’t appreciate being called ‘idiotic’ and ‘stupid’. It was an accident I deeply regret.

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    • Vivienne
      Your attitude is the right one. I hope you are over your injuries now. And no, you are not idiotic or stupid.

    • Well what would they think of me then Viviene? I hit the accelerator instead of the brake and ran into the garage door !! I was fine but the door was beyond repair , none of us are perfect people and those that think they are mistake themselves for Gods

    • Thanks Ruth, Leanna and Libbi. We all have accidents, it’s true. I am lucky to be alive and while I wont recover completely I’ve learned to live with the experience.

    • I see that now Vivienne. Only noticeable sign. Many of my friends are starting to use them for stability,so I thought you might be one of those wise ones. I have much respect for the way you get around still Vivienne 🙂

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