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I worked for the government and made a few mistakes along the way. I didn’t like the corruption which seems to be how the government works.

Long story short I was forced to leave my job for being too honest. In doing this my lungs went bad from stress and dust mite. The latter because I was told I had to work in a dust filled room. 

This gives me a lot of time to watch TV as my doctor is telling me to stay away from people especially in this flu season.

I would like to talk about the people killed and maimed after a session at a pub. I see it on TV all the time. They left the pub after they have a few drinks and run up a tree or have an accident. Another of my hates is trees on the roads but that is another story.

I think it is time the pubs have to answer for what they are doing. If they get people drunk they should have a duty of care to make sure these people get home safe either by taking the car keys or some method of cutting back on the drinks. Of course this interferes with the profit margin.

It is also frustrating for the poor old police force to constantly break up fights and run people in for being drunk. I think they have far better things to do. Besides the fact that the police are kept busy on this line of work I think the publicans should be the ones paying for the protection of the patrons not the taxpayers. If the police didn’t have to patrol the pubs they would have more time to find the bad guys.

I am well aware that some pubs do look after their patrons and supply courtesy buses and this is a great thing.

Some people would of course say that people drinking should know when to stop, I think history has blown that argument out of the water.

Of course there is the violence in the home thingy to add to these concerns.

Anyway that is only my thoughts on the matter, what do you reckon?

Eddie Randle

  1. During my time as a cab driver in Brisbane I picked up a young fellow who was obviously upset and asked him if he wanted to talk about what was wrong, he told me that he had been working as a barman in a city hotel and had refused service to a patron who was very drunk. The manager called him aside and told him that there was only one reason not to serve someone and that was when their wallet was empty, he still refused to serve the patron and was sacked on the spot.

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    • The young man was obviously very scarse on his legal rights knowledge. That manager had no legal right to sack him. He should have sued the hotel owners from here to kingdom come!

    • At the time I wanted to assist him to take the matter further but he explained to me that if he complained he would never get another job as a barman anywhere in Brisbane.

    • Queensland is a country of its own. . Very strange place. Should make pumpkin scones their national emblem along w canetoads mosquitos sandflies pan toilets

    • Wow, poor kid. Was living in Queensland for 6 months in 2004 and obviously things have not progressed much. It is a strange little village.They are definately a law unto themselves.

  2. No,sorry Eddie,it is entirely your own responsibility to be accountable for how much you drink. As you say,some pubs do take measures against drunkenness,but the buck stops with you over your impulses and behaviour. Especially with the flow on to the Domestic Violence “thingy” as you put it!

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    • Catharine when you have had too much to drink you have lost any sense of responsibility and you never had it in the first place because you reached that state.Domestic violence is a huge part of the abuse and misuse of alcohol.It is way past time that the Alcohol Industry who profit from this abuse and misuse were made to contribute to the costs to the Nation that this creates.It could start with a hefty increase in the alcohol exercise , licence fees,increases in drink driving penalties.If all of this results in a drop in consumption then there will be a benefit to the health budget, maybe a reduction in accidents and domestic violence.A win,win.Let us not forget alcohol is a discretionary product, no one would suffer from less of it.

    • Ken, you say “they’ve had too much to drink and lost any sense of responsibility” Well! That’s exactly when you have to stop! BEFORE you’ve had TOO much.it is up to YOU! Not the poor server,who would be scared to refuse to serve you,not the people who make the stuff. Most people are fine with alcohol and handle it responsibly. It’s up to you to seek help. You are talking to someone who lived with a father fuelled by alcohol and where violence was a daily occurrence. The price of alcohol just like his cigarettes went up and up. We had literally no money,but he kept on and on drinking. (So taxing did nothing) Never once in the picture did he take responsibility for his actions.So please don’t preach to me on this topic. This is about owning what you do,and it has to start in childhood, in the family and then into the school system,and There need to be very broad all encompassing programmes on many other levels. It’s huge,but they tackled cigarettes on the sort of levels needed here. Quit programmes. Education on what happens to the brain and liver with abuse of alcohol. Teaching, if you Abuse it,You Lose it! This needs massive government input to embrace Violence as well. So yes the Laws have to be strengthened,yes, the goods taxed and yes,please use the money for programmes,but in the end,with all of that,the biggest lesson learned is,as I said, that whatever your action or behaviour, YOU and you alone are responsible ,the buck stops right there with you!

    • Agree Catharine,I guess I didnt explain myself properly.What I meant to convey is that you havnt a sense of responsibility when you start drinking but dont know when to stop.Knowing that you cannot manage your drinking and acting accordingly is being responsible,

  3. Eddie I agree with you….pubs and clubs have to take responsibility for their serving of alcohol to people that have clearly had more than enough. A few years ago my 3 girls wanted to go out together one night, they all got pretty much drunk before they went out, just to go out and drink more….myself and my friends used to go to the pub until closing time and then moved onto the night clubs…..silly when I think of it now…the night clubs should never let anyone in that they know to be intoxicated….the police should go to pubs at closing times and move people on to homes….maybe the councils could all have a bus to pick everyone up from the pubs and take them all home….I really want to read your article on trees on the roadsides.

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    • Judith, what you have said proves my point! They are drunk when they leave home, generally because it’s cheaper to get drunk at home, THEN they go out intending to drink more. They have one or two drinks at a pub or club, and then it’s somebody else’s fault?? To me, they are going with a plan, and that plan is to get as drunk as possible so they can say they had a great time! It’s their own fault if they come to grief!

    • Yes in one way I agree, but in the other I still think that someone has to be responsible to give a helping hand. If that is that everyone that is already intoxicated should be refused entry to pubs and clubs and from buying more alcohol in this state.

    • It easy to identify most drunks, but there is always those who don’t show it, but underneath are dangerously drunk. Most pubs and clubs are crowded and noisy anyway, so if someone slips through, who is to blame? You say they need a helping hand! If they were being responsible in the first place, they wouldn’t need it! You can’t plan to go out on the town, plan to get drunk so you can tell your mates what a great time you’ve had, then expect someone else to take on responsibility for you. You are responsible for yourself. YOU know when you’ve had enough. That’s when you stop!

    • Judith, why didn’t you stop your girls from going out yourself? You seem to want everybody else to look after their welfare once they’re drunk but you didn’t bother to do it yourself. The word “hypocrisy” springs to mind.

  4. I agree too… pubs & clubs should be stepping up more in monitoring a cut off of ones that are beyond (or getting close to it)..if it was a mandatory law then the pubs etc. should have no problem in doing it..as waitresses & bartenders know when someone has had enough

  5. in N.S.W it is an offense for clubs and pubs to serve a drunk patron and these premises are fined a maximum fine of $1,100 if they are caught

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    • Thanks Libbi. I just made a comment about this. I thought I might be wrong. Thanks for answering my question,

    • But they still serve a guy until he spewed at my table
      I don’t drink but I got n went home

    • Yes it is an offense in NSW. And plain clothes police do monitor it especially if there have been complaints. RSA – responsible service of alcohol.

    • Pity they don’t check country pubs more often. Bloody disgraceful drinking culture.

  6. Why can’t the government do what they have done with cigarettes etc make it a lot more expensive to buy alcohol, maybe then people can limit their drinking because they can’t afford to drink too much, we may then have less fights, road deaths and domestic violence. I realise the alcohol industry would be up in arms with this suggestion but the violence is getting out of control, I would also consider putting the drinking age up to 21 at the end of the day people should take responsibility for their own actions. Please don’t be abusive with your comments about my ideas they are just my opinions on fixing a problem which is out of control and I am not against drinking if you enjoy a drink by all means go ahead, but please know when to stop it could save lives, thank you for reading this.

  7. In that case, the bakers, who sell fat people cakes, who then die of a heart attack, should be liable! The onus has to be with the consumer! People have to stop blaming other people for their own flaws. The publican can refuse to serve, have an aggressive customer who then punches him. I would imagine he has no real authority to take away a person’s car keys. The drinker may not appear to be drunk. He may have been drinking elsewhere and have been only served one drink at a new place! Too many variants! Let the drinker beware! People who leave home drunk and then drink more after going out as mentioned in other comments, are idiots, and are responsible for their own behaviour. What happened to the designated driver idea. As for violence, if you know you’re a fighting drunk, stay sober!

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  8. Are you kidding??? When do people take responsibility for themselves??
    Stop blaming the world for everything ! Yes responsible service is a good step BUT– now we will have to sue phone companies , as sooo many accidents are caused by talking and texting whilst driving!!!

  9. We get a lot of info about how harmful smoking is, what about how bad alcohol is.
    How many people get into a fight or bash their wives and kids because they had one cigarette too many?

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    • I’ve always said this but my answers are alcohol is better than smokes
      N than I’ve said your comment n they say whatever but I’ve lived n seen dv tooooo many times

    • Any time you want Yvonne ! I will tell you about all the dead bodies I have pulled out of car crashes caused by alcohol.
      I don’t drink or smoke and I have nothing against someone having a drink, but keep it in moderation and don’t bloody well drive afterwards.

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