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What pisses me off? The apparent negativity of so many in my generation. Of late it has been almost depressing – and I say “almost” because I refuse to let others’ negativity drag me down – to see so much whingeing, complaining – call it what you will – amongst the comments on SAS. There were recent complaints about an obvious April Fools’ Day joke – prime examples. It was light hearted and obviously NOT a factual report yet some people just had to have a whinge.

Lately there seems to be a dearth of articles and comments ranging from bad service, surly shop assistants, “invisible” seniors, friends who don’t come up to scratch in the appearance stakes, bad marriages and exes who clearly should have been hung, drawn and quartered, at least in the eyes of their other ex-half and so it goes on.

No wonder the younger generation think we’re a miserable lot!

OK, so the age pension isn’t all it should be – how many of you have gone out and joined a political party or a pensioners’ action group to try to campaign for changes? These things might not effect a change but neither will sitting back complaining and doing nothing. As age pensioners, we still do better than a lot of other countries.

Service and shop assistants are bad? How often do YOU approach them with a smile? It’s very difficult to be surly when faced with a friendly smile. Having dealt with the public in past employment, I know how difficult, demanding and plain unpleasant some of them can be and, even though YOU may not be, the previous person they had to deal with may well have been. A smile from you will generally generate one back. It’s not that difficult – you just bend the corners of your mouth UPWARDS instead of DOWNWARDS!

Had a bad marriage/divorce? So have many of us, but dwelling on it won’t make it go away. When you dwell on anything unpleasant, bitterness often creeps in and that in turn affects those around you also. Life is too short to end up bitter and twisted. None of us can change the past but life goes on. Make the most of it because it’s a whole heap better than the alternative.

Do you agree with Rosemary? What pisses you off?

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  1. Negativity is in the ear of the listener.
    Just because we post opinions that differ from what others think does not mean that they are negative; and I would go further and say that having a contra-view is ‘positive’ in that an intelligent person will actually think about the opinion and consider it against their own opinion…a positive outcome.
    Even those with negative thoughts and feelings are worth listening to; they should not be ignored or dismissed as ‘strange’ or ‘out of touch’ or ‘negative’.
    They are the balance between optimism and pessimism.
    Every opinion is valid.

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    • Masking, I’m sorry, but you are so negative! I have read a couple of SAS articles this morning, and you pop up in all the comments as negative, oppositional and argumentative! Is your life really that bad, that you can’t just take an article for what it is! Or are you just trying to show off your superior intellect and crafty wordsmith?

  2. I agree wholeheartedly.I know some people like that.Have a laugh,smile and try to be friendly to all.It will pay huge dividends.We have all had some horrible times in our life but acting like a miserable,whinging stooge will not make your life better.

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  4. So agree. .especially about our wonderful youth .they have a lot of challenges and of course there is a few baddies

  5. Negativity is all around us, everywhere. It’s darn hard to stay positive when everyone around you is suffering from something or someone, including myself. Life isn’t meant to be easy, but when it is downright hard to make ends meet financially, having enough food in the house, paying those utilities, and just trying to stay positive, when friends and family are sick or dying. It is just plain hard trying to be uplifting and just managing when your own Government is also saying you are a worthless, not pulling your weight, and a burden to them and all of society. Your not respected by young and old, do you wonder why we are like we are.

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    • Thereby proving the point of being negative. I am not well off, struggling to get my mortgage paid off so I can retire and I am 67 and am not whinging about the government or anyone else putting me in that sport – it was circumstance and I just have to make the best if it.

    • Sorry you are having it so hard Gayewynn. I can understand how you feel, I also sometimes get a little negative within myself & I try to find something that is beautiful & focus on that. I do find myself caught up in replying to negative comments & then look for the fun & cute things.
      As they say everyone has issues they are coping with & we have good days & bad days. Don’t let the bad days take over as there is ALWAYS beauty to focus on. You have beautiful children there, enjoy. Have a beautiful day Gayewynn.

    • It is impossible to be positive ALL the time due to situations, circumstances, people, family… because you’re feeling negative doesn’t mean you’re not grateful for what you have. It’s a human feeling, it happens. It’s not taboo! It’s not about handling the truth, everyone copes differently. You work through it until you’re feeling better about things. Without the negative how could you recognise the positive?

    • To all that answered my comments thank you. I actually am not whinging, but as I see it, some days it is hard to stay positive. And to Kay, thank you re the children, my grandchildren who I am rearing, all four of them. They I believe are keeping me alive, young, on my toes, at 68, a pretty good achievement in staying positive

    • Well if you are raising your grandchildren, you are doing a fabulous job and while you have blessings you would also have expenses and it is hard. I commend you.

    • We had a cyclone up here in February and many of us had issues but I had a great laugh yesterday and I’ll share it because it might just lighten your moods. I had been in the workshop looking for my stud finder and concluded my son might have borrowed it. Shortly after that, the painters turned up and I said, I don’t suppose you’d have a studfinder would you? “Oh, you won’t need it now Love. We’ve turned up!!” Not exactly my idea of a a couple of studs but I couldn’t help but laugh. And they’d forgotten the extra can of paint. They’ll be back tomorrow but they did confirm that I didn’t have enough studs in the wall to hang a rack, so I have just bought some rental property stick on hangers. They’ll do). They did have excellent manners though these two and were very keen to help.

  6. Would be good to have a ‘like’ option to respond to comments – my intention is positive!

  7. Rosemary is entitled to her opinion but as far am concerned she can jump in the lake and if you think pensioners are complaining in here..go see the website of the Political Party I joined after Abbott AFTER started attacking the Boomers The ALP and you might want to check out he Greens website too.. many many angry pensioners there

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    • You are exactly the type of person Rosemary was talking about ,so negative. Blaming everyone else but yourself for the situation you are in.Get up and dust yourself off and get on with life

    • Sue Allen I don’t give a bloody damn what you or Rosemary think or anyone else here for that matter..when you pay my bills and live my life..you can tell me what to do..untill then toddle off and you can bet I will continue to tell the truth about this Government YOU voted for

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